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It is really hard. Hurting his family is just like hurting myself, but I have to.


They’ve caused us so much pain already.


After leaving their place, we went back home – the abode of the wizard. It’s my new home now.


Best was already having breakfast when we appeared.


“Hey, come and join me.” He said and we smiled and went to meet him.


“Beauty, easy..Don’t eat everything..” Cutie said, and I laughed, as I scooped some food.


“What? I’m not even rushing. I’m eating slowly..” I said, and she laughed and tweaked my nose playfully.


“Hey, eat fast and come over here..” We heard the wizard say, and we hurriedly ate.


After eating, we went to meet him.


“You called, why?” Best asked, as we took our seats, on the big table.



“There is trouble. The Royals have gone to meet the Witches.” He said and we gasped.


“Really?” I asked, and they glared at me.


“What? I just wasn’t expecting it, ok?” I said and they rolled their eyes at me. Best and Cutie are just naughty.


“Never underestimate the power of your enemies, dear. You never know what they are up to..” The wizard said and I nodded.


“So what do we do now?” Cutie asked, and he sighed.


“We have to prepare for war. It’s war time, kids..” He replied and Best smirked.


“But, this war is supernatural, isn’t it?” I queried, looking at Best, who only rolled his eyes and hissed loudly.


“It is supernatural. And I will help Best, for sure.” The wizard replied. Cutie clapped giddily and got up.


“How?” Best queried and the wizard smiled.


“I will give you my powers. My job here is almost done, so I think you need to my powers more than I do..” I said and Best shook his head in disagreement.


“You will do no such thing. I disagree.. How can you transfer your powers to me?” He said, sadly and the wizard patted his shoulder gently.


“Calm down my dear..” He said soothingly and Best sighed.


“What if the witches come to attack you? What will happen? You know that you’re our guide in this..” I said, and he shook his head.


“No no..Don’t worry.. He will be able to do whatever I can do..” He said and we sighed.



We were standing outside the spell room now, waiting for the wizard to come out. He went in, with Best some hours ago, to transfer his powers and they’re yet to come out.


“Look, I’m just tired and scared..” Cutie said, and held my hands in hers, and squeezed them tight.


“Same here, dearie..” I said and embraced her.


Just then, we heard loud screams from outside. We rushed to go and see what it was and were shocked when we saw four Royals – Paula, Collins, Williams and Jenny – standing dressed in all black.


They were standing, holding hands, with two scary but pretty ladies. They were witches.


“Hey, what do you want?” I stuttered, trying to hide my fear, and they guffawed, making me feel embarrassed.


“Beauty..doom awaits you.” Williams Saud and my heart bled. Did he just say that?


Before we could talk, they brushed us aside and went in. We exchanged glances at each other, and followed them, but we couldn’t find them.


Maybe Williams and his siblings now had power too, like supernatural beings. But whatever they do, the throne will be ours, soon.


Even the goddess is in support. No witch can stop us.


We looked around and heard noises coming from the spell room.


“Cutie..I’m getting scared..” I said, and she threw her arms around me and drew me to herself.


“No matter what, we will win..” She said, and we exhaled deeply, and suddenly, my breath became hot.


“Oh great great goddess..


You promised us the throne..


Will you sit and watch fools snatch it from us?


Now, i summon the powers of the mountains


The big owl of evil..


The river of blood..


The wizards of Yul


Arise now, and come here..”


I said, and the whole room shook, as I felt new powers enter me.


“War!” I exclaimed and we rushed into the spell room.


The wizard was no where to be seen. Only Best was lying on a mat, asleep. They were all laughing and laughing.


“Beauty, doom awaits you..” Paula said sarcastically, but I spat at her.


“It awaits your generation..” I cussed and she gasped and raised her hand.


Fire came out and she threw it at me, but I dodged and threw something at her. It caught her immediately, and caged her.


“Net of magic? How did you get that spell?” One of the witches asked me.


“Fool!!” I screamed and struck the wall with my fist.


The room became dark, and they all disappeared. It brightened and the only person left was Paula. She was still trapped in the net of magic.


Best got up, and sighed.


“Where is the wizard?” Cutie asked and he opened his palm.


A very beautiful stone was in his hand.


“What’s that?” We asked, in unison and he looked away.


“The wizard..They turned him into a stone..” He said.


We gasped..
















( War




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