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Hours later, Cutie sneezed and sat up on bed, rubbing her eyes.


“Here, have some..” I said, and offered her a glass of milk. She took it to her lips, and drank it.


Best was lying on the other end of the bed. I had stayed awake, watching them sleep, and I was a bit tired now.


“Ah. My head hurts..” She said, groaning slightly, and I smiled.


“Just relax, ok? You’re gonna be alright in no time.” I told her, and went to keep the glass, in the kitchen.


I returned almost immediately, and found Best awake. He turned to look at my direction as I walked in.


“Hey, biggie.” I called and he beamed.


“Naughty girl..” He said weakly, and relaxed his head on the head rest of the bed. I chuckled.


“We did it, dear. I’m so happy. You know, I never knew I could do something like that. And to think that we dealt with them, is awesome. I mean, I supersped, I dived, and ahhh..It was great..” Best blabbered and I shot him a glare.


“I think it will be better if you go into coma again..” I said, crossing my arms, as I stood, and he gasped.




“You heard me well. I mean, it’s better that way, coz your blabber mouth will be shut, and I will have rest..” I said and he scoffed.


Cutie laughed.


“You two are just too naughty. I wish we had all grown up together..” She said and her facial expressions changed. I went to sit beside her, and cupped her cheeks.


“You’re my Twinnie. And it doesn’t matter if we are not blood sisters, coz for me, you’re the best sis one can ever have..” I said and embraced her.



“Awwnn.. I’m still here, you know..” Best said and I laughed.


“Jealous already? Whatever..” I said with an eye roll.


“But, I’m still surprised. How did you two get to look so much alike? Maybe there’s a mystery still uncovered.” Best said and I thought about it before nodding.


“Yeah..Very true. How do we get to know about it, then?” I asked, and we exchanged glances.


“The Wizard necklace still speaks, right?” Cutie asked, and I nodded.


“Ok then. Let’s ask the wizard how he found me..” She added, and I unlocked the necklace from around my neck.


I placed it in her palm, and she exhaled deeply, before looking at it.


“Great wizard, we need your help.” She began and I listened keenly.




Written by Authoress Divy








Laurel was the last to walk inside, after me. She slumped into a nearby couch, and heaved a sigh of relief, itching her nape. We were in my Chambers now.


“That was fierce. I’ve never engaged in such a power fight before. Jeez!” I heard her say, as I drank from a glass, and I hissed.


“Hey, learn to mind your business, ok?!” She yelled at me, and I threw the glass at her.


It flew above her head and landed behind her, on the ground, crashing into pieces.


She was shocked, and sat still, staring at me, with mouth agape.



“D-did you just do that?” She managed to say, some seconds later, and I rolled my eyes at her.


“I might do worse tgan that if you don’t learn to respect me, Laurel. I’m a prince, and you better get that.” I said, fuming in rage, and she flapped her lashes, trying to hold back tears that threatened to fall.


“After all I’ve done for your family, Williams? You still talk to me in such manner? Look, I’m here because your mum promised to get us married, ok?” She said, and got up.


I felt bad for her, but I couldn’t control myself. I just felt she wasn’t the lady for me. I was very angry because I couldn’t end up with Beauty.


The loud bang of the door jolted me back to reality. She had left. Oh, thank goodness.


I walked to the bed, and fell on it, yawning. Just then, I felt a sharp pain in my chest. It was just the sane way it had happened, after Cutie struck me.


I held my chest, as I felt like my airways were being blocked, making me unable to breath properly. What was this?


Just then, it subsided and I sighed. Jeez! It was really scary.


“Williams!!” I heard a voice call from downstairs and I went to the balcony to check who it was.


I walked out of my room and moved forward, towards the open space, and held the railings. I looked down, and saw everyone in the huge sitting room, but the witches were not there.


“Mum. You called?”


“Yes dear. Please come..” She said, with a wide smile, and I raced through the corridor and down the stairs.


“What’s the matter?” I asked, sitting beside Paula who was still looking tired.


“Nothing. We just wanna celebrate our success.” She replied.


Other Queens were there. Every Royal member except my father the king was present. The maids were going about serving drinks and snacks to people.


“I’m not hungry.” Paula said to a maid who carried a tray of food to her. The maid remained standing, but did not say anything.


“I said I’m not hungry, miss. Or are you deaf?!” She yelled at the maid, and the poor servant flinched.


“Um, Paula dear, you have to eat. You are still very weak.” I heard Laurel say. She walked up to us, and smiled charmingly.


Every other person was busy. Soon, more people started trooping in. I guess the main party is about to start.


“I don’t want to eat. Please leave..” Paula said to the maid, and got up. She walked a bit, and staggered, but I quickly held her from behind.


“You’re are too weak to move about. Sit, I will get you something to eat.” I told her, and walked away.


Jeez! She loves displaying attitude.


I met a maid on my way, with a tray of food, and quickly collected it from her. Just then, I bumped into Jenny.


“Hey Williams.” She said and pecked me. She was looking happy, and I knew immediately, that something was up.


“Is your boyfriend coming over? I mean, is he at the party?” I queried, with an innocent look, and she frowned. Always shy.


“Boyfriend? Oh my gee! No, not at all..” She said, and quickly walked away. Ugh!


