Sat. May 11th, 2024

By Authoress Juliana


Episode 14


Alex POV


“Get up” I ordered and she gave me a questioning look.


Really? Being with Amelia now gives her some sort of guts.


“For the last time, get up I want to sit beside my friend” I said with a glare,she stood up hurriedly.


I sat and smiled at Amelia.


“How are you doing friend?” I asked.


“Fine without you but with you…..”


“I don’t want to hear that” I said and covered both ears with my hands.



Amelia POV


Sweet Jesus, what exactly is my sin that I have to be punished using this guy? I stood up gently and walked out of the classroom.


“Friend!! Where are you going? Wait up” He yelled and I ran away I ran to the garden and sat there, finally free from Alex. “Friend!!!” I heard him yell again, I groaned.


God save me from this guy, I stood up and ran away from the garden.


“Friend wait up!!” He yelled running after me.


I ran to the top floor and stopped breathing heavily, so tired.


“It’s good to be free” I muttered.


“Friend!!” I heard him yell. Not again.


I frowned. “Why are you running away from me?” He asked.


“Just leave me alone!” I yelled.


“Friend stop being like this” he said.


“Leave me alone or I am going to jump from here” I said.


“Okay, I am leaving” he said and turned to leave with his guards looking tired from running.


Finally, after a while I walked to the toilet. I looked around, no Alex. I heaved a sigh of relief.


“Friend!!” I heard him yell again, I quickly ran into the toilet before he could get to me.


Ten mins later.


He must be gone now, he has things to do right? I opened the door gently and looked around, he wasn’t there.


I walked out of the toilet and smiled a bit.


“Amelia!!” He yelled, this time around I just waited for him, can’t continue running.


He walked to me and threw an arm over my shoulders.



“Now what do you want?” I asked.


“Your digits?” He requested and I handed over my phone to him.


“No password, that’s not good” he said and shook his head.


“The only thing that’s not good right now is you stalking me” I mumbled.


After a while he handed back my phone to me. “Now what else?” I asked.


“Can’t I stay with my friend?” I asked.


“Friend, that word sucks coming from you” I replied and looked up to see Adrian.


“Hey Adrian” I called and he looked at me with a smile.


“Hey Amelia how are you doing?” He asked.


“Great cause she is with her friend” Alex replied.


“Uhm..Adrian I have something to tell you in private” I said and Alex raised a brow at me.


“Let’s go” Adrian said and held my hand, I gave Alex a small smile before leaving.


“So what did you want to say?” Adrian asked after a while.


“Nothing, just wanted to get away from Alex” I replied and he chuckled.


“I got you something” he said.


“Really? What’s it?” I asked and he brought out a necklace from his pocket.


“Wow” I gasped on seeing the necklace, it was beautiful but not as beautiful as the one Alex gave me.


“It’s beautiful but I am already wearing a necklace” I said.


“You can just keep it somewhere” he replied.


“And why would she do that?” Alex interrupted and Adrian groaned.


“Because I am her f**king friend” Adrian growled.


“She is your friend but she is more than that to me” Alex replied.


Ugh? More than a friend? What’s Alex saying? Without notice Alex drew me closer to himself and crashed his lips on mine.


My eyes widened in shock, the kiss sent the butterflies in my stomach on a rampage.


I circled my arm around his neck slowly. What the hell am I doing? A part of me wanted to push him away but a greater part wanted him.


I pulled him closer to me and responded to the kiss






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