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Our eyes dilated as we stared at him in shock and awe.


“William?” We all called in unison and he nodded slowly, and tried getting up, but fell back to the ground.



Beauty wanted to go and help him, but I held her back, and shook my head, saying ‘no’.


Best went inside and Beauty ran after him, but I stayed back, to monitor him.


He is an enemy, and should be treated as one. Beauty should better stop all this nonsense.


“Water..water..” He said weakly and I scoffed.


“You will die of thirst, Williams..” I said and crossed my arms.


“Please, don’t let me die, after all I’ve done for Beauty’s sake. I’m not an enemy..I was but not any more..” He cried and I scoffed.


Seems like he is a drama Lord. And he is very good at pretending; maybe he came to save his sister.



How can you say that?


Please Best. If he’s lying, then we will deal with him. He won’t hurt me. And I will make sure he hurts no one.


Oh, Sweet, stop it. He’s our enemy for crying out loud.


Best, I beg you. Please..


No, Sweet. I won’t let that beast hurt you. He doesn’t deserve your love, one bit.



I heard that quarreling inside, and I could not bear it anymore. I moved close to Williams and slapped him.


“You’re the reason they are quarreling..It’s because of you. Beauty has gone insane, because of you..” I yelled, slapping him the more.


Just then Beauty came out and I left him. She will get angry at me if she finds out I hit him. But I just feel like ripping him apart. He’s our enemy and will always remain one.



Beauty took Williams inside, and treated his wounds with her powers, before taking him to her room.


She helped him sleep on her bed and covered him with a duvet. He looked handsome as he slept, and I smiled at them, as I stood by the door.


Why is life so cruel? Why did love treat her this way? How could Beauty fall in love with her biggest enemy? She’s supposed to be loved. She’s a sweet girl that deserves true love, so why is nature unfair?


I stood there, crying, and I did not know when Beauty turned, and saw me. She came to my side and embraced me, crying with me.


“Sweet, life shouldn’t be this unfair..Now what will you do? Just let him go..Nature knows why it had to happen this way..” I said I tears. But she did not say anything.


That stupid Williams doesn’t deserve her love. I just loathe him. So evil and full of bad thoughts. He might be handsome and cute, but his true identity will not be hidden.


“Cutie, please come..” I heard Best say, so I unlocked from the hug and went away.


“Yes, B.. What’s the matter?” I asked keenly and he smiled. He was in the dinning, eating an apple.


“You thinking what I’m thinking?” He asked and I smiled.


“Bro, I don’t know, but I’m very sure you’re thinking about dealing with this f**king people..” I said and crossed my arms.


He nodded and picked another apple from the fruit basket on the dinning table. He washed it and threw it at me.


I quickly grasped it and bite it. Hm. Yummy..


I love apples.


“So what’s the plan? Beauty not among this plan?” I asked and he smirked.



“Secret..Come here..” He told me. I went closer, and he whispered softly into my ears. I chuckled at intervals.


“How do you see it?” He asked, when he was done. I smiled and bite my apple again.


“It’s a nice plan..” I said and he smiled.





Watching him sleep was quite fun that I thought. He sweet baby face and cute smile was something else. Goodness! How can someone be this cute?


I know my brother is cuter, but I’m really awed by his level of handsomeness. Jeez! My definition of perfect.


“Hey..penny for your thoughts..” I heard Cutie say and I jerked back to reality.


I was sitting on the bed, beside him, and did not see when she came in.


“She’s admiring him..Whoa!!” Cutie said and I felt like spanking her. My cheeks heat up in embarrassment and I tried to cover up.


“Ugh! Bad girl, that wasn’t what I was doing, ok?”


“Then what were you thinking about, that made you oblivious of my presence?” She asked and I frowned.


“I was just thinking of our plans..” I tried to lie. But it seemed she was prepared for me.


“Oh, really? That’s good..So, tell me, are you ready?” She asked and I looked away.


“Oh, so you were lying? Aw, why? Look, you don’t have to hide it from me. In fact, it’s obvious, so you can’t hide it..” She said and I got up and left the room.



“Hey, Sweet, come back. I was just joking..” She said, following me. I hastened my footsteps and quickly entered the library.


Gad! Cutie won’t kill me. She’s so crazy. Ugh! How did she even know?


I sat on a stool, and faced her.


“What now?” I asked and she pouted, giving me a sorry look.


“What’s my punishment?” She asked, and I chuckled.


“Nothing. I’ve already forgiven you..” I told her, but she shook her head in disagreement.


“No, you have to punish me. Let me get you a glass of water first. Then, for the rest of today, I will serve you any dish you want..” She said and I was forced to laugh.


“Seriously? Is it by force?” I asked and she nodded.


Oh, really? Weird.


“It’s not by force..Let me be.” I said and she sat on the floor and crossed her legs.


“Please my lady; that will make me believe you’ve forgiven me..” She said with a pout, knowning that I can’t resist that cute baby face she makes.


But today was different. I felt uneasy. Something was up, but I couldn’t place my hands on it. She was still on the floor, so I decided to accept it.


“Alright..Get me anything you can get..” I said and she smiled and sprang up on her feet.


She rushed out of the library and I followed her. I went to the dinning and sat down, ready to eat. Soon, she returned with a tray of food.


Spaghetti sauce with cheese. She dropped it on the table, and went back to bring some other things.



She came back with different dishes and I felt my stomach rumble at the sight of the food.


“Start with these..” She said, handing a glass of chocolate shake to me. I smiled and took it, before eating some of the food on the table.


It was too much and I couldn’t finish it. But, suddenly, I felt my body system malfunction. I started feeling dizzy and Cutie noticed it.


“You ok?” She asked and I only nodded. But soon, it became worse. My stomach started aching and I got up but I fell dizzy and slumped.


Cutie held me and took me to her room.


“Take me to my room..” I said and she shook her head.


“No, you are not allowed to stay too close to Williams. I served you plenty food didn’t mean you should eat and kill yourself. Rest for a while, you will be fine…” She said and I laid on the bed and slept off.





It was a job welldone, and I gave her a high five. The plan A was successful. Cutie was a very good actress. Time to execute plan B.


Although I felt bad, that I had to treat Beauty this way, I still felt good, knowing that Williams was going to suffer in my hands.


We took him to the spell room of the wizard and tied him to a magic chair. He was still unconscious, and it was only going to be seen as cowardice, if I hurt him in this state. I’m not a coward.


So, I waited for him to regain consciousness. And just like he knew, he woke up some minutes later. The effect of the drugs on Beauty was going to wear off in two hours, so I had to get fast.


“Hey, why am I here?” He asked and I squatted in front of him, and let out an evil laughter. He


flinched and I smirked.


“Williams, why are you here?” I asked and placed a leg on the hand of the chair he was sitting on, using the other leg and hand for support.


Cutie stood behind me and watched us.


“I said why are you here?!” I yelled, slapping him across the cheek.


TBC ..








( War )




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