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By Authoress Juliana


Episode 29


Amelia POV


I burst into laughter on hearing what Alex said to Violet.


Alex walked to the toilet and I sat on a chair.


“Listen Bitch,no matter what you do to Alex, he is still mine” Violet said and I chuckled.


“I think I should be the one saying that,cause he can easily divorce you breaking the bond but our bond is unbreakable” I replied.


“And I don’t care how many bitches comes into our lives, we’ll still remain together” I added.


My phone beeped with a message from Alex. “Meet me in the car” I read.


“I wonder what my Alex is doing in there I will go check on him” I said and skipped away before Violet could say a word.


I hopped into the car and Alex was there.


“You just ditched her, that’s unfair” I said with a frown.


“But I think I might like some unfair stuffs” I added with a smile.


“Where are we going to?” He asked.


“The amusement park” I said and he frowned.


“Only little children go there” he said.


“Get there and you are going to see adults there also you are a child” I said.


“I am not a child” he replied.


“To me you are a child” I said.


“Really, how about I show you that I am not a child” he asked seductively.


“Wh…what..are you talk…talking about?” I stuttered and he moved closer to me.


“Agreed, you are a not a child” I quickly said.


“I still want to prove myself” he said and winked at me making my heart do a double flip.


“Don’t…don’t…prove” I stuttered and pushed him away.


“Amelia!” He groaned.


“I am sorry” I mumbled.


“Amelia why are you always shy? Ugh?” He asked and I bit my lower lip looking down.



“Amelia, we are dating but you are still shy of being with me? Why? Look we are together, you shouldn’t be shy to kiss me or do other things, you are mine and I am yours” he said.


“Okay, it’s just that I am a bit scared of what our emotions might lead to” I said.


“Don’t be scared, it’s not like you have not done it all” he replied.


“Done it all? Done what? You had my first kiss” I said.


“What? You mean you are a….”


“Yeah” I said and looked away, I was feeling kinda uncomfortable with this sort of talks.


“Hmm okay” he said.


“To the amusement park” he ordered the driver and the car was driven away.



Violet POV


Where could Alex be right now? After waiting for about 10 mins, I walked to the restroom but there was no Alex, no Amelia.


I guess I got ditched, I barged out of the boutique angrily. The cars were gone.


“Arrrgh” I groaned and took a cab, I won’t continue taking this shit.



Amelia POV


“Yay!!!” I yelled as the ride went on, Alex was cuddling himself.


“This is scary!” Alex yelled.


“No!! I love this!!” I yelled back.


After some minutes, we were done.


“What do you think about it?” I asked.



“I think I am never going on that ride with you again” he said and I laughed.


“You are a scared cat” I said.


“Whatever” he replied.


“Let’s go for that ride” I said pointing to another ride.


“Never” he protested.


“But I want to go” I said.


“Then go alone” he said.


“There’s no fun in that” I replied.


“It’s not a must you have fun” he said.


“I came here for fun” I said and dragged him to the ride.


“Why do your guards have to follow us around” I asked.


“Protection from crazy fans” he replied.


“I am enough protection from girls” I said as we got into the ride.


“This is great!” I yelled.


“Help!!” Alex yelled and I took a picture


“I love this!!” I yelled and took more pictures.


We came down from the ride and took pictures.


“This is great, I love this park, I wish to come here everyday” I said.


“You can come here alone” he said and I pouted my lips.



“You are coming here with me always” I stated.


“I don’t want us to go home, let’s go to green ville” Alex said.


“Really? Finally, I will be free from that bitch today” I said and allow the evening breeze to blow through my hair.


Alex gave me a back hug and we walked to the car, we both hopped in the car.


We got to the mansion and I was surprised. “Are you the owner of Greenville?” I asked.


“Turned out so” he replied.


“Wow!” I gasped and pushed the door open.


“This place is amazingly beautiful” I muttered looking around.


“Yeah but I am more handsome than this house” he said and I shook my head “Maybe” I said and walked to the kitchen.


