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Knowing that she was still very mad at us, was saddening, but I tried all I could, to make her happy. She ordered us around, but we did not complain. We did everything just as she said.



But the events of the past few days, had proven to me, that my sister really loved us, and could do anything for us. She loved Williams deeply, and how she managed to escape him, still baffled me.


Early the next morning, I got up and freshened up, before going out to have breakfast. Later, I returned to the room.


As I sat on a couch in my bedroom, all I could think of, was to win the battle for Beauty’s sake. I had to be strong.


“Penny for your thoughts, Boy..” I heard someone say, and I jerked back to consciousness.


“Cutie..” I managed to call, and breathed out in relief.


“You’re always worried. What is it, now?” She queried, and I licked my dry lips, and looked at the floor.


“Beauty calls for us..Let’s go. You know that the battle is today..” She said, and I nodded. She was putting on a black shirt, and black jean trousers.


“What for?” I queried and she hissed.


“I don’t know..Let’s go first.” She replied and I sighed.


“Ok, where’s she?” I asked and she crossed her arms, and gave me a ‘you’re too inquisitive’ look, making me chuckle.


I got up, stretched, and followed her outside the room. We went down the corridor, and went outside the building. Ah!


The weather was warm and fresh breeze blew accross my face as I walked behind her. The leaves and branches of trees were dancing g to the tunes of the winds.


Wow. Wonderful work of nature. I looked around, and saw Beauty at a corner, adding some stuffs to a big spell pot, while looking at a big spell book, beside her.


“Sit, and wait for me..” She said, not sparing us a glance, and I was awed.



We were kind of far from her, and it was stunning to know that the still felt our presence without seeing us.


Cutie and I walked down to a bench behind her, and say down, without saying anything. She started stirring the liquid in the pot, with a long spoon and I watched keenly, in silence though.


“Best, have you supersped before?” Beauty asked, breaking the existing silence.


“No. How does that work?” I asked, kind of confused and she scoffed.


“Seriously? Oh my gee! Don’t you know you have powers?” She asked, surprised, but did not turn to look at me.


“My powers are not that..” I was saying, but she cut me off.


“No, no, don’t say that. Your powers are greater than you think. The wizard was never a coward, so you better be brave.” She said and I sighed.


Was my kid sis really talking to me in this manner? Jeez! But she was right, anyway.


“And, you too, Cutie. You guys should be strong. You already know about the plan. We just have you trick them, ok?” She said, and finally turned to us.


We walked up to her, and she removed the silver necklace on her neck, and opened her palm.


“Great and undefeated Wizard of the Dark Woods, we are going for war. Go with us, and help us get victory.” She prayed and we closed our eyes. She wore it back, and sighed.






“Come on, drink it, already..” She said and I rolled my eyes. “Best!” She called and I turned swiftly to her.




“Drink it..” She said, and looked at the glass of bitter solution in my hands. It was brown and looked really disgusting. I wonder what she used to prepare it.


“You gotta be kidding me, Sweet. I should drink this?” I asked, looking at the glass in my hands and she nodded.


“Nah. I’m not drinking it.” I said and looked away.


We were in the library now, and Cutie was sitting close to me, on a wooden stool, with a similar drink in her hand.


“It is not as bitter as you think. Besides, I drank it.” Beauty said and I laughed.


“Are you a human at all?” I asked, and Cutie burst into laughter.


“Enough! Drink it now. One..Two..” She started counting, and tweaked my ear.


“Ouch! Ouch!” I winced and gulped down the bitter drink.


It was very bitter, and I almost puked, but I restrained, for Beauty’s sake.


“Good.” She said, and grinned slightly.


“Cutie, do I also need to force you?” She asked and Cutie laughed nervously and feigned a smile.


“No, no. I will d-drink it..” Cutie stuttered, and swallowed hard, before taking the glass to her lips. She closed her eyes and gulped down the contents of the glass, before belching irritably.


Ew! Disgusting.


“Sorry..” She said with a pained look and I laughed.


“Are you ok, now?” I asked Beauty and she nodded.


Just then we heard the sound of a bell, and we knew at once, that they were here.


“They’re here! It’s battle time!” Cutie yelled and we ran outside.


The place was a bit dark, and it was because of the presence of dark magic. They were all standing, looking angry.



I looked at them one after the other, and scoffed. They were quite plenty; three witches on black, Williams and Collins, and a strange pretty, on tracksuits, and the other girls, on black.


“Hey, cowards, we’re not here to stare at your ugly faces, so don’t waste our time.


Just surrender..” Collins said and I scoffed.


“Our faces are far more better and brighter than yours can ever be, so shut up. We are ready here, no one is surrendering.


