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By Authoress Juliana


Episode 21


Amelia POV


“What’s happening to him?” I asked.


“He is being tortured for not accepting the marriage and not agreeing to stay away from you” Adrian replied.


“If he stays away from me, he will be set free right?” I asked.


“Yeah of course” Adrian replied and I sprang up from my seat, I quickly put on a black sneakers and wore a jacket.


“Where are you going?” Adrian asked.


“To Alex’s dad of course” I replied and I dragged A drain out of my room.


“Mum, I am going somewhere with Adrian” I yelled and walked out with him.


“Thanks Adrain, I have to go now” I said to Adrian and mounted on my power bike.


I zoomed off to Alex’s estate and I was allowed in, I guess they still think I live with Alex.


I parked my power bike and ran into the mansion, Alex’s dad was sitting ever so calmly sipping wine.


How could his dad be so cruel?.


“Oh you are here, I was actually expecting you” he welcomed me with a smile and I took a sit.


“Let Alex go and I won’t ever appear before Alex” I said and he stared at me for a while before laughing.



“It’s okay, I will do that but I don’t like people who don’t keep to their words, you must stay away from Alex” he said his voice sounding harsh and I nodded.


He beckoned on a guy in suits to come closer to him and he told him some things.


“It’s done, now you stay away from him” his dad said and I nodded.


“I will take my leave now since the deal is done” I stated.


“I like you, you take big decisions but are you sure you can keep to your words?” He asked and I chuckled


“Of course, I don’t say things I don’t mean” I replied and bowed slightly.


“I will leave now” I said and left the mansion.


I mounted my bike and zoomed home. I just have to do this, Alex can’t be suffering while I am free. That’s selfishness and I can’t be selfish.


I ran into my room and allowed the years to flow freely. I can’t see Alex anymore, I can’t go closer to him.


I have to avoid the one I love, the only person I ever loved and probably the only person I will ever love.


But how did Adrian know about Alex?


But why the hell does love hurt this much? Those who call love a beautiful feeling are liars, novel writers are liars. Love hurts a lot, more than I ever thought.



Alex POV


I was feeling so tired and hungry, I am sure I am landing in the hospital soon, I am feeling sick already.


I haven’t eaten since yesterday, tears refused to flow, this feels like hell. I never believe that Dad could do this to me.



“Release him” dad ordered walking in. What could have happened? Dad does not let things go easily.


“Why are you letting me go?” I asked weakly.


“Turned out Amelia doesn’t love you, so I will let you go” he replied and I could feel my head spin.


No, that’s a lie, Dad is lying to me. It can’t be true. Amelia loves me and I love her too, I felt my head spin and I gradually drifted into consciousness.


I woke up in a hospital ward, I sat up straight and swallowed hard as I remembered what Dad said about Amelia.


Why do I even need to believe him? He has been lying all this while. Now where is my phone, I looked around but couldn’t find it.


The door opened to reveal Dad and Violet, I rolled my eyes at them.


“How are you feeling now?” Dad asked.


“Great, can I get my phone?” I asked.


“Yeah, of course” he said and handed me a new phone.


“What’s this? I asked for my phone” I said.


“Your old phone got spoilt so I got you this new one” dad replied and I nodded.


Wait a min, how am I supposed to get Amelia’s contact? I guess Dad did this on purpose.


“How are you feeling now?” Violet asked and I closed my eyes, seething with anger, such a betrayer.


“Great as you just heard” I groaned.


“I will leave the both of you to talk to each other” Dad said and left the ward.


“What sort of a friend are you?” I asked.


“Alex, you need to listen to me, I know nothing about this marriage too, I am not a bad friend, I know what you are thinking about me but that’s…that’s not…it” she stuttered out wiping tears but I was unmoved.


She was just a pretender, she can’t deceive me the same way she deceived Amelia,this girl is a devil and that’s what she will always remain to me.


“I know, you are an angel, you are a good friend” I replied sarcastically and she burst into tears.


Wait, is she saying the truth? Did I really hurt her? I bit my lower lip. Should I apologize to her.


“Uhm..Violet” I started and her phone rang, she stood up immediately and picked her phone but my eyes caught the name, it was Adrian.


Violet walked outside to pick the phone. Thank goodness I didn’t apologize to her, she has something up her sleeves as I guessed. Why else would Adrian call her?


I stood up and walked to the door carefully, I placed my ear on the door to listen to what they were saying.


“Yes, that’s good, Alex has been released, get Amelia to be yours during this time and I will get Alex too” I heard her say and I rushed back to my bed.


Violet POV


Adrian, such a good tool you are. After you get Amelia, I will make Amelia suffer through you.


None of my relationship ever lasted because of that mother f**king bitch, all these years I have been searching for how to deal with you.



But you had no weakness, none at all but now you have a weakness and I am going to ruin you using him. The only thing left is to get Alex to trust me.




Hmm, I still wonder what Amelia did to Violet that made Violet so hell bent on ruining Amelia.






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