Wed. May 29th, 2024

By Authoress Juliana


Episode 13


Amelia POV


I stood up lazily from my bed, time to go to school, I don’t even want to go to that damned place today but I have no choice.


I stood up from the bed,wait a minute, I didn’t sleep properly yesterday night but this morning, how is that possible?


Maybe I later woke up and slept properly. My gaze fell to the clothes, they were folded.


Now, I definitely am not the one who did that. I massaged my temple gently.


“Ugh? The necklace? I didn’t wear it last night right?”


This means someone came here last night, the only person who can do that is….


“Aleeeeeex!!!!!!” I yelled.


“That pervert, I am going to kill him” I muttered and walked out of my room.



Alex POV


“Who the heck is yelling my name?” I groaned and threw the blankets over my head.


“Aleeeeeex” the voice yelled again.


Fuck, isn’t the sound proof working? Wait a minute, that’s my friend’s voice.


I heard a knock on the door, I stood up and ran to the door, I opened it with a wide smile.


“Good morning” I greeted.


“Good? What’s good about this morning? What were you doing in my room last night?” She asked.


Time for some teasing.


“In your room? Guess what I was doing” I replied.


“What do you mean by guess?” She asked raising a brow.


She raked her finger into her hair and breathes out.


“Tell me what you were doing while I am still being nice” she said.


“Guess, what happens when a guy and a girl are in a room alone at night” I said with a silly smirk.


“By any chance, did you..did you, God!!” She yelled and kicked me in my groin, I fell to the floor groaning.


I guess this is why they say the truth sets you free.



“I didn’t do that, I only went to check on you as a friend to see if you were back!!” I yelled and stood up.


“ohh okay well you should have said the truth” she replied.


“Wait a minute, did you think I am kind of attracted to you?” I asked and laughed.


“Of course not but what’s this necklace?” She asked.


“Hmm, it symbolizes our friendship, don’t you dare lose it” I said.


“Friendship? Who said we were friends?” She asked. “You said that yesterday” I replied and she laughed “And you thought I was being serious, listen you are…..”


“No, no no, I don’t want to listen, I don’t want to listen, you are my friend that’s all” I cut her off and pushed her out of my room.


“Good, we are friends”


At school


Amelia POV


“Hey Amelia” Adrian called.


“Hi Adrian” I replied with a smile.


“Your necklace is beautiful, where did you get it?” He asked.


“I don’t know, Alex got it for me” I replied.


“Alex? Why do I hate that name so freaking much” he muttered audibly.


“I kind of like that name, Alex, it’s cool” I replied.


“Forget about him, how was your night?”



“It was great” I replied.


“Violet” I called on seeing her.


She ran to me. “Amelia, you are in school already” Violet said and I nodded. “Violet meet Adrian,Adrian meet Violet”


“Nice meeting you”Adrian said and Violet waved at him.


Alex POV


“Time to meet my friend” I said and stood up from the chair.


“Let’s go guys” I said with a smile.


“To where sir?” One of them asked.


“To class of course, remember I am a student” I said and walked out. Come to think of it, I don’t have my friend’s contact I jogged happily to class not minding the stares.


“Wow, Alex came to class again”


“This is amazing”


“I love you Alex”


“Friend!!” I yelled and waved at Amelia who was frowning deeply but I didn’t mind.


I walked to her and glared at the girl beside her, I kind of hate the girl, always around Amelia.










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