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By Authoress Juliana


Episode 3


Amelia POV


Those girls are in for it in this school.


“Violet” I called as I saw her walking away, maybe getting a friend will be good, I don’t make friends.


“Hey Amelia” she replied with a smile.


“How are you doing in this school?” she asked.


“I am coping and the school is cool except for Alex and his obsessed fans” I said and we both laughed.

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We walked to the cafeteria discussing about random stuffs, and Violet has been heartbroken severally.


I can’t fall in love not to talk of dating or even getting heartbroken.


“Are you dating anyone currently?” I asked.


“Yeah, Bryan he is sweet and I really hope he doesn’t break my heart” she said and I laughed.


“If he does that, he should get ready to visit the hospital cause I am going to break his head” I said and she smiled.


We both bought burger and took our seats in a lonely corner discussing.



Alex POV


“Hello Sophie” I said as she picked up the call.


“Hello dearie” she said but her voice was weak, I don’t care anyways.


“How about the job I gave to you?” I asked.


“Uhm..actually…We were not able to get her, she was too strong for us” she said and I scoffed.


“Fool, you guys didn’t do anything” I said.


“She really beat us up, we are in the school clinic right now, please visit us darling.


I want to…” I ended the call and smashed my phone on the wall.


God!! Who the hell is this new girl? Sophie has never failed me once, I guess I have to deal with her personally.


“Hey guys, let’s go, we have someone to deal with personally” I said angrily and they nodded.


I walked out of my private house with my bodyguards trailing after me.


“She will definitely be in the canteen” I muttered.



Amelia POV


After a while, the canteen became suddenly quiet and loud cheering erupted just as suddenly as they became quiet.


I looked back and saw the fool, Alex Hamilton, I groaned and took my gaze back to my food.


All of a sudden, someone pulled my hair, I turned and saw Alex.


“Hey what do you want from me?” I asked and pushed him away.



“You, I am going to make sure you regret ever coming to this school” he said and I laughed.


“You certainly made a mistake, cause you are going to regret ever seeing my face” I said and saw him grow more angry.


He took a glass of water and threw it at me, the glass shattered piercing my left leg.


“What the f**k” I cursed and charged at him but two of his guards held me down.


I broke free from their grip and did a flying kick launching a kick on their chest.


I took a glass cup and threw it at Alex’s left leg, it pierced his leg and he groaned in pain.


His guards charged at me again but I raised my hands up telling them to stop and they did.


“We are cool now, he pierced my left leg and I pierced his left leg also” I said and dragged Violet up before matching away with her.


I just hope mum doesn’t find out about this, if she does then I am going to leave this school, I guess.


“Amelia, you shouldn’t have done that, it’s just not good” Violet said and I stared at her.


“I didn’t do anything bad, I just did the same thing he did to me” I said and flipped my hair to another side.


“Look, Alex has control over the activities in this school, if he wants you expelled you would be expelled” she said and I rolled my eyes at her words.


“This is not the first time I will be getting expelled, it’s becoming kinda normal” I replied.


“There is nothing normal about been expelled” she said.


“Of course there is, it’s not like I am the one causing trouble but I am always the one being caught” I said and she nodded.


“I really like your vibes” she whispered excitedly.


“Then why were you reacting like that earlier?” I asked with a smile.


“Alex was passing by us, you are tough and expulsion s a normal thing for you, but it’s not for me” she said and I laughed.


“Isn’t that Sophie? What happened to her face? By any chance, did you…” She said and raised a brow at me.


“Seems like she got in trouble with someone” I said and shrugged looking at my fingers, Violet is definitely going to scold me again, I guess.


“You are the best” she yelled and hugged me tightly.


“Are you happy?” I asked.


“Of course, although I wish I was there to see how you beat them up, those egoistic fools” she said and I laughed.


I looked up and saw Alex staring at me, his expression clearly showed that he wasn’t angry or furious.


His eyes held a different expression, I tried glaring at him but I couldn’t, my gaze was softened looking at his handsome face.


He shouldn’t have been a proud bully, his handsome face could make any girl fall for him but his character is just nothing to speak about.



Alex POV


This girl is definitely an angel, the hatred and anger that I had for her had disappeared immediately.



