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Episode 27


Alex POV


“So you are really afraid of me?” She asked and I looked away.


“Well, I guess so but I am not afraid of you” I replied not really knowing what to say. I am not afraid of her but I don’t want to do that now.


“Hmm okay, let’s play some games” she said.


“Aren’t you going to class?” I asked.


“One thing I learnt from you is that it’s not necessary to attend classes always” she replied and I chuckled.


I sat beside her. “Let’s play the games” I said.



Adrian POV


I have decided to give up on Amelia, it’s effortless. I had to sustain all those injuries because of my love for Amelia.


Damn love, I can’t wait for Alex to kill me, it’s better to be just a friend to Amelia than trying to be more and die in the process.


I walked to the cafeteria, ithome lunch time.


“Hey Adrian, why are you avoiding me?” Violet asked standing akimbo in front of me.


“I am not avoiding you” i replied.


“Of course you have been avoiding me since that day in the hospital” she said in a whisper.


“Let’s talk somewhere else” she said and dragged me to the roof top.


“Now tell me the reason” she requested.


“It’s true that I have been avoiding you, I don’t want any trouble, I don’t know what Amy might have done to you that made you hate her so much but I will advice you to stop because those two love each other too much, do you know how much beating I received? Ugh?” I asked.


“Shut the f**k up! You as just a weak guy who will never lay his hands on what he wants” she replied.



“I know that, but it’s better that way than to die without getting what I want” I replied.


“I thought you will be wise enough to be my partner but no you turned out to be weak, stupid and totally unreasonable, you know what? I will do what I want, I am going to destroy her” she yelled angrily and walked away.


Amelia must have really hurt her a lot for her to be like this but does Amelia not know that she offended her? This is confusing but Amelia is going to win Violet surely.


Closing hour


Alex POV


I and Amelia got into the car and waited a little before seeing Violet approaching us, she knocked on the tinted glasses.


“Take the other car” I said.


“Drive home” I commanded.


The car drove gently till we got home, Amelia was about to get down but I drew her back.


“Shouldn’t I get a kiss?” I whispered seductively.


She smiled and shook her head indicating no but I couldn’t take no for an answer, I wanted to do more than kissing her at that moment.


I pulled her to me and was about kissing her when the car was opened by Violet.


“What the hell? What are you doing here?” Violet asked Amelia angrily.


“Hey calm down, I am going to be living here from now on and that shouldn’t be a problem since I will be living with my friend and my lover” Amelia said and kissed me, she wanted to pull away but I held her tight.



“What the f**k?” I heard Violet groan and she pulled us apart at the moment I was abpecked grab Amelia’s ass.


I got out of the car and slapped her hard, how can she cut in right now? Does she really have to be this useless?


“Alex, you slapped me, your wife because of her?” She asked in tears.


“My wife? oh sorry I didn’t remember you were my wife cause I was too busy with the one I love” I replied and Amelia came down from the car.


“Violet I am very sorry but it was quite rude of you to interrupt two lovers and you aren’t his wide yet” Amelia said and pecked my cheeks, I wrapped my arms around hthataist, then walked away.


Violet POV


What’s going on? This can’t be true, Amelia is not going to live here. Those two are never going to be together, Alex is mine only.


I walked in and saw the both of them giggling to themselves, I hissed and walked to my room.


I have made a terrible mistake, I was not supposed to act up like that, it was so obvious that I hated her right now.


I pulled off my clothes and walked to the bathroom,I took a cold bath and tied a towel around my chest. I laid on my bed and grabbed my phone.


I just want my mind to be free for now, no Amelia, no revenge issues, I don’t want to think about anything.


I closed my eyes and slept off.



Amelia POV


“Alex, wait a min” I said and he raised a brow.


“Where are you going to?” He asked.



“To Violet’s room” I replied


“To do what?” He asked.


“To do some things and set a camera there, who knows what we might find?” I said with a smile.


“Amelia, now that’s the reason you are my babe” he said and walked to where I was.


“Good luck” he said with a wink and I smiled at him before leaving.


Unfortunately her door was locked, well that’s not a problem. I took my hairpin and ticket it into the key hole after a few attempts the door was opened.


I sneaked in to see Violet sleeping deeply, Great. I fixed the cameras in her room and bathroom. This shouldn’t be all,oh yeah.


I pulled a jar of corckroaches out of my bag and let them out. I walked away.


Violet POV


I woke up from my sleep,this is one of the best sleep I have had in weeks. Immediately I came down from the bed, something ran over my leg and I screamed.


I looked around to see cockroaches, flying ones,God!! I jumped out of bed as one of the cockroaches flew to my hair.


I ran out of my room screaming and hitting my body in order to get a cockroach killed.


Amelia POV.


I and Alex laughed as we saw Violet displaying madness, this is so funny,she ran out of the room.


“Amelia, you are really something else” Alex laughed.



“I kind of learnt some things from you” I replied.


After a while, Violet came back into the room and walked into the bathroom. I switched to the camera in the bathroom and kept quiet as I watched Violet who just kept staring at the mirror.


Violet held her neck gently and pulled off her face, what am I saying? It was a mask all this while, she pulled it away.


Even with the fact that the face was damaged I was sure the person I was looking at right now is Bella!!






Pop love


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