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By Authoress Juliana


Episode 17


Amelia POV


“Vio…Violet?? You this motherf**king bitch!!” I yelled and ran to her.


I pushed her to the floor and sent several punches to her face. I should never have trusted this bitch.


Some guards pulled me away from her and I struggled with the guards helplessly.


“Bitch!! I should never have trusted you!!!” I yelled as I struggled with the guards.


Violet stood up with a pitiful look and wiped her face with a face towel, her face was full of bruises already but she deserved more, she deserved more for betraying me, for being a bitch, for being a back stabber.


“I f**king hate you so much” I yelled with tears gathering in my ears.


“Let her go!!” Alex yelled at the guards and they let me go immediately.


“You, I promise you I am going to deal with you, you are going to regret making me feel like this” I muttered audibly.


“Amelia, let’s leave here” Alex said and dragged me to his private house.



“Amelia listen, I know nothing about this marriage and I am not getting married to anyone apart from you, this must be a joke or something and I can assure you I will solve all…..”


“Alex, it’s okay I understand you but I guess we are just not meant to be together” I said and forced a smile but tears fell freely from my eyes.


“Don’t tell me that trash, we were meant to be together and that’s it, things are going to work out, my dad must be pulling a prank” Alex replied.


“Alex, I never believed in love but you made me believe it and feel it but I think I was never meant to fall in love, I am sorry I dragged you into this shitty love life” I replied.

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“No Amelia, I dragged you into it and I am not going to let you regret it,never. You are mine and I am yours, no one is going to separate us, I promise” he said and hugged me.


I dug my head into his neck and breathed in his sweet cologne, why does this have to happen? Do I have an unlucky love life? My first love shattering so early, Gosh can’t believe this.


Alex POV


I wasn’t sure of what I was saying but one thing I am sure of is that I am not getting married to Violet.


I guess that’s why seeing her always gives me a strange feeling, and Dad too? How could he do this?


He thinks he can control my life? After forcing me to go into music, he wants to force me into a marriage too.


I patted Amelia’s back soothingly and she soon fell asleep, I laid her on a bed in the room and walked out, I need to talk to dad.


I walked up to him. “Ohh, you are here for your wife?” He asked.



“Fuck, I have no wife and we need to talk” I said.


“Well, you made a mistake there, you have a wife but you can talk to me. I am your dad” he said and we both walked back to my private house.


He poured out drinks and stretched one out to me but I didn’t take it,drinking in this situation.


“Now tell me what was happening out there” I requested.


“There? You definitely know, you as getting married and your wife is Violet” he said and sipped his drink, I groaned.


“Dad!! I am not getting married and even if I am getting married it’s not to Violet” I replied.


“If not Violet then who?” He asked.


“If I am getting married, then it’s to Amelia only” I replied and he laughed.


“You fell in love with Amelia? The girl you called your no 1 enemy? Well in the Hamilton’s family, love is a forbidden, no love” he said.


“What?? I can’t follow that stupid rule and who made such rule anyways?” I asked and his eyes grew a darker shade.


“I don’t know, maybe great grandfather, Alex do you know why your mum doesn’t live with us?” He suddenly asked.


“Ugh? I don’t know, maybe she ran away because she’s a bad woman or something” I replied not sure how this is connected to what I was asking but it will be great to know why mum isn’t with us.


“She’s not a bad woman, I loved your mother and when she got pregnant with you, I was happy and I told my dad but love is only for weak people, that’s what my dad



said, it’s either you don’t get married at all or you get into an arranged marriage” Dad explained.


I groaned,I don’t f**king care about him and mum, I only want to be with Amelia.


“Dad, I don’t care about what happened back then, you should know how I feel too, please dad, I don’t want this marriage” I pleaded.


“No, you have to do this, it will make the company grow and as for Amelia, stay away from her,it will stop the feelings” he said and walked away.


I ran after him.”Dad please just this once, please, you wanted me to become a pop star and I did but this, please let this go” I pleaded allowing the tears flow freely.


“Love is a characteristics of a weak person and this is an evidence, you are crying because of love, you can’t take over the company like this, you have to be strong, so let go of Amelia” he stated firmly and left.


I broke down totally,why me? The only time I got to fall in love and this happens.


I walked to the room Amelia was sleeping and looked at her pretty face.


“Amelia, why do these guys hate us so much,why can’t they let us be, but no matter what I am not giving up on you” I said with determination and pecked her forehead before walking out.


I need to prepare some things, I am getting married,Amelia is my option.



Amelia POV


I fluttered my eyes open slowly, everything his dad said, I heard it all but Alex’s dad is right, love makes one weak.


I was not like this before, I never shed tears before but that’s all happening now.


I sat up straight and picked up my phone, there was message from mum


‘We are on our way back darling, we will be home this evening, pack your things’



Great right? After pushing me into this mess, they are back but they can’t pull me out.


I still need an explanation from that f**king girl called Violet.


Violet POV


“If you want Amelia, work with me, I take Alex and you take Amelia” I said.


“Really? Then what am I supposed to do?” Adrian asked.


“You just sit and watch, I will call you when you need to get into the drama” I smirked and he nodded.


“But we won’t be hurting anyone right?” He asked.


“Of course, we won’t be” I replied and he nodded.


“I have to go now, Amelia must be so broken, I need to at least comfort her to make her develop feelings for me” he said and waved at me.


“Bye,go” I waved back at him.


Adrian, I am going to use you too against Amelia Hills. Amelia Hills, you really won’t know what hit you, I smiled


Amelia POV


I washed my face with a lot of water, I looked better this way, I shouldn’t let this get to me that much, it’s going to be solved soon.


I walked around looking for Adrian, seems everyone is in class already, I sighed.


“Amelia” I heard a familiar voice call. I turned to face Adrian, I ran into his arms and hugged him.


“It’s okay, it’s okay” he said and patted my back.


“It’s not okay, is it a crime to fall in love?” I asked.


“No it’s not, it’s going to be fine, I am sure of that” he reassured.


“Thanks Adrian, thanks for being there, and that bitch called Violet, I am going to kill her” I seethed.


“Ugh? I think you should listen to her too, she may not want this marriage too, it may be an arrangement between the parents” Adrian said.


“You are right, oh God, I acted without thinking, let me go and see her now” I said and ran off.


“Violet!!!” I yelled walking around.


“Amelia?” I turned to her.


“Did you know about this? Was this all your plan?” I asked.


“No, it wasn’t, I was as shocked as you guys were, I swear I didn’t know about it” she said and I raked a hand into my hair.


“I am sorry I didn’t listen to you before taking action, I was just so angry at that moment” I apologized.


“It’s okay, I understand you” she replied.


“Violet, we need to do something about this marriage, they can’t force some young teens into marriage” I said and Violet nodded in reply.


“I will try telling my parents I am not interested” she said.


Violet POV


Amelia, I never believed you could be so foolish enough to believe me,you just made things easier.


It will be nice getting Alex too, ruining you has a lot advantages.





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