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Being mad at them was more fun than I thought. I was all bossy and authoritative and they did all I said, without hesitation.


We went to the room where Paula was kept, and immediately I entered, she slapped me. I was surprised at first, but I knew that was the least she could do, because her powers were not much.


“Beauty! Release me now, coward!” She yelled and spat on me. I wiped it off and glared at her. She started choking and I crossed my arms.



I left her like that for minutes and I made sure she felt like begging, before leaving her.


“I’m sure you can explain how you just felt..That’s just the beginning..” I said and she whimpered.


“Baby, don’t cry..Momma is on the way the way..” Cutie said and we all burst into laughter.


“She’s coming with some milk..oh poor thing, don’t worry..” Best added and I laughed again.


But Paula was silent. She dare not insult me, it talk back at them, else I will end her miserable life. Stupid sister of a foolish monster.


“Beauty..” Paula called after sometime.


“Yeah.. Anything?” I queried and she coughed.


“Please release me..” She said and I laughed.


“I will..So just relax, coz you will be my revenge tool. Your stupid brother had the guts to come here and try to hurt us. He’ll beg for mercy. He will surely beg..” I said and she rolled her eyes.


This girl is too saucy. I chuckled at my stupid plans for her, and dragged her up, pulling her hair.


She tried to free herself, but I was stronger. She has stayed here for days, and she was very weak now.


I left her and raised my fingers. A second later she was up in the air, floating without control. I brought her down, and she fell with a loud thud, and injured on her forehead.


I did this ten more times, before choking her for two minutes. She kept groaning but did not plead.



“Alright baby, let’s try this one..” I said and suddenly, where she laid on the ground, was covered with water.


It did not get to us, but she started drowning. I laughed as she went up and down, trying to escape. Soon, I tied her with an invisible rope, and she laid in the water, struggling to breath.


“Please, please..I’m sorry..” She finally said, with difficulty. The water made it sound like a bubble, but I heard her.


“Thats my baby..” I said sarcastically and left her.


She had injuries all over, and was too weak to move any part of her body.


“Baby, your people are coming for you, ok?” I said and she passed out.


We took her to the Spell room and jointly cast a spell of control on her. Now, she will do our bidding.


It was remaining few hours for her people to come for war. But I was set for this.


Our plans must work this time around.








A soft hand caressed my cheek and I felt another hand on my neck. Like that wasn’t enough, a familiar cologne filled my nostrils and I felt her breath on my face.


She came closer but I pushed her away, and opened my eyes. Everyone knows I hate things like this, so who dares?


“Chill, ok? I mean no harm..” She said and came to sit beside me, on my bed. I looked at her from head to toe and hissed.


Her facial expressions changed immediately, but she tried to conceal it.


“Laurel?” I called and she beamed.



“You remembered? That’s a good sign. Thank goodness you’re awake. I’ve been sitting here all day..” She said and I scoffed.


“Are you that jobless?” I asked, and she gasped.




“I said are you that jobless?” I repeated and she got up.


“I’m very sweet but I have my bad sides, Williams! Look, don’t ever repeat this nonsense..” She said and I crackled.


Seriously? Ugh!


“Miss, who do you think you are to come into my room and talk to me on such a manner?” I asked and she itched her nape.


“Calm down Williams..” She said but I rolled my eyes.


“Oh, please..Answer me! What gave you such right? How dare you?!” I yelled but what she said shocked me.


“I am here and I have every right to watch you because I am going to be your wife soon!” She retorted and ran a hand through her messy hair.


“Listen to me Williams; I am Laurel and I don’t take nonsense. I heard you liked that stupid Beauty, but that’s in the past now. I am here, and you are to respect me, ok?!” She snapped and walked away.


I was left awestrucked and gobsmacked. Did she just say wife to be? What the..


Just then, the door swung open and Queen Maureen, my mum, walked in, with Rosa beside her.


“My boy, how’re you?” She asked, and sat beside me.


“You’re supposed to be resting, dear..” Rosa said but I scoffed.


“I was resting, until that slut disturbed me..” I said, and they exchanged glances.


“Slut? Who?” They asked and I hit my head in frustration.More interesting stories available at Topster Stories


“Laurel..” I said and she frowned.



“It’s not funny, boy. How can you call her a slut? She’s your future wife for goodness sake..” Mum said and patted my shoulder but I yanked her hands off and left the room.


She’s unbelievable. Future wife? Such a disgusting and rude lady? It’s future death, not future wife! Gad!






I went to the garden and met her there, admiring the flowers and Immediately she noticed my presence, she turned to me, and embraced me.


She started crying but I quickly pushed her away. Too bad she fell down and got a cut.


“Seriously, Williams?” She said and exhaled.


The next place I found myself was in the pool, drenched and cold.


“Laurel?!” I screamed in anger, and retaliated, sending her into the stable.


Unfortunately, she fell face first into some waste and when she raised her head, I couldn’t help but laugh. I stepped out of the pool, drenched and she came out of the stable, looking dirty.






We called almost simultaneously, and her cheeks flushed. She looked away and ran inside. All the servants she passed burst into laughter and I joined them.


She must be smelling. Now I know how it feels to prank someone. Ew! Not my fault anyway. I don’t just like her. This betrothed stuff is just too crazy to be true.



Witch Sukie came the next day, and asked us to prepare for battle. Laurel put on a black tracksuit and white sneakers. She also wore a black and white headwarmer, and looked wow.


It kind of made me wonder if she was going for war, or a fashion show. The other ladies put on black jean trousers and black jumpers. The boys wore tracksuits too.


We were good to go.


“Guys, before we leave, I’ll like to say something..” Sukie said and we all gathered, to hear her.


“Um, first battle rule, no pity. Do not, I repeat, do not pity your enemy! Second rule, never get scared.” She said and we nodded.


We gathered around, forming a circle, and put our hands together in the middle.


“War! War! Warrr!!” We screamed and raised our hands up in the air.




Hmm, War??


Let me keep quiet..






( war )




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