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We sat down and started talking, before the wizard came.


“Great wizard, what about my brother, Best?” I asked and he smiled.


“Go and get him..” He said to Cutie and she got up.


“Do you know where he is?” I asked and she nodded and left.


The wizard sat on one of the chairs and coughed loudly.


“I will tell you all you need to know. Don’t bother asking..” He said and began.




Many years ago, the king of the land, King Arion Gil, ruled the land with love and compassion.



He was a very good king, and he had a very beautiful wife, Queen Shaylee and a lovely daughter, Radella.


The people loved him and served him because he protected them and always made sure they were healthy.


But he did not live long. His best friend, Draco Gandalf betrayed him and murdered him.


He plotted with the enemies of the throne and murdered all the relatives of the good king.


But Queen Shaylee managed to escape. She ran with her little baby and brother to the hills and went to the sacred Chambers of the goddess, for refuge.


She cried unto the goddess, asking for vengeance and the goddess heard her.


“But you will have to give something you treasure, to me..” The goddess said and Shaylee gave her brother to the goddess.


He became a wizard and stayed in the mountains. Shaylee went to live in a small town in the country but Draco Gandalf did not know about this.


Her young daughter grew and got married and gave birth and that was when Draco Gandalf found out and cane after them.


Shaylee Gil died in the process and her daughter became a widow.


So Radella went to the mountains and the dark woods to meet the wizard.


And he was instructed by the goddess to make a golden necklace and transfer his powers into it, to make a spell that would lay a curse on Draco Gandalf and his entire family and generations to come.


Gandalf heard of this and went to meet the witches.








(The Spell)




Authoress Divy


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