Sat. May 11th, 2024

By Authoress Juliana


Episode 24


Violet POV


I walked into Amelia’s ward, she was sitting on the be with a radiant smile


“Hey girl” she beamed and I rushed to her.


“Oh my gee, how are you now? We you okay?” I asked checking her body all over.


“I am okay” she replied with a smile and I breathed out in pretense of relief.


“Well I am okay physically not emotionally” she added.


“Amelia you have to be strong, I am sure Alex won’t give up on you” I replied.


“Alex already did, he gave up on me, on us” she said with a shrug.


“I am sorry but….” She cut me off.


“No buts, I don’t want to talk about it, let’s just drink” she said and brought two glass cups.


I brought the wine from the bag with me and poured it into both cups, Amelia handed a glass to me and I smiled at her.


How am i going to add the sleeping pill? A knock came in the door and my heart smiled, perfect opportunity to add the sleeping powder.


“I will go get it” Amelia said and walked to the door.


I quickly sprinkled the sleeping powder into her drink. She came back with Adrian with her.


“Hey Adrian” I called with a smile.



“Ohh, you are also here Violet” he replied with a wide smile and waved at me, I waved back at him.


Amelia POV


“How are you doing Amy? Are you okay now?” Adrian asked.


“Yes, I am fine” I replied and caught Violet and Adrian exchanging glances.


Why didn’t I think about this before? Adrian and Violet working together or what else could be the explanation for Adrian kissing me yesterday.


These motherf**king bastards, the very first time I try making friends, I make enemies.


“Here, cheers” I said and we clinked glasses.


My plan is foiled, how can I get Violet’s nudes when Adrian is here? To my surprise, Violet brought out a ring and wore it before sipping her drink.


This is strange, Bella is the only one who wears a ring before drinking, and this ring, it looks familiar too.


“Violet, why did you wear a ring before drinking?” I asked.


“Erm…erm..actually I just love it” she stuttered and flashed me a smile.


This is suspicious, I sipped a little out of my drink stealing glances at Violet.


“But this act is pretty funny, why do you love it?” I asked.


“It makes me feel special and I don’t get drunk also when with this ring” she replied staring at the ring.


Is it possible that Violet is Bella? But they don’t even look alike. Well plastic surgeries are done. I have to watch out for similarities.


Violet downed her drink in one gulp and I smiled inwardly.


“Shouldn’t we play a game?” Adrian asked.


“A game? What sort of game?” I asked and yawned sleepily.


Did I make a mistake with the glass cups. I looked at Violet, she was looking sleepy too.


“Truth or dare” Adrian replied and Violet dozed off.


There is only one possibility, Violet drugged me also.


I picked up my phone and texted Alex.


“Come to my ward, I think I have been drugged” I sent the message and yawned sleepily but tried my best to stay awake.


Adrian was staring at me.”are you feeling sleepy?” He asked.


“No, not at all” I replied and yawned again.


“Amelia,don’t stress yourself if you are feeling sleepy just sleep” he said and I nodded.


As much I didn’t want to sleep, I was feeling too sleepy. I finally dozed off but I could have swore I saw Adrian smiling before I slept off.


Alex POV


After reading the message, I ran to Amelia’s ward.


“She has visitors” a guard said and I glared at him.


I barged into the room to see Adrian caressing Amelia, who was in a deep sleep. I charged at him and punched him severally.



I pushed him to the floor and continued punching him, I so much hate this guy and right now there is no one who is going to stop me from beating him to a pulp.


His face was bloody already but I didn’t stop, he finally got the opportunity and threw back a punch.


I groaned and took him to the washrom, I hit his head on a wall and he slipped into unconsciousness immediately.


Fuck, what have I done? I checked his pulse,he is still alive. Thank God I don’t want to be a murderer.


I am a guy, I can’t strip Violet naked and take pictures, I might get distracted and it will only create bigger problems.


I carried Amelia out of the ward and the guards stopped me, I hissed.


“You guys call yourselves guards and she was drugged, what if she was killed ugh!? I am taking her to my room” I said and walked past them.


I took Amelia to my room and laid her on the bed. Thank goodness she was able to text me quickly, those bastards.


A knock came on the door, oh no Amelia is here, I just hope dad is not the one at the door, I walked to the door.


I opened it and luckily it was my guards.”Fred only come in” I orpleaseand Fred walked back in with me.


“I want you to go to VIP room 03 and get the guy in the washroom, get him treated” I said and he nodded before leaving.




One more episode today, I was not able to post today because of data things



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