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By Authoress Juliana


Episode 28


Alex POV


Who the hell is this? So this is the real Violet, this girl with a damaged face.


“She..she is Bella” Amelia stuttered.


“Who the hell is Bella?” I asked confusedly.


“She is just a girl, sort of my rival back in Korea” she replied.


“Your rival? I don’t understand this, so she came after you till this stand just because you were rivals. There’s definitely more to this” I said.


“I have to get to the root of this and the only way to do that is to stop this pretense and ask Bella what happened” Amelia said and ran out of the room, I ran after her.


Amelia POV


“Bella” I called as I stepped into the bathroom, she turned to look at me immediately.



“A..Ame..Amelia” she stuttered.


“Why the hell did you do all this to me? What did I do to deserve all this from you, why do you have to be such a monster?” I yelled.


“Because you made me a monster!! Take a look at my face don’t I look like a monster? Do you know how much you ruined me ugh?” She yelled.


“I didn’t turn you into a monster, you turned yourself into one, I didn’t do this to your face” I yelled angrily.


“Of course you did, because of you all my boyfriends left me, they always wanted to be with you why? Because you are beautiful, did you know how much it hurts every time they broke up with me? Do you know how I felt being dumped?” She yelled back.


“And how did I cause that, did I ever look at your boyfriends or did I ever steal any of them?” I asked.


“Amelia” Alex called but I didn’t even glance at him.


“Ohh you didn’t do that truly but you caused it all, if not for you they won’t have left me and did you know the worst part, Carl my last boyfriend in South Korea, when I caught him staring at you, I confronted him and it led to a fight, he emptied a whole bottle of acid on my face and bow I can’t f**king get any guy with my real face!!” She yelled and broke the mirror standing in front of her, a piece of glass pierced Alex’s leg.


“How dare you hurt Alex? You hate me right then focus on me only but if you dare hurt Alex, trust me I am going to kill you” I snapped at her.


“Amelia, I even came here with this mask to live a new life before getting a plastic surgery. I got Bryan as my boyfriend but he left me because of you again, I so much hate you!!” She yelled and I swear I felt her pains



I was in love only once and it feels like I am going to die without Alex, it must have hut a lot to be broken each time she fell in love.


She barged out angrily. I sighed and helped Alex up.


“Amy, I got some pics and I am sure when I show this to Dad he will stop the marriage” Alex said and I barely nodded before running out.



Alex POV


I headed to my room and asked a maid to treat the little injury I got from the glasses.


After a while, I heard dad’s car pulling over, I jumped from my bed and headed to the living room with my phone.


Dad was already on the chair resting.


“This is the girl you want me to get married to” I said showing him the pictures and he chuckled.


“Wow, you are getting smart, my Alex is getting great. That’s good you find out sooner than I expected” he said shocking me totally.


“What?? So you knew about this?” I asked.


“Of course” he stated as if it was nothing.


“Dad you have to call off this marriage” I said.


“Alex, what’s wrong with you you have asked me of this severally and I said no, you are getting married to Violet and that’s all” he said and I glared at him.


“I don’t want to get married to her, I don’t want to get married to this monster” I yelled.


“Monster or not you are getting married to her, I already made the deal with her Dad and I don’t go back on my deals, also Violet at should I say Bella sealed the



deal with her body, I can’t go back now” he said and I shook my head in disgust before walking back to my room.


“I still can’t believe this” I muttered and walked to Amelia’s room, I snuggled close to her and she just kept quiet.


A week later


Alex POV


Just a three days more and I am getting married to that monster. What can I do? I and Amy just decide to give up on trying, we will always be together even after the marriage, I can divorce Violet six months after the marriage.


“Hey sweetie” Amelia called and pecked my cheeks.


“Hey Amy, you are looking more beautiful today” I said.


“I always look beautiful but you are growing old Alex, you have so many wrinkles and pimples” she said and I gasped then ran to the mirror.


Thank goodness, she was just kidding me, I can’t stand wrinkles and even worse pimples.


“How dare you try to joke about such important issues?” I asked.


“Ohh he is afraid of so many things but you fail to take care of things” she,said.


“Ugh? What don’t I take care of?” I asked.


“I don’t know” she replied.


“Hmm, I am going to find out but go dress up, we are going out” I said and she jumped on me


“You are the best, I really wanted to go somewhere” she said and pecked my cheek, I smiled as she jogged out of my room.


“Alex, let’s go out” Violet said walking to my room.



“Who are you talking to? Me? You must be joking, when did we start going out together?” I asked.


“Your Dad asked us to go pick our wedding dresses” she replied.


“What the hell? No problem” I gave in easily.


“Really? Thanks” she said and made to hug me but I pulled her back.


“Sorry but I don’t hug bitches” I said and heard laughing.


“Yeah, any bitch doesn’t deserve to be hugged” Amelia walked to me and hugged me, I smiled.


“Let’s all go” I said.


“Is she going to come with us?” Violet asked.


“Of course, I can’t take bitches only, I need an awesome girl next to me” I replied and Amelia stuck her tongue at Violet.


Amelia held my arm and I held her waist making Violet groan. I smiled.



Alex POV


“Isn’t this so beautiful?” Violet asked showing Alex an ugly dress.


“You called this beautiful, I guess this is what bitches call beautiful” I said.


“Alex, can’t you just treat me like your wife for once, I your wife for heaven’s sake” Violet groaned.


“I guess words like that hurt bitches” Amelia said causing me to chuckle.


“Alex, I love this suit why don’t you wear it to her wedding?” Amelia asked.


“It’s our wedding not mine only” Violet cut in.



“I kinda forgot, and I am taking this suit, Amelia I will be in the toilet” I said and pecked her cheeks.


“What about me?” Violet asked.


This is hilarious, when did Violet start to act like a wife to me?


I moved closer to her and she closed her eyes for a kiss.


“Sorry I don’t kiss masks, I prefer lips” I whispered in her ears.






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