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Best and I went back home and I sat on the floor in the main library. “Cutie, do you have any idea of where Beauty could be?” He asked and I sighed.



“Nah.” I said plainly and he swallowed hard and sat beside me.



“I think we need to make a plan, Cutie. But we need to find Beauty first. Remember the last time we tried making a plan without her..” He said and I laughed. I will never forget that day.



“Oh, yeah. And it was one of the worst plans ever..” I told him and he tweaked my nose.



“You are just like Beauty. The first day I saw you, I mistook you for her. Who knows, you two might be twins.” He said and I laughed out.



“Seriously? You’re good at cracking jokes, dear. And I think you’ll make a good joker.” I told him and patted his shoulder.



“But it’s obvious, Cutie. How can this resemblance be a coincidence?” He queried and i paused and allowed his words play back in my head.




“Yeah. But I lived with the Wizard from infancy. And he told me that he picked me from the woods.” I said with a drawl and he gasped.



“That’s it! That’s it!” He screamed and i flinched. I stared at him in confusion, and he smiled.



“What?” I asked and he frowned.


“Maybe our mum dropped you in the woods.” He said and my eyes lit up in surprise.



“But why would she?” I asked and he moved his lips sideways and shook his head, thinking.



“The witches were hot on her chase and maybe she dropped you by mistake, while trying to flee.” He said and i nodded, mouthing an ‘oh.’



“But we need to find Beauty now, and help her. She needs our help. Where can we find her?” He asked rhetorically and I thought for a while and smiled.



“I think I know where she might be..” I said and his eyes widened in delight.








“Aha! I know where she is!” One of the witches screamed and we gathered around her.



“Let’s go immediately. We need to kill her and get the prince back. That way, getting the enchanted necklace will be easy.” Witch Sukie said and we all concurred.








We followed a floating orb one of the witches had brought out until we got to a dark tunnel.


The orb stopped moving and we also stopped.



I went closer, looked down into the hole and turned back to them. The witches, Jenny, Carly, Nice and Paula were standing behind me. Paula was now fine after everything.



They asked me to jump in first and I sighed and shut my eyes. I jumped into the tunnel and started falling. I kept screaming until I fell on a hard ground.



Minutes later the others fell beside me. We looked around and saw that we were now in a strange surrounding. It was more like a forest.



The orb continued floating in front of us, and we got up and followed as it led the way. This was tiring but I tried to endure.



We walked until we got to a brick house and the orb stopped there. But no one was around. There was a green fabric and a blanket on the grass, in front of the house.



“They were here!” Sukie said and we all smiled, delighted.



“So where are they now?” Paula queried and the second witch scoffed.


“Why don’t you find out by yourself?” She said and Paula glared at her.


“Stupid!” The witch insulted.



“Silly!” Paula yelled.


“Hey, hey! Focus now, will you?” Witch Sukie said and they kept quiet.



“They were here.. Let’s look around. I’m not sure they’ve gone too far.” Jenny said and we all concurred and started searching for them.



We spread out and Nice and I went towards a pond. I looked back to see if the others were with us. Nice went closer to the pond.



Just then she screamed and we all ran to her. Beauty and Williams were lying lifeless close to the pond.








Escaping from that dungeon was hard but being the daughter of my father, I managed to come out unhurt.



Only the Queen mother and few of the members of the Royal household were around. The rest had already gone in search of Beauty, and the so called prince.



It was then that I realized that they were after the poor girl’s life. She must be in danger. I have to help her.



Sneaking out of the palace was easy. Soon, I found myself at the abode of the wizard. Cutie and Best were also out.



I sighed and decided to use my powers to trace them. And it worked.


Luckily, they had not gone far, so I went to meet them.



“You’re here for revenge, right? Well, I’m sorry but I’m not in the mood.” Cutie said and I sighed. We were in the woods.




“I’m sorry for fighting against you. But it was out of ignorance. And now, I will like to be a part of your team.” I said and Cutie laughed hilariously.



Best walked up to me and placed a hand on my forehead. He read my thoughts and smiled.



“She is saying the truth. She’s here to help.” He said and I smiled. He is really powerful, and handsome too.



“Then let’s go!” Cutie screamed and we started running into the woods. I supersped and the other two joined me.








I quickly went to Williams’ side and checked his pulse. My heart beat rose and I placed my head on his chest to confirm my thoughts.



“Jeez! He isn’t breathing!” I exclaimed and Paula crouched beside me. She also checked his pulse and started rubbing his cold hands.



I looked at Beauty. She was wounded on the forehead and blood was flowing from the injury. It was very deep. I wonder what happened.



I was still staring at her when we heard growls from all corners, and soon, wild animals surrounded us. Maybe they had attacked them.



“Hey, you, guard the prince!” Sukie ordered one of the Witches, the one that had quarreled with Paula.



The witch rushed to Williams side and carried him in her arms, disappearing with him.



We faced the animals and started fighting with them. They were so much that I got tired quickly. I threw balls of fires at them, and some died, but it was like none died.





They kept coming and soon, we all got exhausted. I saw one of the animals move closer to where Beauty laid and started running towards her – to help her of course.



But suddenly, she disappeared and I was stunned. I paused on my track and looked around.



“Someone else is here!” I screamed, alerting the others and they looked at me in confusion.



Suddenly I felt a dagger pierce the skin on my right arm and blood flowed freely from the cut.



“Show yourself!” I yelled and heard a manic laughter. It echoed and I saw a distant figure become clearer and closer.



“Laurel?!” Everyone gasped she laughed.


Just then Cutie and Best appeared beside her and laughed manically.



And just when I thought it was all over, Beauty appeared, looking as healthy and pretty as ever, with a smirk and I felt like fainting.



“Attack!” She commanded and crossed her arms. I think we are done for.


Thank goodness we still have Williams.




They charged at us, sending daggers, balls of fire, ice and all manner of deadly spells to our direction. We kept dodging and sending ours.



We were still fighting when I saw Williams walk up to me. He tapped me I looked around. I was the only one seeing him and that was surprising.



He smirked and blew me on the nose. I staggered backwards and felt blood on my nose. I turned to look at Beauty. She was watching me keenly. I got confused and turned to Williams. He was no longer there.



“What is happening?” I screamed and fell on my knees.










( War )




By: Authoress Divy



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