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He gasped, as he wasn’t expecting such an action. I smirked, and slapped him again. This time, it was more painful than the first one.


“Williams, you better stop this nonsense pretense of yours. Tell us why you are here, now!” Cutie said and Williams laughed.


“Kill me if you can. Threaten me, but it won’t stop me from saying again and again, that I will follow my heart.


“And Beauty is my heart. I fought with my family just to be here..” He said and I slapped him again, and started beating him.


Cutie helped me set the electric blood drawer; a machine which will draw husband blood till he becomes weak, and I placed him in it, closed it, and turned it on.



“Are you ready to tell me why you are here?” I asked from outside but he didn’t reply. I only heard slight groans.


“Will you?” I asked again, and this time, he talked. His tone proved that he was very weak.


“Please, believe me..I’m here because..I want to prove to..Beauty that I love her..” He stuttered and I thought about what he said, before talking.


“So, you mean you betrayed your family?” I asked and he said ‘yes’.


“Liar!” Cutie screamed and increased the power of the machine.


Williams started pleading and I laughed.


“Tell us the source of your strength, first..” I said and he kept quiet for a while.


“Will you say it or not?!” I yelled from outside and increased the power of the machine.


“I will tell you! I will tell you!” He whined and Cutie burst into laughter.


“The witches gave us powers and said that If we drink black juice, we will loose our powers. They also said that if our enemies drink it, they will get more powerful..” He added, and I sighed.


Black juice was a very powerful drink but I never knew it was this strong. Time was going and I knew that Beauty will wake up soon.


So I asked Cutie to go and prepare it, while I brought him out and used my powers to tie him back to the magical chair.


Some minutes later, Cutie came back with a bowl of black juice. She handed it to me and I drank from it and forced him to also drink.


He drank little and I gave the bowl back to Cutie. Suddenly, I felt something leave me and my knees grew weak. I fell to the floor and held my stomach tight.


Williams grinned evily and freed himself the magic chair. All his injuries healed but I was yet to understand what was going on.



Before I knew it, he forced Cutie to drink from the bowl, and she also fell down beside me.


Then he let out an evil laughter and squatted beside us.


“You thought you could deceive me, right? You are just too stupid to do that. Black juice gives us strength. It contains powerful black magic, and you’ve just given me more powers.


“Now, watch me deal with your sister..Next time, try to be wise, or, involve Beauty. She’s not as stupid as you are..” He mocked and walked away.


A mirror appeared, and from it, we saw all that he was doing. I was getting too weak. I couldn’t even get up.


Jeez! I hope he doesn’t hurt Beauty. Look at what my stupidity caused. Every thing was going fine before I acted selfishly.


I wanted to prove to Beauty that he was not worth her love. I wanted to make her see how wrong she was. But I ended up causing more troubles.


I looked up and watched the mirror like a movie. Williams was heading for her room. What was he planning on doing?






Her room was kind of far from the other room, where I had slept but I walked on.


Soon, I got to the room and opened the door. That Cutie is just a pain in the ass.


She was still sleeping. Those fools must have sedated her. But she still looked pretty in her sleep. Like a sleeping beauty.


I got to her and stretched my hand out. Water from nowhere poured unto my palm and I sprinkled some on her. She sneezed and her eyes flickered open. She sat up, but was still weak.



“W-williams, you?” She stuttered, and I nodded and took her hands in mine. I squeezed it lightly and looked into her face.


“Thank God you’re awake..I had come to see you, but it seems like your siblings don’t like me at all. They seriously insulted me today.” I said, trying to emotionally blackmail her.


“What do you think, Williams? That you will be welcomed wholeheartedly? Oh, no! You’re our enemy, so don’t think you will be accepted here. And I think it’s time for you to leave.” She said, and I scoffed.


“What do you mean? That I should leave? I’m going nowhere, ok? Look, I fought with the witches to be here. So nothing will make me leave..” I said and let go of her hands.


She laughed and stepped down, putting on her house shoes, before staggering out of the room. I followed her, and held her by the waist. She must fall into my trap today.


She turned and stared directly into my eyes, and her lips parted as she looked at me. She quickly looked away and tried to push me but I held her tight.


“Leave me now!” She yelled and I looked away and smirked. This is just the beginning.


“No! I’m not letting you go. You are my world, my sunshine, my love..And nothing will change that. I don’t see you as an enemy..” I said and she rolled her eyes and pinched me.


I yelled out in pain and left her. She started walking down the hall way. She might see the other two and find out that I’m a traitor. But how do I make her release Paula?


I watched her get to the corner where she would open the door, and ran to her. “Beauty, just believe me. I’m ready to leave the throne for you. I swear, Beauty, I swear..” I said trying hard to convince her.



If I get to kiss her, I will possess her and make her do my bidding. But won’t that be hard?








As we watched them from the mirror, I couldn’t help but scream. I prayed silently, for Beauty not to fall for his tricks.


“Yes, push him away. Oh, no, slap him!” Best yelled and scoffed and I rolled my eyes at him. He is the cause of this.


Suddenly, a thought flashed through my head.


“Best, are you sure Beauty’s powers did not get hidden?” I asked nervously and he turned sharply to me, and reasoned what I just said.


“What did we give her? Did you find it here?” He queried, shocked, and I swallowed hard.


“The brownish substance i saw here, of course. See, I’m becoming more scared.. If he tries hurting her, she won’ able to fight back..” I stuttered and Best gasped.


“This is a big problem. And..and I can’t even help..” Best lamented and burst into tears.


“Will you lie here, crying?” I asked in anger, as I held my rumbling stomach but he didn’t spare me a glance.








Everything looked strange. And I also noticed that Williams was acting loving. Did he really change? The last time he came here, I saw only hatred in him. What was this change all about?


He even swore? Jeez! I’m confused, and I feel kind of weak, unlike other times. I would have been able to see through him, but it seemed difficult.



“Beauty, believe me..” He said, as I stood with my back to him. I burst into tears and he held him from behind and carried me in a bridal style.


We went outside, and he used his powers to make a garden. Then he blinfolded me. He designed the garden, before untying me.


I gasped as I looked around. It had changed, and now looked like a love garden. I smiled and spread my arms, receiving the fresh breeze.


Williams embraced me, and we walked down the garden, enjoying the moment. He made ice creams too, and we licked them, and also played hide and seek.


It was all fun, and I got exhausted. I jumped on him, and we fell on the lawn. My hands were wrapped around his neck, and he looked into my eyes.


“My angel..” He said and drew my face closer. I looked away immediately, and he laughed.


“Dont be scared dear. I will never hurt you.” He said and I pouted.




















( War )




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