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( War )


Season 2


By: Authoress Divy








They kept pestering me, and urging me to accept, and go with them, but I always declined. How can I possibly fight against Beauty?


One beautiful morning, I was in my room, sleeping, when I heard a loud cry, from one of the rooms, in the palace.


I woke up with a start, and looked around. Sure that I was alone, I hopped down the bed, slipped my feet into my golden slippers, and rushed out, still in my pyjamas.


The noise was coming from the other building, so I quickly went down the stairs, to my dad’s apartment, the most magnificent of all.


Everyone had gathered there, and I wondered what was wrong. I dashed in, and went upstairs to his room. Getting to the door, I heard familiar voices.



Hey, you have to leave this palace, soon. Or else, one by one, you all will die.. You are very stupid for saying that. How dare you come here and threatened



Hey, you better watch your tongue. Don’t make me change my mind. I came for warning, not to help you bridle your tongue.


Are you exchanging words with him? Ugh! Let’s leave already. We have told them what we’re supposed to.


Coward!! Looser!!


I thought you were very kind, Beauty. But now, everything had become clear.


You need war, and war you shall get..


I couldn’t wait anymore. I pushed the door, and barged in, like a warrior. And all eyes darted to my direction. I needed no soothsayer to explain what was going on, to me.



Jenny was still talking when I came in. She sighed and looked away. Beauty and Cutie were standing by the curtains, wearing white flowing gowns.


They really looked alike, like identical twins, but Beauty’s pink lips and cute dimples helped me in differentiating them.


“Oh, lover boy, now you’ve seen her true colors..Too bad, I pray your heart doesn’t break..” Paula said, and I stood, glued to the spot, and watched Beauty.


She was feeling uneasy, and nervous, and I’m she isn’t ready for all these. Maybe she was forced.


But my instincts were wrong. Beauty’s eyes lit in anger, and she stretched her hands towards my dad.


Suddenly he jerked up, and down, convulsing. She smiled and turned to me.


“Will, you have just few days. I’ll be back, for war. Are you surprised? Oh, poor baby, don’t be.


“ Coz, I’m not gonna leave what belongs to me, for the sake of a stupid feeling. You’ve got to be wise..Till we meet again, save this..” She said and raised her middle finger.


Then, they disappeared.






“Have you seen it? Will, she doesn’t even care about you!! If anything happens to dad or any of us, I swear, I’ll make you pay!!” Paula screamed at me, and walked away.


Collins only shot me a dangerous stare, but did not say anything.


Dad’s condition got worse. Everyone became sad, and tensed.


I was the one delaying our safety. If I should agree, we would go to meet the witches, and be safe. She doesn’t even love me. Gad!!



“Ok, I agree. We can go and meet the witches. I’m ready to fight for my family.” I said, and they all jumped up in excitement.


“But, who knows the abode of the witches?” Rosa asked, and we all frowned.






“How can you say you don’t know?” We asked, and I hit my forehead in frustration.


“I don’t know..” She said, as she flinched, and we sighed and let her go.


This is the tenth person we’ve asked, thinking she will know, but her reply is just the same with the other nine. How can they say they don’t know?!


We we’re in the meeting hall now, and everyone was tired of asking questions.


“I know where they stay..” Said a cool voice.


I turned and saw a very young and pretty lady, in a pink flowing gown.


“And it’s not far..” She added, and we smiled.


“You’ll take us there, pretty, but first, what’s your name?” Paula asked and she smiled.


“Laurel..” She replied and Paula beamed.






She led us into the woods till we got to the mountains. It was a very tiring journey that lasted for days, but we got there. There, we saw two ladies, dressed in all black, at the entrance of a cave.


“Sukie, look! They’re finally here!” One exclaimed, and ran into the cave.


The so called Sukie came out of the cage, looking pretty but deadly.


“Welcome..” She said, and led us inside.





Prepare for war, guys.








( War )




By: Authoress Divy



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