“This kitchen is more larger than my room but the green is kinda too much” I said sincerely.


“I love it this way” he replied.


I walked out to and headed to a room, it was wow from the sparkling tiles to everything in the room.


“Alex who cleans this place?” I asked


“Some maids come here every day to clean up the place”he replied.


“That’s cool” I said and hugged him.


“Should we take this room?” He asked.


“Yes, I love this room” I said and plopped onto the bed.


Alex laid beside me I brought out my phone and showed Alex the pictures we had together.


“You were really scared” I said showing him the picture I took when he was in the ride.


“I was not really scared” he said and I turned to him, my gaze fell to his lips, I wanted to kiss him but I guess I was shy.


“What are you thinking about?” Alex asked.


“Nothing” I replied and looked away.


Stop being shy Amy, do it just this once. I turned back at him and crashed my lips on his. His eyes widened probably in pleasant shock.


He held my waist and kissed me back. He turned making him on the top.


He took his hands into my top and pulled it off, I was in just bra in front of him, I was so shy.


“May I?” He asked and I nodded.




























What are you still looking for?






















Continue, why? This is a long episode




Amelia POV


I woke up feeling tired and weak, pains all over. This hurts like hell. I felt so much pains last night, it hurt more than a thug beating one up.


“Good morning babe” Alex called walking in with a tray of bread and tea with eggs.


“Are you okay now?” He asked.


“Do I look like I am in any way okay, you almost killed me” I mumbled and he chuckled.


“You have to take a bath” he said and made to carry me but I stopped him.


“I am naked right now” I said.


“Not like I didn’t see it all” he said and my eyes widened, I threw a pillow at him, my face flushing red.


“I guess you are always strong enough to throw things at me and fight” he said.



“That’s because you always manage to piss me off” I replied with a eyes roll and stood up weakly but my knees went weak.


I took some more steps carefully although it hurts like hell. Alex swept me off my feet and I didn’t even protest, I was too weak to do that instead I was grateful.


He took me to the bathroom and placed me in the tub, he pecked my forehead. He scrubbed my body gently then left me in the tub.


I allowed the cool water to go into my system and it was more comforting.


After some mins, I stepped out of the tub. There was food on the table Hope Alex is not the one who coked the food?


I tasted it and from the taste, I was 100% sure that Alex was not the one who cooked it, he will never cook something so delicious.


I sat down and ate the food, it was so so delicious but what is Alex doing downstairs?


“Hey Amy” he called walking in.


“Hey” I replied.


“You ate it all, that’s incredible” he said.


“Why won’t I eat it all? You almost killed me” I replied and he chuckled.


“Can you walk properly now?” He asked.


“I can try, you know I am stronger than you” I said with a smile.


“Yeah I know, we are going back home this evening, they are going to start the preparations for the marriage today” he said with a sad countenance.


“Hey forget about that, I am going to be with you no matter what happens” I said and he forced a smile.





Alex POV


“Welcome home, I was so worried about you, hope this witch here didn’t do anything to you” Violet said and made to hug me but I pushed her away.


“Sorry, he prefers staying with this witch than with a bitch” Amelia said.


“Yeah, I love her and mind you, the day you call Amelia a witch again, I am going to make sure I expose the pictures of your ugly face to the world” I said and took Amelia to my room.


Violet POV


Why does things get bad? The wedding is just in two days and Alex is still avoiding me. How can I make him mine.


How am I going to make sure Alex doesn’t expose my real pictures to the world. I swear I am no longer safe in this game, all my secrets have Ben exposed, I have no one standing with me.


My only compensation is this marriage therefore it must work.



Alex POV


“That will definitely hurt her” Amelia said and sat on my bed.


“Really? Then I will say more of it because I want her to stay way from me” I replied.


“Alex, you are going to be doing my makeup for the wedding, so will you like to start now?” She asked.


“No, if you want me to do that, then you have to do something for me too” I replied.


“What’s that?” She asked.


“I want you to buy something for me” I replied.


“Something like what,you have many things, necklaces, rings, chains, jewelries, you have it all” she said.


