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(The spell)




Authoress Divy






She coughed loudly and painfully as her daughter stared confusingly, at her wondering what to do.


“Mother, don’t leave me. If you do, who will love me?” She asked, and used the wet towel before her, to clean her mother’s face.


Her elder brother was lying on the only mat they had, fast asleep.


Her mother coughed again, and held her hands.


“Allow me to go and get your medicines, ma.” She said but her mum refused.


“Go and get me my jewellery box.” She said weakly.



“Mother, what’s in that old box that is more important than your health?” She asked, as tears rolled down her soft cheek.


“My dear, something worth dying for..go get it..” She said weakly and her daughter got up and rushed to her bags.


She searched for the box and found it. She brought it out, stared at it first, before running to give it to her mum.


The old woman took the box and gently sat up.


She opened it and brought out a very expensive golden necklace.


“Wow.” She exclaimed when she saw it.


“Where did you get this necklace from?” She asked, surprised.


She sat beside her mother and kept staring at the necklace.


“Sweet.” Her mum called and she answered, but kept her gaze on the necklace. “This is an ancestral gift that my mum passed to me when I was just like you are now, and she asked me to keep it safe.


My dear, do not give it out, no matter what. Don’t give it out…it contains the spell of the wizard of the great mountains…”


She was getting weaker, and could not continue so she pointed at the wall and as her daughter turned to look at the wall, she gave up the ghost.


“No! Mum! You can’t do this to me, you just can’t. ” She cried, waking her brother up.














(The Spell)




Authoress Divy


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