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The look in his eyes carried a lot of message. I was glad our plans were gradually working the way we had prayed.



He fell on his knees and I laughed. The evil spirit of confusion possessed him and I watched him stand up.



He started fighting against his people and soon they were all tied up. He made things easier for us. But the witches escaped again. Cowards.



“Collins, what has come over you?” Jenny asked but he kept mute.



They were ignorant of the fact that an evil spirit was using him.



“Go and get Williams!” I ordered and he bowed and disappeared.



“Laurel, I thought you were on our side?” Paula said as tears welled up in her eyes. Laurel clicked her tongue and shook her head.



“Aw, baby. Let those tears out. You’ll feel a lot better.” She said and Cutie laughed at Paula, in mockery.



“I’ve gotten a plan, guys.” I said and they turned to me. I whispered the plan to them and we smirked.



“Lovely..” Laurel complimented.







We went back to the palace and I locked them up in the same dungeon they had locked Laurel up. Sweet revenge.



We were going to go and search for the witches after the awesome plan we needed to execute.






Cutie and Best went into the City and started causing harvoc. They destroyed properties and houses but made sure no life was lost.




They went in their human form so the people saw them. Some cussed and shouted at them; others begged. But they cared less.



“Hey, why’re you doing this to us? Someone report to the Queen!” A middle aged man said and two men beside him nodded and agreement.



“Shut up fools! We are not here to kill but we shall do so if you don’t do the right thing.” Cutie said.



They were standing on market tables in the city market, and people had gathered about them.



“What do you want from us? Who are you?” Women queried and Best laughed.



“Don’t bother about our identity. Bother about your lives. That cruel king of yours will definitely kill you all if he recovers very soon.



“The Royal family never loved you all. All they cared about was wealth and fame, and nothing else. And the throne was forcefully stolen from the rightful owners, years ago.



“No one cared to ask what had happened to the descendants of Queen Shaylee. And that was why no one knew that Draco Gandalf had betrayed his best friend.”



He said and they people gasped.



“What?!” Some exclaimed.


“He’s lying! Don’t believe him! He’s trying to instigate us against the Royal family!!” Others screamed.



Best laughed and continued destroying their properties.



“Stop! Stop!! Stop destroying our stuffs!” Some begged.


“Does the Queen mother know about this?” A group of people asked.



“Yes! But she can’t stop the truth you see..” Cutie replied and they gasped.



“Where’s is the Royal decree and stamp?! Prove that you were sent bull the Queen!” Some said.



Cutie laughed and brought out a scroll. She showed it to them and they gasped.



“So the Royal family know about this?” A young last queried.


“They don’t. But we aren’t lying.” Cutie said.



“He killed the real king and stole the throne. And instead of justice to be carried out, no one cared.” She added and and some of them shook their head.



“Who are the rightful owners, now? Are there still descendants of the Queen Shaylee of blessed memory?” A lady asked and Cutie nodded.



“Then we need to stop this. Justice must prevail!” A young man said. The crowd that had gathered started chanting songs and marched down to the palace.






I waited for them, and soon, they came back. The mob of angry citizens marched down to the palace and started banging on the gate.




After draining their powers, we released them and handed them over to the people. They were bitten mercilessly that I started feeling for them.



The angry mob took them to the City hall to meet with the law makers. We followed to see the outcome.More interesting stories available at Topster Stories



Collins was yet to come back with Williams. I wonder what the witches had done to him. I decided to go and get him myself.



So I left the hall without anyone noticing, and disappeared into thin air.








We we’re in the hall waiting for the elders to pass their judgement.



Best narrated the whole story to them, and they were disappointed.



“Did Draco Gandalf do all these? He killed his best friend?” One of them asked. They were sitting before the people at a high table.



On the wooden table, there were little objects used by the elders. A gavel was laid in front the eldest of them. It was like a court.



“Yes. He was a terrible leader. The throne needs to be returned to the rightful owners.” Best replied to the man’s question.



The crowd concurred and murmured. The eldest man sitting at the high table hit the gavel and the noise died down.



“We don’t need to make a rash decision. So we will gather here again, by this time tommorow for the final judgement.” The eldest said and they got up and walked away.



The people gradually left, and soon, only the Royal household were left. Best and Cutie walked up to them and spat at them. They were too weak to do anything.



“If you guys had agreed before now, things wouldn’t have gotten to this point.” Cutie said and clicked her tongue.



“But, you know what?” She said and they glared at her, unable to retaliate.



“You will never be able to recover from this. Except you come and plead.” She added and walked up to me.



“The witches will come for you. And I’m sure Williams will not let us suffer this way.” Collins said.



Cutie turned to him and gave him a supernatural slap. He winced and shut his basket of a mouth.



“Where is Beauty?” Best asked and also came to me.



“Williams has kidnapped her.” Paula said and I also gave her a supernatural slap.



No one forced her to shut up. But she did it after the slap. I think this slap is really effective.



“She didn’t even tell us she was going somewhere.” Best said and sighed.



We took the f**king Royal Family back to their palace and locked them up in the dungeon. Then we employed new servants, and rearranged the palace.








Everywhere was dark but I knew they were there, so I turned invisible and just then, the whole place brightened.



I was at the abode of the witches, to get Williams back. I looked around and saw the Witches at a corner. I walked up to them.



“Look, what’s the need of keeping him? They’re no more the Royal family, so we can kill him.



“We swore to protect Draco’s descendants but right now, they don’t need our help. This stupid boy might go and get married to that enemy of ours. Instead of accepting defeat, we should break our promise.”



One of the witches said. Sukie glared at her and shook her head.



“You’re just talking nonsense! There’s no atom of sense in what you just said.” She said.



I watched in silence, using my invisible state as an advantage to eavesdrop on their conversation.



“Look, I’m tired of this. Let’s just kill the Prince and leave this City. I don’t care about any damned promise we made to the late Draco Gandalf.” The second witch said.



“Fine! We will kill him; not because we can’t accept defeat but because he is a traitor. I can’t believe he fell in love with our enemy!” Sukie said and I gasped.



She suddenly turned to my direction, like she could sense my presence and her eyes lit in shock.



I wonder If she has seen me.



She walked to where I stood and my heart beat increased. I felt like horse racing was taking place inside of me.



She smirked and turned to the other witches. They were looking at her in confusion.



“What is it, Mistress?” The first witch queried and Sukie turned back to me.



“Are you guys that blind? Don’t you make use of your inner eyes? Someone else is here! I can sense it!” She exclaimed.



Ah! She knows already? I better get prepared.



“Where is the prince?” I asked and the other two gasped.



“Someone is actually here! But who is that? I’m not sure Beauty will dare come here. She doesn’t love him that much.” The second witch said and I rolled my eyes.



“Silly! It’s Beauty! But, I think she had a death wish.” Sukie said and stretched her hand toward me.




Immediately, I became visible to them.





Who wants the final episode??


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By: Authoress Divy


N/B: it’s very long


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