Her eyes boring into mine made me feel somehow, how can someone be this beautiful?


She shouldn’t have been such a fearless and sassy girl. I cleared my throat and walked away.



Amelia POV


“Hey, what are you staring at?” Violet asked and snapped her fingers.


“Nothing, just noticed that fool was staring at me” I replied.


“Hmm, I guess he wanted to get you on his bed,he is a playboy” she said.


“Too bad for him, it’s an impossible task” I said and we both walked to class. I


The teacher came in and started his lectures but I wasn’t paying attention, that’s me I don’t pay attention but I still get good grades.


“Hey Amelia, you are not paying attention” the teacher, Mrs Earhart said.


“I was paying attention ma’am” I replied.


“Beauty with no brains” someone commented.


“Who the hell said that?” I asked.


“Me, what are you going to do about it?” The guy asked, he was a blondie, tall I mean too tall.


“Shut it fool before I shut your mouth up myself” I said angrily and he flinched.


“Amelia, I was asking you a question” Mrs Earhart said and I forced a smile.


“I already answered the question ma’am” I replied.



“Okay, sit down” she said and I sat down before glaring at the guy who was talking earlier.


After a while, the teacher left and students did whatever they wanted, yelling, chatting and even making out in class, gross.


“Hey who is Amelia?” A girl asked and I stood up.


“I am the one” I replied.


“Come with me, the principal sent for you” she said and my heart skipped a beat, not because of the principal but because of my mum. I really hate it when she scolds me.


“Okay” I said and made to leave but Violet held my hand.


“Are you going to be fine going alone or should I come along?” She asked and I flashed her a smile.


“It’s going to be okay, I knew it will happen soon, it’s normal” I said and walked out of class with the girl.


At the principal office


“Good day sir” I greeted ignoring Alex who was sitting on a chair.


“Miss Hills, this is just your second day in pop high school and you have gotten into a fight with the school’s star twice” he said and I mentally rolled my eyes.


I took the chair beside Alex and sat on it.


“I didn’t ask you to sit” he said.


“So you were saying I got into a fight, do you know what caused the fight?” I asked.



“Well, that doesn’t matter you got into a fight and that is the problem here” he said and I scoffed.


“Well, I didn’t get into a fight with him, he got into a fight with me” I said.


“Fool, I am in charge you have to bend to my commands” Alex said and I laughed.


“Bend to your commands? Who the hell do you think you are?” I asked.


“I know you are behaving like this to become famous, I am sure you cuddle your pillow every night wishing it was me” he said and I laughed at his words.


“You should know very well that a monkey is much more better than you are” I replied and he frowned deeply.


“Hey, Amelia you should respect yourself” the principal said.


“Yes sir” I said with a smile.


“Be careful, I don’t want to hear any complaints about you any longer” the principal said and I nodded.


“Is that all you have to say to her? Can’t you get her to do some dirty works?” Alex asked.


“Hey, you would better be careful you don’t command me” I replied.


“Hmm, Amelia you will have to clean up the basketball courts after school” He said and I glared at him before nodding.


“You can go now” he said and I stood up to leave when someone barged in, it was Sophie, Ronnie and Lisa, I groaned inwardly.


The girls glared at me before looking at principal.


“Darling” Sophie said and sat on Alex’s lap making Alex groan.


“Get your dry ass off me” Alex said and I burst into laughter.


“Dry ass girl” I commented and Sophie eyed me.


“What are you doing here Sophie” the principal asked and Sophie readjusted on Alex’s laps, I rolled my eyes at her.


“We were attacked during lunchtime by Amelia” she said and the principal looked at me.


I diverted my gaze to the floor.


“Amelia, is that true?” He asked.


“Hmm, they attacked me, I was just practicing self defense”


“In just two days you have fought thrice, I apologize to you all and you Amelia be careful, don’t fight anymore” he said and I nodded.


“Can’t you just expel her?” Alex asked.


“No we can’t, at least not for now” the principal said and I smiled.


“You all can go” the principal said and we all walked out with Sophie all over Alex.


“You, this war is not over yet I am going to deal with you” he said and I smiled.


“Try your best” I said and jogged off.





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