Sat. May 11th, 2024

By Authoress Juliana


Episode 15


Alex POV


I don’t know the feeling this kiss gave me but I want it to remain forever. Suddenly someone pulled us apart, it was Adrian.


“What the hell? What did you just do?’ He yelled and punched me in the face.


My guards charged at him immediately.”stop, it’s okay” I ordered and punched him back myself, Amelia ran away.



“Just because you are rich, handsome, popular, got many fans doesn’t make you deserve Amelia, you don’t deserve her, I do!!” He yelled.


“I will consider the fact that you are Amelia’s friend and let you go today but next time I won’t be so kind” I said and walked away.


I went to my private room and sat on a chair. Amelia, Amelia, why can’t I stop thinking about her and that feeling too.


Could it be that I liking Amelia already but it’s normal to like a friend but it’s more than that, I like her more than a friend.


The attraction is more than that. “Fred” I called.


“Yes Boss” he replied.


“Sit please, I have a question” I said and bit my lower lip not knowing how to go about the question


“You want to be with someone always, you are attracted that person, you love teasing that person, you think of that person every single moment, you hate it when that person is with another guy. What’s the meaning of all these feeling?” I asked and he chuckled.


“It only means you are in love with that person” he replied and I stared at him before laughing out loud.


“That’s definitely not the case, or could it be?” I mumbled.



Amelia POV


I slapped myself severally. How could I have done that?


‘But you liked it Amelia, do it again and again, his lips tasted like your favorite strawberry’ A side of me said.

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‘No Amelia, get a hold of yourself, why are you like this? Look at yourself, you have changed a lot, you are becoming weak, you are no longer that strong girl’ Another side of me said.


Fuck, I should jog and forget about it all, I jogged round the school but it didn’t even help in getting Alex away from my mind.


I don’t want this but I love it, I don’t understand this feeling bit I want it to stay.


No, no Amelia wake up,I mentally slapped myself. From now on, I will avoid Alex to prevent any stupid feelings.


Closing hour


I have to say this once and for all, it’s better if I hurt him this once. I just can’t fall in love and not even with someone who I am sure won’t fall for me.


I walked to Alex’s private room and sat on a chair.


“Amelia, you wanted to tell me something, what’s it?” He asked with a smile but I didn’t reply.


“Amelia” he called and tapped me.


“Why are you behaving like this? What’s wrong?” He asked.


“You behaving like this is wrong, you kissing me is wrong,you acting like to care is wrong, you making me feel like this is wrong it’s all wrong!!” I yelled and saw him flinch.


“Amelia” he called and made to hold my hand but I raised my hand indicating he should stop.


“Just stop all this” I said lowly.


“But..I thought you liked it, I thought you liked the kiss” he replied.



“No I didn’t, it was the worst thing ever, I enjoy Adrian’s lips better” I said and I could swear that I saw the hurt in his eyes at that moment.


“What?? You kissed Adrian?” He asked.


“Yeah, what’s the big deal in it?” I asked.


“Then why did you kiss me back? Why?!” He yelled.


“I just wanted to make Adrian jealous” I replied smartly.


“But you said I made you feel something right? You felt something didn’t you?” He asked holding my shoulders and I diverted my gaze to the floor.


“I..I don’t see…any..any reason I should be talking to you” I stuttered and walked away quickly wiping my tears.


I hope mum and Dad come back home as fast as possible.



Alex POV


No, that’s not possible, she’s teasing me, she us joking right? There’s no way she couldn’t have felt anything.


She felt it, she definitely felt something. I guess Fred is right, I guess so if not why would I be so mad right now?


Adrian,how dare he? How dare he kiss Amelia? He caused all this if not for him, Amelia won’t have done this.


“I so f**king hate you Adrian” I yelled and broke down.



Amelia POV


Immediately I got into my room, I plopped to my bed.


“Amelia, you did well” I complimented myself but deep down I didn’t feel happy.



I felt sad, I like to Alex, I said words I didn’t mean, I even hurt him and hourt myself too so what’s the benefit of what I did.


No f**king benefits, but maybe there are going to be benefits as time goes on.


A week later


Amelia POV


The past week has been the worse avoiding Alex even when I felt like hugging him tightly to myself, my decision brought nothing bit pains, all pains.


I thought things will get better but no it’s just getting worse, my heart aches more than ever.


I checked my phone again, I had several messages from Alex.


‘Amelia just listen to me please’Thiset me explain to you if I offended you’


‘Amelia you are killing me’


‘Please Amelia stop being like this’


I dropped the phone and closed my eyes tight for some secs before opening them.


I walked to Alex’s room and stopped by the door, I wanted to knock but I can’t, I guess this is what they call being proud.


A clattering of glass, noise, silent sobs came from his room, that’s how it had been


happening since the past one week and I feel bad knowing this is f**king because


of me.










Pop love


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