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They went inside and I sighed.


“Where us this place? Let it not be what I’m thinking..” Paula said, irritated and rolled her eyes.


Can she be sensible, at least for once? Always fighting over matters that are not serious. Drama Queen..Huh..


“Hey.. let’s go inside, already..” Jenny said and jumped down. She straightened her clothes and majestically went towards the wall.


Surprisingly, there was no door. What? So where did they pass through? Oh, we were too busy to notice.


“That’s weird.. there was a door here, earlier..” Collins said and turned to me.


There was a colourful moving circle at one end of the wall and it looked like a rainbow.


“What’s that?” Rosa asked as Paula helped her get down.


“Magical entrance..” Jenny said and we burst into laughter.


“Seriously.. you’re going crazy..” Paula said and Jenny gave her a ‘watch and see’ look.


She went towards the circle which looked like a boiling substance, and to our utmost surprise, she passed through it.


We were left speechless. So magic really exists?


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We all passed through the wall, and got inside. Jenny was already sitting beside the girls, with a mug of tea in her hand.



“Hey.. Williams, guess what.. She’s a human, and her name is Beauty!!” Jenny screamed giddily.


I smiled. If that’s so, I’m gonna do a lot. Hmm, she is not even looking at my side..


That’s too bad..



I looked around and found out that we were in a big room. There was a library at one end. A big foam at another end, with a dinning, yeah, it looked like a dinning because there was a big table surrounded with big chairs.


And at a corner, there was a long couch and that was where the three of them were sitted.


“And, I’m Cutie..” The other girl said and I smiled again. I turned to Collins and saw him rolling his eyes.


“ that a proper name?” He asked and Beauty frowned.


“Fool, watch your tongue..” She warned but Collins was too stupid to listen and learn.


“Hey.. I’m a prince. So talk to me with respect. Zombie faces..” He said and scoffed.


“How dare you?” She flared up and clapped her hands.


Just then, Collins found himself, up in the air, and in no time, he fell with a loud thud.More interesting stories available at Topster Stories




That must be very painful but he deserves it. At least, he will learn to shut his mouth.


“ me..” He cried and tried to get up but fell again.


We all burst into laughter, except Paula.


She frowned and rolled her eyes. Such a hard girl, ugh.



“Beauty, you have to learn to control your powers and anger..” Cutie told her and she nodded.


“I’m trying but this fool here, needs to be taught some lessons..” She said in her angelic voice.


“Hey..I’m not a fool..You better watch your tongue too..” Collins said from the ground and received a slap from an invisible hand. We laughed again but Paula only hissed.


“You’re all mad..Fuck you all!” He yelled, showing us his middle finger but immediately, he got knocked by the same invisible hand.


It was so loud that we all heard the sound and laughed as he winced in pain.


When Paula couldn’t bear it, she got up and walked up to Beauty. I thought she was gonna warn her to stop, or yell at her, but to my surprise, Paula slapped Beauty hard on the left cheek and just then, Beauty turned red.






Everywhere became dark and when the place brightened, we saw Beauty standing, fuming in anger, while Paula was lying on the floor, writhing in pain.


She managed to get up and went back to where she was sitting before.


“Beauty, control..control..” Cutie said, patting her shoulders, and she sighed.


“If you have magic, then you must know where the wizard stays, Beauty..” Rosa said and Beauty and Cutie cast glances at each other.


“Are you guys looking for him?” Cutie asked and I nodded.


“Wow, he is here..” Beauty said and we all jumped up, in excitement, except Paula and the maids and guards.


Authoress Divy





We got down strange lift and Cutie opened the door, revealing a library.


“Wow..” We all exclaimed, and walked in.


There was another magical entrance so we passed through it and came out from the other side.


It was the spell room of the great Wizard of the Dark Woods.


Wow..It was a bit dark but I could hear voices.



Hey..Not that way, make it straight..Yes, you’re getting it, try again. Wow, Best it’s..oh no! You failed.


But you know I’m trying, please let me rest.. That reminds me, what about Beauty Cutie?


Who are they? And who is this Best?


“That’s, Best my brother and the wizard.. ” Beauty told me, as if she read my mind.


I didn’t know when I smiled at her. My eyes traced her eyes till they landed at one end of the room.


And there, they were, practicing sword fighting with a skeleton which looked like it was controlled with magic.












(The Spell)





Authoress Divy



Season 1


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