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By Authoress Juliana


Episode 20


Amelia POV


I came back from the toilet. “Alex, what the hell was thaand I asked.


“Uhm…food?” He replied and I groaned.



“That wasn’t food, that was poison” I said and he looked at the floor.


“I…don’t know how to cook, I just decided to come up with something” he said looking downcast.


“Don’t be like that,you tried but it was a bit off” I said and he nodded not believing what I said.


“I guess we would have to go to bed on an empty stomach” I said and he shrugged.


“Hey, cheer up,let’s go to bed” I said and wrapped my arm around his shoulders.


“Good night, I will take that room” I said pointing at a room.


I turned to leave but he held my hand.




“Can’t..can’ stay with…me…this night?” He asked.


“Ugh? Me and you? In one room?” I asked and he nodded slowly.


“Hmm, okay let’s go” I replied.


“Really? Let’s go then” he said and swept me off my feet.


“Ohh, so sweet” I said as he dropped me on the bed.


“Really? Then I need something as a reward from you” he said and I raised a brow.


“What’s that?” I asked as he got into the bed beside me.


“Guess” he said.


“A kick?” I asked.


“Of course not” he said and quickly kissed me.



“That’s what I need” he said and I smiled but quickly frownnavel


“That’s not accepted, I have to fight,my right has been violated” I frowned deeper.


“Ohh sorry ma’am, I apologize for violating your right” he said.


I kissed him quickly too. “Now that’s better” I replied.


“Then let’s make it a duel” he said and kissed me, I kissed him back fiercely.


He placed wet kisses on my neck. “I love you” he whispered into my ears and fell beside me.


He cuddled me off to sleep.


I opened my eyes and he was already asleep, I smiled at him and took my phone there was a message from Violet.


‘We need to meet, where are you?’ The message read. Should I tell her or not?


I should tell her after all, she is also against this marriage.


‘I am with Alex, in his mansion in smokes land, we will be here for a while’ I replied the message.


After a while, I slept off too.


The next morning


Alex POV


I woke up hearing a loud commotion outside. What the hell is happening?


“Good morning, what’s happening?” Amelia asked, I pecked her forehead.


“I don’t know” I shrugged and stood up from the bed, Amelia stood up also.


I wore my shirt and we walked downstairs. I stopped in my tracks on seeing Dad.


How did he get to know this place.



Violet was also with him, that witch.


“Oh you are here, let’s go now” dad said.


“I am not going anywhere” I stated firmly.


“then we would have to do it the hard way” dad said and signaled guards to get me.


“Amelia, you have to fight now, it’s now or we get separated” I told her and she nodded.


She attacked the guards fiercely beating them up. I only few guards to beat up, most of them were beaten by Amelia.


“Aaaaaah” I heard Amelia yell and she slumped to the floor. I ran to her, she was bleeding.


“You guys are all bastard!!!!!!” I yelled at them, the guards held me as I kicked the air struggling with them.


They took me away while I cried my eyes out.



Amelia POV


I woke up with a terrible headache, I was in an hospital. What am I doing here?


Alex, Alex, where is he? I stood up from the bed and removed the drips connected to my body.


I stood up and that was when mum walked in.


“Amelia, where are you going to?” Mum asked.


“Where is Alex? Where is he?” I asked.


“Amelia, why are you asking of him? Sit down and be good. Alex is getting married” she replied.


“I know but I want to see him” I replied.


“Amelia listen, you have to forget about him and everything that existed between you guys, they are engaged and immediately they are done with high school, they are getting married” mum said and I nodded.




“No buts” mum cut me off and I sat back on the bed.


I am not giving up so soon on Alex, we are going to overcome all this. We are definitely going to be together.

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I laid on the bed gently. What could Alex be doing right now? Is he crying now or thinking or probably with a girl right now?


Alex POV


“So the engagement party is in a week” Dad said and I nodded.


“Can you get these chains off me?” I asked.


“Only when you agree to this marriage” dad replied.


“I am not interested in any marriage” I replied tugging at the chains I was tied with.


“Then you remain here, without water or food” he said.


“I would rather die than marry that witch” I replied and closed my eyes thinking about Amelia, I hope she’s okay now.


The next day


Amelia POV


I was at home in my room, I laid on my bed, I had cried more than I ever thought I could. When will Alex call.


I was staring at my phone the whole day expecting a call or a message from him but none came in.



Who could have told his father where we were staying? The only person that knew about where we were staying was Violet.


That girl, was she threatened to say the place or she said it on her will. In any ways, I have be careful of her, I can’t trust her anymore, it will be better to talk to Adrian.


A knock came at the door. “Who is that?” I asked.


“You have a visitor down stairs” mum voice said.


“Okay mum, I will be there in a minute” I replied and walked to the bathroom.


I washed my face and ran my fingers through my hair to smoothen it a bit. I walked out of my room to the living room and saw Adrian.


“Hey Amelia” he called with a smile.


“Hey” I replied lowly.


“Let’s go to my room” I said and he followed me to my room.


“Have you heard from Alex?” He asked.


“No, not yet, he didn’t call or send a message” I replied.


“There’s no way he can reach you” Adrian replied and I raised a brow.


He brought out his phone. “Here, this is Alex” he said and showed me a picture.


It was Alex tied down with chains, he looked tired and hungry. I covered my mouth with my hand in shock. How could this have happened?




I think I deserve something for giving long episodes for some time now.



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