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We gasped, and exchanged glances at each other.


“What do you mean? How did it happen?” I queried, gobsmacked.


This whole drama is confusing to me. I need an answer – a good one.


“He is powerless. He transferred his powers to me.. I mean, he was transferring it, before they came. Maybe they took it..” Best said, and I looked around.


Paula was still trapped in the net of magic, and she was struggling to come out, but it was all in vain.


The net kept sucking her powers the more she tried to free herself, so she became weak. She sat still, and did not move again.


“You will be my revenge tool, young girl..” I said to her, and smirked evily.


“Y-you better get me out of here. My family will come for you, and you will suffer the same fate as the wizard.” She said, and I laughed.


“Hey, don’t even mention my name there. I will still come for you. I am the Wizard of the Dark Woods; undefeated!” We heard a voice say.



We looked around, startled, but saw nobody. Where was the voice coming from? That voice – it is familiar.


“Hey, I’m right here!” We heard again. This time, I was even more surprised.


“The stone!” Best exclaimed as the stone in his hand shook, and we were stunned.


“The wizard can still talk!” Cutie exclaimed, and jumped up, happy.




I embraced her, and Best joined us. Group hug – sweet..


Paula scoffed and looked away, and I laughed.


“This is the beginning of your pain, Paula..” Cutie said, and I smiled. She’s thinking what I’m thinking too.





“Best, maybe you have the powers of the Wizard.” Cutie said, and I agreed with her. She was holding the stone.


We were in the library now, and Paula was in the prison room; a room where black magic doesn’t work.


“That can’t be.. He did not transfer it..” Best said, and I hissed.


“Spare us that nonsense, alright? Just try it, and see..” I said, getting pissed off.


“I’m trying nothing.. It wasn’t successful.. Besides, I wasn’t in support of this, one bit..” He said, adamantly and I rolled my eyes and hissed loudly.


Cutie stood, arms crossed, watching us like a movie, without interfering and I felt like tweaking her ear.


“Best, I’m in this condition because of you, so you better behave yourself..” The wizard – stone, said and he exhaled deeply and closed his eyes.



“Go Best! Go Best! You can do this..” Cutie started screaming and I watched, amused.


She is such a sweet girl, and she behaves like me. Sometimes, I think we are twins.


I looked at Best, and saw him lift his hands slowly, inhaling deeply. Suddenly, his breath became hot, as fire came out of his mouth, and his hands became red.


He opened his eyes, and exhaled. Wow!


“You did it, dear!” Cutie and I exclaimed simultaneously and embraced him.


“I said it.” The stone said and we chuckled.


“Um..what do we do about this now?” I asked, and the stone in Cutie’s hand leaped.


“Turn me into a neck chain. That’s the only thing that I can become. The spell they casted on me will wear off, once we win the battle..” The stone said, and I nodded.


I looked at the stone in Cutie’s hand, closed my eyes, and made a wish. I opened them, and saw that it had turned to a very beautiful silver neck chain. I took it and wore it around my neck.


Perfect. It looked very pretty as it adorned my neck.


“Awwnn..” Cutie said and I giggled slightly.


“Now, we have to come up with a plan.” Best said, and we sat down in the library and started thinking of good plans.




“Hey, I think I’ve found something!” Best exclaimed, and we flinched.


We were not expecting that, and it kind of startled us.


“What is it?” Cutie asked and he smiled.


“Williams loves Beauty, right?” He said she I scoffed.


“Yeah yeah..” Cutie said drily, and I shot her a deadly glare. She looked away Immediately, and pouted.



“Um..if Beauty goes to him, tells him she’s no more with us, and tricks him, he might fall for her, and tell her the secret of their power..” Best said, and I laughed humouressly at his speech.


“You’re not serious, Best. I’m doing no such thing..” I said and hissed, and they frowned.


“Oh really? So you are in love with your enemy? Will you let them win us because of some stupid abd meaningless feeling?!” He asked, already pissed.


“No! Well, Cutie can do it. After all, we look alike..” I reported, and got up.


“Look, we are talking about love here..There Must be something he saw in you, that made him like you more, so you’re doing this, send that’s final!” Best said and also got up, angrily.


“Best, calm down already..She’s right here.. Let me do it.” Cutie said and Best scoffed.


“Stop supporting evil, Cutie. Stop it! Beauty has to do it. I’m sure this plan will work, because he really loves her..” He said and looked away, and Cutie sighed.


“If you guys are quarreling, how will you fight as a team?” A voice said. It came from the chain on my neck.


“Master, you see it now? Best is just acting selfish. How can I go there alone?” I said and frowned.


“Look, B. I think we should sit and talk about this, calmly..” Cutie said and I sighed and sat down.


Best also sat down.


“Now, I have a better idea. We can use Paula to deal with them. If we control her, she will do just what we ask her. Isn’t that better?” I said and they smiled.


“Sounds good..” Best said and I chuckled.


“I’m sorry for yelling at you..” He said and I smiled.


“Same here..” I said and got up. We embraced and I heard Cutie giggle.


Just then, we heard a loud noise outside, and we rushed out, and saw someone – a young guy, lying on the floor, wounded.


He was groaning in pain, holding his left arm, which was wounded, and bleeding.


He looked sick too.


“Who are you?” I asked and he coughed.


“Beauty..It’s me..” He managed to stutter, still on the floor, and I scoffed.


“Turn, look at us!” Cutie ordered and he turned.


Our eyes dilated as we stared at him, shocked.








Who is this guy na








( War )




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