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She was lying on the floor, writhing in pain, as blood flowed out of a cut on her


left arm.


How come?


I ran to her and placed her head on my laps. Gaad!


Her body was very hot. What really happened?


“Sweet, come?” I stammered, confused and afraid.


“It’s there…the fire place…” She said weakly and I looked into the fire place but nothing was there.


I helped her get up but she slumped and fell again.


Just then, I felt a strong force push me backward just in time to save me from getting cut I by a very sharp but object with a pointed edge, coming towards me.


I fell on my butts and winced in pain but when I got up, the object wasn’t there again.


Thank goodness!


But I turned and couldn’t find Beauty again. What?


Where did she go?




Where did she go? I searched everywhere in the strange place expect a room with a green door but I didn’t find her.


Then I decided to search for her in the green door, hoping to find her.


But I knew very well that she wasn’t there. She was very weak some minutes ago, so how did she enter the room, and that to, so quickly, that I didn’t notice?


Well, everything here is strange so I should expect more strange things.






I opened the green door and was suddenly pulled by a strong force, inside.


Then, I started falling. Wait, was I really falling? Aah!


Yes, I was falling. Down, down down I went, down the dark tunnel.


I don’t even know where I was going to.More interesting stories available at Topster Stories


Am I going to die? Will I see Beauty again? Where are my falling to? Will I fall for eternity?


A lot of questions were on my mind as I fell. And it was taking a long time.


I was getting tired of falling.


Oh, goddess, save me.


I fell for more than an hour, or so I thought, because it was getting longer.


And just when I started to loose hope, and closed my eyes, I fell with a loud thud, on my butts.


Not again!


I got up and grabbed my ass in pain as I looked around me.




The place was bright now, and there was a roof over my head.


How come? Where is the tunnel? Is this magic? Wow..


Just then, I heard a familiar voice call my name from one end of the room.


I turned to look but I saw no one.



So I walked down to that direction and there was a door.


Hmm. Another door?


I opened the door and I saw a young girl..Beauty?






It’s surprising but awesome.


As I…






(The Spell)






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