“ But, if you’re afraid, you can just surrender, to save your bitchy selves!” Beauty gave him a piece of her mind, and he frowned.


“Hey, little girl. Just surrender and give Paula back to us.” Witch Sukie said and I laughed.


“Not so easy, lady.” I said and Collins glared at me.


I laughed and crossed my arm. Williams kept mute, but I kept my eyes on him.


“Beauty, I heard you are strong.” Collins said, and opened his palm.


A little dagger came out and he threw it at Beauty, but she bent to the right, and it passed, and went back to him.


“That was awesome!” He complimented, and, before I knew it, the battle began.


The three witches surrounded Beauty, while Collins, Williams and the strange pretty surrounded me. The girls surrounded Cutie, but she was also very strong.


The three witches were really giving Beauty a tough time. One controlled the wind, another controlled trees, while Sukie controlled so many other things.


Beauty’s eyes were red, and she fought like a tigress.






The battle was getting fierce as no one was ready to give up. Williams left Best and went to fight with Beauty. The witches were very powerful, that they had already weakened Beauty before Williams came.


“Go in! Look for Paula and escape with her!” Witch Sukie ordered the other witches. They went inside, leaving Beauty, Williams, and Witch Sukie outside.


Best continued fighting with Collins and the other girl, and found out that the girl was very powerful. They engaged in a power tournament. Their lights merged, and only the weaker light could break off.


Best striked, and his light was green. The other girl striked. Hers was pink. Collins was the last to strike. And his powers added great force to the joint powers, making Best fall.


Cutie was quick to superspeed to where he laid. She helped him up, and held out her hand. She had already dealt with the other girls.


Her magical sword appeared, and she pointed it at Collins.


The light from the edge of the sword blinded husband vision, and she struck him with the sword. He staggered backwards and fell I to the arms of the Laurel.


“Aargh!” Laurel screamed and a great force was released from her mouth. It threw Cutie and Best off balance, and they fell down.


She left Collins who was already weak, and went to Cutie. But Best got up and supersped around her, making her feel dizzy. Then, he brought out his magic rope and tied her up to a tree.


Sukie and Williams were still fighting with Beauty. Just then, Beauty’s eyes reddened and she stamped her feet on the ground.


Suddenly, the ground where Sukie stood cracked and Sukie fell in. It closed back, and Best gasped.



“You’re more evil than I thought..” He said, and she let out an evil laughter, and started whirling around him.


She went fast and fast that the force that she carried, lifted Williams up and threw him on a tree. His back hit the bark of the tree and he fell down.


Beauty fell down, feeling dizzy, after the whirling, and Best started crawling to where she was.


Laurel struggled, and loosened the rope Best had tied her up, with. Jenny and the other girls were still sitting on the floor, gasping for air.


She quickly flew to where Beauty was and a sword appeared in her hand. She raised it up, to strike her, but Best screamed, and dived.


He pushed her down, and Beauty looked up. She gasped and got up, although she was still weak. Her eyes shone brightly and the rays of light were blinding.


Everything became very bright, and everyone else started using their hands to shield their eyes. It lasted for a while, and went off. And Beauty fell again, this time, very weak.


Best flapped his lashes and looked around. Only Cutie was left beside him. The others were tied to trees around; all except the witches.


Two of them were inside, still looking for Paula, while Sukie was still underground, struggling to come out.


“How did she manage to do that?” Jenny asked, frowning, and Cutie managed to laugh, before falling.


“W-we did..we did it!” She said weakly, still on the ground, and Best started dancing.


“Wohoo! Now, the real fun begins..” He said, and rolled his hands. Ice came out, and he threw it at Jenny.



She froze and he clapped. He struck the tree Collins was tied on with fire and it started burning from the top. Collins got scared as the fire got near, and tried to free himself, but it was impossible.


It got near, and almost burnt him, when suddenly, he fell to the ground, and crawled away. Someone had untied him.


Best got surprised, but before he could look around, Laurel struck him with a sleep spell. He fell down, and started struggling with sleep.


She clapped and all of them were untied. Just then, the two witches that had gone in, came out, with Paula, looking weak, and fell down.


Collins supersped to them, carried Paula and disappeared. The others started disappearing one after the other.


Cutie managed to use her last strength, to strike Williams, in his heart, with a strong spell. Immediately she struck him, she passed out.


Williams held his chest, as he felt a sharp pain. But it quickly subsided as swift as he came, and he also disappeared. Beauty got up, and laughed.


She had let them go on purpose. But why?




Long sheyy??


Hmm.. Problems. I sense problems.








( War )




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