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By Authoress Juliana


Episode 19


Alex POV


I opened my eyes slowly and saw her crying. Goodness, I never meant to make her cry, it was just a prank.


“Amelia” I called and she looked at me, her expression made me burst into laughter.


She stood up angrily. “You think this is funny? I almost had an heart attack” she yelled and wiped her tears.


“I am sorry” I said and stood up but she walked away angily.


“Hey, where are you going to?” I asked but she ignored me.


Okay, seems like she took that serious. I ran to her and gave the cutest puppy face but she just glared at me and walked upstairs.


The maids marched in.”Good day sir” they chorused and bowed.


“Good day” I replied absent mindedly.


“My name is Vera”


“My name is Carol”


“Hey, that’s enough, don’t need your names, just get to work” I said and walked towards the direction she took.


“Baby Amy” I yelled and opened the doors to the rooms looking for her.


I finally found her in a blue room. “I am sorry baby” I said and sat beside her but she turned to the other side.


“Amy, please” I pleaded.



“I just wanted to release the tension today” I said.


“Release tension? That way? Can’t believe this” she scoffed and looked away again.


“Ahhh, my chest” I cried out and she turned at me.


“Alex, hope this is not a prank?” She asked.


“A..a..melia” I stuttered faking pains.


“What’s wrong Alex? What happened? Where’s hurting you?” She asked obviously scared.


“I got your attention, you can’t stay mad at me, you just care a lot” I burst into laughter and she hit me.


“That was a prank again? Can’t believe I fell twice” she said and laughed too.


“Does this mean I am forgiven?”I asked.


“No, not yet” she replied.


“What more?” I grumbled.


“Prepare dinner for me yourself” she said.


“What??” I yelled.


“Yeah” she replied.


“Okay” I said and walked out.


What do I do? I can’t cook, I can’t even turn a cooker on. What sort of impossible task is this.


“Are you cooking already?!” She yelled from the room.


“Yes, cooking already!” I yelled back.


“Cooking, my foot. Such a wicked cute girl” I grumbled and walked to the kitchen.


I should try cooking, it doesn’t look so hard to do. I will just throw a few things and steam it up right?


I walked into the kitchen and saw some maids chatting there, stupid lazy people.


“Hey get out of here” I ordered and they scampered out giggling.


I bit my lower lip and moved to the cooker. How do I turn it on? Do I turn this?


I turned it slowly and fire boomed. “Yeah!!” I yelled and clapped.


Amelia should see how well I am doing here. I took a medium sized pan and placed it on the cooker, great.


I looked around and took some carrots, lettuce, tomatoes and apples. I should add berries too. I checked around but couldn’t find a berry.


This useless maids couldn’t think of buying berries, well I will just cook it all like that.


I chopped it all as little as I could but it looked big, who cares, my hand hurts already.


Fuck, the pan, I picked up the pan and quickly dropped it. “It’s hot, so hot” I cried out.


I sat down from some minutes. Such a big punishment. I placed another pan on the cooker and poured some oil into it.


I poured all the chopped tomatoes, lettuce, carrot and apples into the hot oil and stirred it.



What more should I add? Yeah to make sure it’s sweet, you add something sweet like sugar and honey.


I took the gar of sugar and added three table spoons into the food. I poured some honey into it and stirred it.


“Great” I muttered and clapped my hands, it smells great, I guess I was born to be a cook.


“But this won’t satisfy her, I need to add something” I mumbled.


Yeah, pasta but the oil is too much. I used the spoon and reduced the quantity of the oil then added pasta.


Why does the pasta not look like the one I eat? It looks dried and not well cooked.


I should allow it steam up a bit.


After a while, I stirred it and turned off the cooker. Yeah, I made dinner!!


“Alex, are you done? I am hungry” Amelia walked in.


“Just a bit more,go and sit down” I said.


“Okay but I saw some people out there who are they?” She asked.


“The maids I hired” I replied.


“Maids? We could have managed living alone but it’s cool anyways and your food it smells delicious” she said with a smile.


“Thanks for the compliment” I replied and pushed her out of the kitchen.


I dished out the food into a plate and took it to the table.


“Amelia, the food is ready” I called and she jumped up then ran to me.



She sat down ready to open the food but I held her hand. She gave me a questioning look.


“Are you prepared to eat?” I asked and she nodded.


“Then get ready to eat the best food of your life, one no one else would be able to prepare for you, one with a unique taste, one specially prepared for a special person, tada!!” I yelled and opened the food.


“What…what’s this?” She asked.


“Food” I replied.


“What sort of food, I have never seen it before” she said.


“Yeah, that’s because… My…it was my mum who made it specially for me, it’s my secret dish” I lied and she nodded with a smile.


“Okay, let’s try it out” Amelia muttered audibly and took the fork, glanced at me and back at the food.


She took the first bite and ran off into the toilet. What’s wrong? She doesn’t like it?




Brother Alex is going to be the caterer on you all wedding days.




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