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They arranged the cottage and we went in.


Oh my gosh! The place was a typical poor man’s house and I felt sick immediately I walked in.


“Princesses, you have to manage.. it’s the only place, for now..” Williams said and I hissed.


“Why didn’t you tell us that we’ll spend more than a day?” I asked, irritated and sat on a mat I found.


He didn’t reply me, instead, he hissed and sat down beside me.


Soon, I slept off on the mat. But I wasn’t comfortable.








I jumped up and looked around. Insects? Thank goodness it’s morning already.


“You woke up late, dearie..” Williams said and I rolled my eyes, using my hands to drive away insects.


I stretched and yawned loudly, looking around. I was the only one still sleeping, and I would have still been asleep, if not for that stupid insect.



They were all awake. Some of the maids were outside, doing whatever they were doing..Who cares?


“Lets start going..I can’t stay here, any longer..” Nice, one of my step sisters said and I chuckled.


I thought I was the only one that hates the place.


“Not before breakfast..” Williams told us and we sighed.


“What’re we having for breakfast? Did we bring anything?” I asked and he smiled.


“We didn’t bring anything, but we’ll eat something..” He replied and I went outside and saw the maids busy.



Greetings my princess..


Long live the princess


Wonderful Beauty, greetings


Good morning, my Lady


Beautiful morning, her majesty..


They all greeted bowing slightly.


“What are you preparing? What are we having for breakfast?” I asked and one of them brought a bowl to me.


“It’s a meat..and some lucky wine we found in the cottage..” She replied and I almost threw up.


What? Roasted meat and old wine? Jeez!


“Ugh! Where is Collins?” I asked, covering my mouth with my palm.


“Paula..I’m here..” He replied. He was sitting on one of the trees in the compound.


Is he alright? Are there no snakes there?


“Are..are you not going to to fall..get down..” I said but he burst into laughter.


Fool! Stay there, it’s not my business…






After the f**king breakfast, we came out and got set to continue.


My pony was all set, so I climbed up and sat, yawning loudly.


“Who are we waiting for?!” I yelled and hit my forehead in frustration.


“We are waiting for the Prince Williams..The guards are back but some died..” The chief maid replied and I sighed.


Just then, we saw the guards on their horses, advancing.


Prince Williams was with them.


“Ok, let’s go!” He ordered and we started riding into the woods again.


Just then, we heard squeaky sounds and before we knew it, we were surrounded by strange humans.


They looked like Zombies but they were small.


Oh gooddess! Aaahhh!


I can’t believe it. What the heck is going on? Oh, I wish I never agreed to come here.


“Paula, zombies! Zombies! Aah!” Rosa screamed, and held my hand.


I don’t blame her. Last borns, always afraid. And I need to help her, as an older sister.


“Come here, little girl..” I said and helped her up to my horse.



She sat at my front and held me tight. Nice, Carly and Jenny were not as scared as she was. They are young knights, at Knights High, so they are not as scared as I am.


“Big bro, what do we do?” I asked and he sighed.








Few minutes later, Cutie came back with Best and I ran to him and embraced him.


“Beauty!” He called and pat my head lovingly.


“You scared me..” He said and embraced me again.


“Best..young knight..” The wizard called and he turned to stare at him.


“Oh my! So it’s true? Greetings, great Wizard of the Dark Woods..” He said, and bowed slightly.


“Master, is there an emergency? The pot is boiling..” Cutie said and we turned to stare at her.


There was a pot at one end of the room, on a raised platform, and it was boiling and releasing vapour.


“Yes..Beauty, go with Cutie and rescue them..Best, come here..” He said and Best smiled.


Just then, our clothes changed. I was now putting on a black trouser, brown top and black jacket, with a black boots.


I also had a strange cow boy hat on my head. Cutie was putting on exactly the same thing.



“Rescue them? Who?” I asked but she didn’t even answer.


She dragged me out, through the magical entrance and we came outside.




“We will not fight those Zombies..Just, save them..” She told me, confusing me the more.


She started running into the woods and I followed her, surprised that we could run very fast.


We ran deep into the woods and got to a hill.








(The Spell)




Authoress Divy

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