“Amy, don’t you get? If you get me one, it”s going to be more special” I replied sitting beside her.


“Ohh okay, I will do that but start the make-up now” she said and I took her to my makeup table.


She sat down and I brought out my make-up box.


“I am going to perform a miracle on your face” I said and she smiled.


Ten mins later


“Here we go, open your eyes” I said and Amy fluttered her eyes open.


“What the heck is this?” Amelia asked staring at her face in the mirror.


“Make up” I replied.


“This is nonsense, I can’t believe you deformed my face right now” Amelia said frowning deeply.


“Ohh, you don’t like it, I will do another one then” I said.


“Never!! You are going to completely destroy my face” she replied.


“Amy why are you like this? I really tried” I said and took pictures of her face while she frowned.


“Laugh, laugh out loud” I said and tickled her, she laughed and I took the pictures, she nodded before running off. She resurfaced after a few mins and she had washed away the make-up.


“Amy,how could you waste my work?” I cried out.



“That’s waste of time and I should be crying knowing that I can become Annabelle just because of your skills” she said.


“Whatever, after all I did it” I said.


“You didn’t do a thing, so no gift for you” she replied.


“What?? No, you must be joking” I said


“Of course I am not” she replied.


“What the.. I am going to kill you then” I said and she went on her knees.


“It hurts, it hurts, I still feel so sore” she groaned and I rushed over to her.


“Are you okay?” I asked.


“Do I look like I am?” She asked and I carried her to the bed.



Amelia POV


Alex is so caring to Fall for this little prank. I smiled and snuggled up with the blankets.


“Do you need something?” Alex asked.


“No, I don’t need anything, I just want you to be with me” I said and he smiled “You are a good girl learning how to be free with me” he said and ruffled my hair. “I will take my bath first” he said and made to pull off his clothes. “Noo!!!” I yelled.


“Why? What are you saying no to?” He asked.


“Don’t undress here” I replied and he smirked.



“Are you forgetting that this is my room? So I have the full right to undress here” he replied.


“I don’t care, just don’t undress here” I replied trying to calm myself down, I was getting too nervous.


He pulled off his T Shirt and I quickly threw the blankets over my head.


“Why are you acting like you didn’t see it all last night?” He asked and I could feel my cheeks going red.


“Stop acting like this” I said.


“How? This is how I should be and I am acting normal right now” he said obviously teasing me.


“I will just go to my room then” I said and got out of bed, I won’t allow him to tease me.


“Ohh bye then, I remember Violet told me she wanted to see me” he said and my eyes widened.


Is he being serious or is he joking right now? I can’t take chances. I got back in bed.


“Aren’t you going to your room any longer?” He asked.


“This place is also my room” I replied and I could hear him chuckling.

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“You know what? I am going out” I said and got out of bed.


“Where to? It’s kinda late” He asked.


“I want to go see Adrian and you can grab the opportunity to see Violet too” I said and walked out of the room, he didn’t even bother to call me back, I should go to the club since he doesn’t care anyways.



Alex POV


I know she is joking, she has no business whatever with Adrian right? But that night, that idiot called Adrian kissed her, I have to do something.


I went to the window and she has reached the car park already. Wait, she’s serious? Oh no, I ran downstairs and held her as she was about to mount her bike.


“Why are you holding me?” She asked.


“Don’t tell me you are going to meet Adrian? To do what ugh? What will he do that I can’t do” I asked.


“I need advice from a friend” she replied.


“I can be the advisor then” I replied.


“I also need to borrow some cash” she said.


“I can borrow you, no sorry, I can give it to you” I replied.


“I also need someone to drink with” she said.


“I can do that too” I replied.


“Really? Alex, are you jealous?” She asked.


“Of course not…it’s just that I..I don’t like that” I stuttered.


“Really? What don’t you like? Then I am going, I need someone who will be jealous” she,said.


“Okay, okay Amy I am jealous” I replied and see smiled.


“You finally admitted” she said.


“But I am free to be jealous aren’t I?” I asked.






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