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By Authoress Juliana


Episode 10


Alex POV


I stared at Amelia as she listened carefully to what the teacher was saying, she looks more pretty when attentive.


The breeze blew and blew some strands of hair over her face.


I pulled the strands of hair that flew over her face and tucked it behind her ear, she looked at me and raised a brow, I cleared my throat and looked away.


After the class, Amelia got up and dragged me up too, I signalled my guards to stay behind.


Amelia dragged me to my private room and caged me in a wall, she looked at the floor before suddenly looking at me in the eyes.



Her blue eyes piercing into mine, I could feel my heart beating faster. Why is she looking at me like this? I bit my lower lip.


“What was that you did in there? I told you clearly I was done with these acts” she yelled and raked her hair backwards, she looked breath taking.


I turned swiftly now caging her in a wall, her back hit the wall with a slight gasp.


“What…what..are doing?” She asked.


“We were clearly told this morning to act as friends” I said grinning.


“Let go of me or else I am going to kill you” she threatened.



Amelia POV


He smiled and suddenly he hugged me and placed a kiss on my neck. Goodness, what’s this guy doing to me? My defense is getting weak against him.


I pushed him away but he hugged me again.


“Let me go” I said although I don’t think I really meant those words.


“Let’s stop being enemies, let’s be friends” he whispered into my ears making my heart race faster.


“What do you say about it Amelia?” He asked in a seductively low tone, I gulped down.


“I…I…don’t know, let me go you are making me uncomfortable” I said and pushed him away, I ran away.


Alex pov


Closing hour


I was in my car waiting for Amelia, isn’t she going to come here soon? I finally saw her approaching me with a guy, they were both skating.


Who the hell is this guy? I sat impatiently, I suddenly hated the guy for no reason.


Amelia and the guy got to me.


“Hey” Amelia called.

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“Come in” I ordered.


“Hmm you can go home, I will be skating with Adrian” she replied and looked at the guy, Adrian.


“Your friend? A boy? When did you get to school that you have started making male friends?” I asked.


“Hey, it’s my life not yours” she replied and turned to leave but I held her hand.


“The route you are passing through, is it lonely or deserted?” I asked.


“Deserted, why would I skate on a busy road and why are you asking anyways?” She asked.


“Hey one of you should get me a pair of skate shoes and face cap” I said to the guards.


About a minute later,one of them came back with a pair of skate shoes and a face cap,I wore them.


“I am skating with you guys” I said and Amelia looked at me definitely shocked.


I am not good at skating but I will try, I am sure I will manage.


“Okay, let’s go” Amelia replied and we skated out of the school with Amelia leading.


I really hope I can be free like this everyday, being a pop star doesn’t give me the chance to be free.



I looked sideways and saw Adrian glaring at me, I glared back at him. How can someone in this school glare at me?


I looked away and moved to Amelia.


“What do you think about it?” I asked.


“About what?” She asked.


“About us being friends” I replied.


“Alex, are you perhaps drunk,I guess you are cause if you aren’t drunk you would clearly remember the fact that we are enemies and enemies don’t turn friends” Amelia said.


“But they do say your worst enemy could be your best friend” I replied and Amelia laughed.


“Not in this situation” she said and Adrian smirked at me.


“Whatever” I muttered and looked away.


“Amelia look at me” Adrian yelled and skated in circles raising a leg up.


“Wow, that’s cool but I can do it too” Amelia said and did it alongside with Adrian.


“Hey man can’t you do it?” Adrian asked.


“Oh no Alex doesn’t skate so well” Amelia said.


“Oh what a pity” Adrian said and smiled.


“Who told you I can’t do it, I can do it perfectly” I said.


“Really? Let’s see” Amelia said and they both stopped skating.


I raised my leg carefully and skated slowly staggering a bit but I was doing pretty well.



“Go faster” Amelia said and I chewed the inside of my mouth.


I trued moving faster but I found myself on the After.


“God, this is hilarious” Adrian said laughing.


I looked at Amelia who was trying hard to control her laughter but she ended up laughing too.


“Oh Alex stand up, you tried” Amelia said and I smiled a bit, at least I tried.


“Yeah you tried in making us laugh” Adrian said and I shot him a glare.


I stood up and we all skated away with Adrian and Amelia talking about how hilarious that was.


“How about we go to my game house?” I asked.


“Really? That sounds fun” Amelia said excitedly.


“Yeah, I will love to win you again” Adrian said and I scoffed.


I brought our my phone and dialed my driver’s contact.


“Come pick me up, I am around Green Ville” I said and ended the call.


“How did you know green Ville was around here?” Amelia asked.


“You will know about that later” I replied.


Actually Green Ville was one of my mansions, I had a blue mansion, a red mansion so I decided to build Green Ville too.




I apologize in advance, next episode might be short because I will release it quickly.





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