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He laughed and pinched the bridge of my nose. I giggled and got up, running away, and he ran after me.


Soon, I got exhausted and laid back on the lawn. He came and laid beside me and I shifted. I just felt like running away from him. It was fun though.


He came to where I was and pinned my hands on the ground.


“Williams..Stop this.” I said, and tried to free myself, but he was stronger.


He brought his face close to mine and I looked away. It wasn’t going to be so easy for him. I don’t know, but I felt like he was up to something.


“Where are my siblings?” I asked and he shrugged.


“I don’t know..”


“But you said they were insulting you, so where were they, at that time?” I asked.


He was still holding me tight.


“Um..I have forgotten..” He stuttered and I looked into his eyes.


“You’re hiding something..” I said and he laughed.


“Stop delaying. I know you’re just questioning me, to stop me from getting what I want. But that won’t happen, love. Just a kiss, please..” He said pleadingly and I crackled.


“ No! I wont.” I said and he frowned.


“Its a must..Besides, you love me..” He told me and I was shocked. He rough handled me and I gasped.


“I don’t love you! Leave me!” I yelled and he held me even more tight.


I tried using my powers again to read his thoughts, but it wasn’t working. It was then that it dawned on me that my powers had been covered.


I gasped and turned to look at him. He noticed my shock and smirked.



“Williams?” I called in a soft but scared voice but he let out a very annoying laughter and smirked evilly.


Suddenly, everything went back to normal. We were no more in the love garden.


He pulled my hair and I winced.


“What has come over you?” I queried, somewhat scared and he rolled his eyes and hissed.


“I know you are now powerless. You will forever remain powerless. You must do my bidding young girl!” He yelled and I swallowed hard and tried to free myself but it was damned hard.


“Look, Williams, my powers are from the goddess, so they will never fade. My only problem is hurting you..” I said making him chuckle.


I kept wondering what happened that made me loose my powers. I knew I would get them back, but I was afraid it might be too late.


Williams laughed boisterously at me, and brought his face closer to mine. I closed my eyes and wiggled but his grip on me was tight.


I stepped on his toes, and he winced and left me for a second. The next time he held me, it was by my neck. I gasped for breath and tried to remove his hand but it was all in vain.


Then I started crying, praying silently to the goddess. I told her that I was a devoted worshipper and that she herself had promised to help the descendants of the great Queen Shaylee, so she shouldn’t let me end miserably.


I was still praying inwardly when I felt his breath on my face. I opened my eyes and felt his forehead touch mine.


I fumed in anger and pushed him with a great force. He staggered backwards and fell with a loud thud. I jumped up in excitement. My powers were back.



“Time to die, Williams..I swear, if you escape, the next time I get you, I will not hesitate to chop of your neck..” I said and closed my eyes.


I exhaled and my breath became hot. I rolled a ball of fire and threw it at him. I was about striking again, when a strange storm came up.


I used my hands to shield my eyes, as sand, leaves and different things were carried up in the air, by wind. Three ladies in black appeared and they stood beside Williams, who was already on the floor.


“I see that you are very powerful. But I am Sukie and I fear no one. You have just a day, to release Paula. Or else, there would be war. There would be war! War! War!” She said and I hissed.


They disappeared and everything became normal. So I rushed inside insearch of Cutie and Best. I looked for them in every room and corner, except the Spell room, but did not find them.


The Spell room was the last room to be searched. And that meant that they were either there, or not around this place. So I quickly went inside.


I looked around, and my eyes rested on two bodies on the floor, bleeding from the mouth.


Cutie and Best?! Aarrggh!


I screamed and sat on the floor beside them. I was getting afraid and lost my sense of reasoning. Panic and fear gripped me that I couldn’t think straight.


“Cutie!! Best!!” I cried and placed my hands on their chest. I tried to transfer strength to them. It was a good thing that they were still alive.


Their breathing was slow and it made it very hard for me. But I crossed my legs and started chanting the spells I knew.


Suddenly, Cutie sneezed and her eyes flickered open. Ah! Thank goodness!



She looked around and her eyes rested on me. She was shocked, and tried hiding it but it was a bit too late. Best stirred and woke up too, and was also surprised to see me.


“Wait, what is it?” I queried, confused and they exchanged glances and turned back to me, still wearing shocked expressions.


“Are you deaf? I said what happened to you two?! Did Williams do this?!” I questioned loudly but they kept mute.


“Talk to me!!” I screamed and suddenly, a bowl beside me broke Into two. The contents spilled on the floor. It was dark and looked disgusting but familiar.


The foul odour filled my nostrils and I sneezed. Wait, black juice?


“What were you guys doing with black juice?” I asked, almost tearfully and they tried to calm me down. There was a mirror at one corner, and it looked magical.






“So, you guys are trying to tell me that you actually planned without involving me?” I asked for the umpteenth time, staring awkwardly at the both of them and they nodded.


“Are you kidding me? What were you thinking? Oh, shit! What if I had lost my powers?! What would you have done, if Williams had had his way with me?!” I yelled at them, and they kept pleading.


I got up from the ground where I was sitting and stood staring at them, hands akimbo. They were still pleading, but I did not care.


“You’ve caused so many problems, so you’ve got a lot of work..” I said trying to calm down, and they nodded.


“Beauty, I’m really sorry..Please. I will do anything you want me to..” Best said, feeling guilty and I sighed.



“We need to work on Paula, first. But that doesn’t mean that I have forgiven you guys..” I said and rolled my eyes. They nodded and got up.








The witches brought Williams back home, but in a very critical state. That evil girl must be very powerful.


“Where is Paula?” Mum asked, on seeing them, and they sighed and dropped Williams on a couch.


“We couldn’t rescue her. But we are going for war tomorrow. Till then all the members of the Royal household will stay hidden..” Sukie, the leader of the witches said.


“Even us?” I asked, pointing at Jenny, Williams, Carly and I . Witch Sukie glared at me, making me choke.


“Are you a coward?” She yelled and I flinched.


“No..” I replied.


“Good..” She said and I sighed.


“Look, we have some one else willing to go with us..” Mum said and we all turned to see a young girl.


“Who is she?” I queried and Mum smiled.


“Williams betrothed.” She replied and the young girl beamed. She looked familiar.


“What?” Jenny gasped and I rolled my eyes.


“She’s the same girl that led us to the witches abode..” She added and I looked at the girl and recalled.


“True. And that’s why she’s fit to be his wife. She’s also very powerful and can help us in this battle. I needed her help, and the only way to keep her with us was marriage, so..”


Mum tried to explain, but I cut her off.



“It’s alright. Laurel, right?” I asked and the young lady nodded. She was also very pretty.


“Are you powers forever? I mean, from a direct source like Beauty’s?” I asked and she nodded.


“My dad was a Wizard too, and I became a witch after he died, to take over..” She said and I smirked.


“Williams will definitely like this new plan. The will tell him once he regains conciousness.” I said, and they all nodded.


Beauty, here we come.












( war )




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