I went back to Paula and gave her the food I got. Then I sat beside her again.


Laurel was still standing there, watching her. Soon, she got tired and walked away.






We got dressed and came back for the main party to begin. Paula was still weak, but she managed to come down for the party.


Soon, the palace was full with high class people, nobles, wealthy families and so many others. I was dressed in a long blue robe a white jacket and a blue trouser.


The chest pain was becoming severe, but I tried as much as I could, to hide it. Soon, the witches arrived, and joined us. Laurel was now putting on a red strapless ball gown.


I tried all I could to ignore her, without her realizing it, but the chest pain increased. At a time, I almost fell, but I managed to stagger to a chair. I sat and it subsided.


“You, alright? You’ve been acting strangely, today..” Paula said, and everyone gathered.


“I’m alright..” I said, and Witch Sukie shook her head.


“Hey, check what is wrong with him..” She told one of the witches, and she nodded.


Some minutes later, mum got up and all eyes were on her.


“Good day ladies and gentlemen. As you all know, we’ve gathered here today to celebrate our victory. But that’s not all.” She said and the guests started murmuring.


“I will like to introduce to you, the future Queen of this kingdom. Our dear Laurel, the prince’s betrothed..” She said, and Laurel walked up to her, and took her hands.


She was beaming with smiles, as the guests clapped. She’s pretty but u don’t just like her. I frowned at mum’s speech, but did not let anyone know.



We all drank, ate, and partied till it was late, and unfortunately, everyone except Paula and the witches got drunk.


The guests left, and it was just the Royal household and the witches in the hall.


“Williams, take me upstairs..” Laurel said, laughing stupidly, and i giggled.


“Aw, mum..I can’t walk..” Jenny said to her mum, staggering, and I laughed.


Suddenly, we heard an evil laughter, and we all turned around, and saw Beauty and her team, standing there, watching us.


“What are you doing here? Don’t you know you’re in the lion’s den?” Collins asked, and Beauty laughed.


“Lions den indeed. You all are just weaklings that can’t hurt a fly..” she said with a sneer, and I laughed.


She glared at me, but I was quick to look away. Her look is capable of melting my new strong heart.


“What do you want?” Mum asked her, and she smirked and went to sit on an empty chair. Her hair blew up as cool breeze penetrated into the room, making her look angelic. I didn’t say that..


“Do you guys know that you are supposed to be begging and not talking anyhow?” She asked and clasped her hands together.


“She’s right. You guys will soon fall asleep.” Paula said, and we were awed.








We were at home when Paula gave us a signal that the plan was working. She had successfully given them the spiked drink.


⏩Fast Forward⏩



“You’re a demon! How could you?!” Williams yelled at her, and she laughed. They were all tied, now.


The witches had mysteriously escaped but Best and I were keeping watch, to make sure they did not sneak up on us, while Beauty did the talking.


“I can’t believe you used Paula against us.” Laurel said, and I felt Beauty boil in anger. She was already angry that Williams was betrothed to her.


“Shut up, you bitch!” Beauty yelled and slapped her accross the cheek.


“You’re a coward. Are you trying to vent your anger on me, because Williams is now mine? If you really want to do this the right way, untie me, let’s fight..”


Laurel said, and Beauty untied her immediately.


“Girlie, this is not good.” I said but she ignored me.


They started fighting, and Laurel was winning Beauty. I tried to interfere, but Best held me back.


They were not using powers, but when Beauty started beating Laurel, she rolled her hands, and ice came out.


She threw it at Beauty, but Williams surprisingly pushed her down. I wonder how he managed to untie himself.


Immediately, his chest began to ache. It was the spell I had cast on him. Serves him right. He will die slowly. At least, I’m sure Beauty won’t help him.





Beauty watched Williams fall and noticed that the pained expression he had on, but decided to ignore him.


Just then, Sukie and the other two walked in.


“A spell had been cast on Williams..” She said, and everyone gasped.


“First it was father and now, it’s Will?” Jenny asked, and burst into fresh tears.


“Wait, by who?” Beauty queried, confused, and Sukie stared daggers at her.


“It was by one of you. But, not to worry, we have the cure. Laurel here, can cure him. She will break the spell..” She said, to her and Cutie gasped.


She knew that the spell could only be broken by true love, and as it was, Beauty was Williams’ true love, except she was dead.


She covered her mouth with her palm, and signalled Beauty to come closer. “They’re planning to kill you, so that Laurel will be the only one he loves..” She whispered and Beauty gasped.


“Laurel, try to break the spell. If Williams loves you, the pain will stop.” Sukie said. Laurel walked up to Williams and squatted beside him.


She touched his chest, and suddenly, Williams yelped and pushed her away. It had gotten worse than it was.


“She isn’t his true love?” Sukie asked rhetorically, and looked around.


No one was looking, and it was the perfect time to strike. While Beauty was carried away, by Williams pain, Sukie drew out a dagger, and threw it at her.


But Williams dived and the dagger hit him instead, in his chest. He fell and passed out immediately.


“Williams!!” Beauty screamed and carried him. She disappeared immediately. It all happened so fast that everyone present were awed. Some could not even narrate what happened.




Hmm, I said it oh. So much trouble..





( War )




By: Authoress Divy


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