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The were two, one was very young while the other looked matured. But the two of them were young, so who is the wizard?


Confused, I turned to her to understand what she said but she only smiled and looked away.


“Welcome, young ladies and gentlemen.” The matured one said and I nodded.


But Paula stupidly made matters worse for us.


“Hey, save your greetings for yourself. We’re here to see the Wizard, where’s he?” She said rudely, rolling her eyes and fold her arms.


Cutie, Beauty and the other young boy burst into laughter, increasing my confusion.


“Always be polite, you don’t know what you might meet, Paula.” The matured guy told her and walked away.


“Ugh!” Paula exclaimed and rolled her eyes again.


“You just spoke rude to the only person that can help you, dummy. Do you want your journey to be fruitless?” Cutie asked and that was when I understood everything.


So that guy, is the wizard? Omgee!


“Paula, he’s the Wizard! You just ruined everything! When will you change?!” I yelled at her and seized her roughly by the arm, my nails digging into her flesh.


She winced and tried to free her self from my grip, but i was very much stronger than she was.


Cutie and Beauty followed the Wizard, and we all joined them.


My stupid sister will not kill us. She won’t. So stupid and saucy.



Authoress Divy



We walked into a room with a big and long table, surrounded by chairs and we all sat at the table, except for the guards and maids.


The Wizard sat at the head of the table and cleared his throat. It was obvious he was angry, so I decided to apologise, since Paula refused.


“We’re really sorry. Forgive her for being rude. But..” I started but he cut me short. “I know..You are all here to find out the truth behind your father’s condition. I will tell you..” He said and shut his eyes.









The Wizard told them the same story he had told me. And it was then, that I came to understand that they were offsprings of the same man that betrayed Queen Shaylee’s husband, many years ago.


Ah! Just then, I felt my body become hot. I saved my enemies? They’re sitting with me? Like, they’re here with me? Oh shit!


I got up and hit the table angrily, with my already clenched fist, and all eyes turned to stare at me.


“Calm down, Beauty..” Best said but I should him a deadly glare, and he quickly looked away.


“So you guys are here to finish what he started, years again, right?! You still have the guts to come here, after everything you’ve done to us?” I questioned, and they all looked at me, confused.


“I don’t get it, are you guys the remaining offsprings of Queen Shaylee, the ones with the enchanted necklace?” The young Cutie asked but I rolled my eyes.



He can go to hell, for all I care. He was once cute, but not any more! My enemy is my enemy!


“So you are the one that wants my father dead?” He asked again, making me scoff.


“Beauty, sit!” The wizard ordered and I sat down, exhaling deeply.


“Gad! I can’t believe any of this.” Paula said, and rolled her eyes but I shot her a deadly glare. She hissed and I smirked.


I’m so gonna deal with this fools. Yeah, they won’t get away with it, I swear. “Everything I just said is true. And the only way to break this curse is to leave the throne for the rightful owners.” The Wizard said but Paula and her rude younger brother burst into laughter.


“You’re kidding right?” He asked but got no response.


His elder brother was just quiet, staring at me, with those loving pair of cute eyes, but I didn’t let that bother me.


“Where are the witches, now?” Jenny asked and the wizard smiled.


“The dark mountains. They are at the cave of magic, very far from here. But going to them, is disastrous. You’ll only worsen the matter, and call for battle. So it’s better you do as I say..”The wizard advised.


“We will do no such thing! You’re a deceiver! A great one, so you better take your advice to someone else. We don’t need it. And we are very much ready for battle!” Paula flared and got up, hitting the table violently.


Wow, she wants to fight? That’s great, I’m in..I’m so loving this. I stared at their elder brother, and our eyes met.


‘Help me, Beauty. Help me. My father will die if you don’t help me.’ He spoke with his eyes and I understood it.


‘Nah. Never!’ I replied, and pouted. He sighed and looked away.


Why? Is he falling for me? It’s very dangerous, and he is supposed to know that. I can’t love him, not while they still rule the kingdom.


Authoress Divy



“We’re leaving!” The younger prince announced, and they all walked away.


But the older prince returned and pulled me to a corner.


“Beauty.” He called softly, and I raised my head, and stared at him. “Huh?”


“My name is Williams. I know we’ve become enemies, but please hear me out.” He said.


I played with my fingers and looked down, as he spoke.


“Please, Beauty. I never knew what love was, until I saw you, when you came to rescue us. You are very beautiful and I must say, it was love at first sight. Forget our family issues, and see things the way I’m seeing them, right now.” He said and I swiftly raised my head, and saw him smiling.


“Williams..” His name rolled out of my tongue, and he smiled and embraced me. I felt my knees grow weak and a tear rolled down my cheek. He wiped it with his thumb but I brushed his hand off.


“Please..” He said but I scoffed.


“Your siblings don’t like me. We’re enemies, sworn enemies!” I said but he covered my mouth with his palm, and shook his head.


“Don’t say that. We aren’t enemies, and we’ll sort this out. Will you help me?” He asked but I shook my head.


“No, leave me, Will. Go away..” I said with sadness and he noticed it.


“You love me, don’t you?” He asked, and I was shocked.


Is it obvious? Nah, I don’t think Im acting like that..


“” I stuttered and he sighed and held me by my waist. I got irritated and pushed him away.


He fell down and looked at me, shocked. I think i overreacted, but he walked away, before I could speak.









It’s crazy but that’s the truth. I think I have fallen for Beauty.


While the others went out, I quickly went back inside, and took her to a corner, without the others knowing.


I spoke to her but she remained adamant. And when she pushed me, I felt weak. Too weak to even speak to her. Dies she really hate me that much? Am I really an enemy? Oh, this is so bad.


Walking away was hard, but that was all I could do. I was too weak to even argue with her. I don’t know if I would come back. I’m just confused.


My siblings were outside, talking. It was obvious they were mad at me, but no one spoke up. We went back home.






It was a long and tiring journey but we finally got home, two days later.


Mum was so excited to see us, but when we got to know that father’s condition was very critical, we all felt bad.


Jenny narrated everything to mum, who couldn’t believe it. They all suggested we go to meet the witches, but I wasn’t ready for that. If I go, it would mean fighting with Beauty and I can’t let that happen.


For days, mum, Paula and Collins kept disturbing me, forcing me to accept, and go with them, but I remained adamant.






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