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By Authoress Juliana


Episode 18


Alex POV


“Prepare my mansion in smokesland and send some maids there too, do all these in secret, no one must know about this” I ordered and ended the call.


Hmph, I will just run away with Amelia, I will leave all these. Dad won’t find me there.


I entered into my car.” Drive me back to school” I ordered.


I rested in the car. I wish today never came, it’s just too bad, no good news today.


“Sir we are in school already” the driver said snapping me out of my thoughts.


“Ohh, okay” I muttered and alighted from the car, I headed back to my private house but Amelia wasn’t there.


I laid on the bed, she will soon be back from where ever she went to.


“Alex” I heard her call.


“Yeah, I am in here Amy” I replied and sat up.


“Alex, it isn’t Violet’s fault she didn’t know about the marriage too, I don’t know what to do” she said and sat beside me.


“Violet, I have always hated that girl, she is lying to you, I am sure she planned all this” I replied.


“No, that’s not true, Violet is a really good girl” she defended.



“Whatever, let’s not argue because of her, I already have a plan” I said.


“A plan? What’s that?”


“Let’s run away, I have prepared the place already, my dad won’t find us there” I replied.


“Alex? Running away? That’s not good” she said and I bit my lower lip.


“It’s not good but I like it!!” She added and I chuckled.


“I have always wanted to run away from home, it will seriously be fun” she said and brought out her phone.


“Don’t tell anyone about it” I said.


“Mum and Dad would be so worried, I need to them but I won’t tell them where exactly we are going to” she replied and I nodded.


“Hello mum, I won’t be able to come home. I am going for a vacation, it won’t be long” she said and ended the call.


“So Alex when are we going?” She asked.


“we can go now if you want” I replied.


“I have to get my clothes too” she said.


“Don’t worry about that, I will get you some clothes when we get there so are we good to go?” I asked.


“I have to bade Adrian and Violet goodbye” she said.


“Fuck, Amelia I told you I don’t trust the both of them” I groaned in reply and she stood up.


“Okay, let’s go” Amelia said and I stood up too.


“Thanks for agreeing with me” I said and pecked her forehead before we both walked out to the car.


“None of you are to follow me” I commanded.


“But boss, we…..”


“Are you guys out of your mind? You want to go against against my command?” I asked yelling at them and they bowed slightly.


“Sorry sir” they chorused and I got into the car with Amelia.


She smiled at me and I smiled back, I turned on the ignition and drove out of school.


“Where are we going to?” Amy asked.


“My mansion in smokes land don’t worry, dad doesn’t know about it’s existence” I replied.


“Okay” she replied. The rest of the drive was silent.



Amelia POV


“Wow” I gasped as Alex drove into the mansion.


Like this is Alex’s mansion? And not his only mansion. The mansion lookandeven much more beautiful than his father’s mansion.


“You like it here?” Alex asked.


“Did you just say like? I love it here, this place is the most beautiful mansion I’ve been to” I yelled and jumped on him, he chuckled repeatedly.


“It’s okay, let’s go in”he said and held my hand but I didn’t move.


“Why? Tell me, you don’t like this place?” He asked.


“No, I want you to carry me in” I said pouting.


“No, I can’t carry you, remember that you called me a weak boy back then” he replied.


“Oh no, that was a mistake, my Alex is a strong guy, very strong guy, very strong” I repeated and he swept me off my feet.


“You are quite heavy” he commented as he walked to the cushion.


“Ugh? How can you say that?” I asked and poked his chest.


He laughed and threw his head backwards, this guy, how did he get to be so handsome? He looks more handsome when laughing.


I raised my hand up to touch his cheeks but I lost my balance on his arms but before I fell down I pulled him too making both of us tumble to the floor.


We both rolled on the floor and eventually I was on top and Alex was beneath me.


Alex rolled over and bent to kiss me but I quickly pushed him away making him hit his head on the floor.


I expected him to laugh, but he didn’t laugh. “Alex” I called scared.


“Alex, you are scaring me?”


“This is not enough to scare me, you know” I said but my voice was already cracking.


I crawled up to him and shook his body but he wasn’t moving.


“Alex!!!!” I yelled and drops of tears fell.









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