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Every where became dark and the I felt the lift leave the ground, making us fall to the floor of the lift.



I got up turned to Cutie, and helped her get up. Soon, we felt the lift land slowly.


“We are there..” She said, smiling sheepishly at me.


“Ok…” I said, nodding.


She opened the door, we walked out of the lift, and the door closed behind us.


We walked into a room painted in dark green colors with pictures of wizards all over the wall.


It looked like a library too, and I wondered if all the rooms in this place where libraries.


We walked down to a corner of the room and saw a magical passage into a room, from the wall.


It looked like a normal wall but when I placed my hand on it, my hand came out of the other side of the wall.


It was awesome. And I giggled and tried it again and again, as Cutie chuckled.


“Its awesome, right?” She asked and I laughed.


“Yeah..I feel like I shouldn’t stop..” I said and she smiled and dragged me into the wall.


We passed the magical entrance and got into a dark room. She held my hands tightly.


“Where is this, Cutie?” I asked and she told me to keep quiet.


“We are in the Spell room of the great Wizard of the Dark Woods..” She said and I opened my mouth in awe.


Just then, the room brightened a bit and I saw a dark figure standing in front of us.




I shrieked in fright and hid behind Cutie, who only bowed.


‘Is that the wizard?’ I wondered and stole a glance at him.


He was putting on a dark and long robe and a cap with a pointed edge. His head was bowed so I couldn’t see his face.






But he looked young, unlike the old wizard I have been creating an image of, in my imagination.


“Welcome to my abode, young daughter of the goddess.” He said and raised his head.




I can see his face in and it’s not going to be a surprise to me, If he calls me by my name, but why did he call me young daughter of the goddess?


“Greetings, great Wizard of the Dark Woods. It’s indeed a pleasure to meet you, but I have a lot on my mind now, that I need to ask you.


Great Wizard, if you don’t mind, I will like to stay here for a while, to learn somethings from you.”


I said and he smiled.


“Daughter, that should sound like an order.” He said but I didn’t understand him. “Bea, having you here, is an answer to our prayers. Now, sit and learn with me, from my master.” Cutie said and I chuckled slightly.


They are good at cracking jokes. How can they give me so much importance? I’m just the daughter of my mother, a poor widow.


And I’m the one blessed to be in their presence, talking to them. But there is no problem anyway.


“Bea, come with me.” Cutie said.



And before I could even say no, she dragged me along with her, to a small corner, where a small but soft bed, a table with three chairs around it and a shelf were arranged nicely.










The strange but wild animals growled at us, and sending shiver down my spines.


Bro Collins frowned and drew out his sword, ready for battle.


“Attack!” Senior Bro ordered and the guards started attacking the animals.


The fight wasn’t an easy one, and when it became obvious that the animals couldn’t be killed easily, we started running away.


My siblings and I rode deep into the woods, to avoid getting injured and the maids followed us, while the guards stayed behind, to fight the animals, and make sure we were safe.


We rode to a point and remembered that we weren’t with the map.


“We need the map, bro.” I said to Senior bro and my sisters nodded.


“Then we have to manage like that…”He told me and I sighed.


Seriously, we have to go without the map? Won’t we get lost?


We continued to go deeper, but this time without direction.


It was getting scary and dark, and now, we we’re looking for where to pass the night.


We moved a little further and found an old cottage. It was deserted.




Are we going to stay in here?


We stopped moving and got down. Then senior bro moved round and inspected the cottage, before ordering the maids to tidy it.


Thank goodness we were with some stuffs. They arranged the cottage and we went in.












(The Spell)






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