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Still on P AULA’S POV



How could things be ok when my darling father, a king, was lying critically ill and none of the Medical Doctors or herbalists had a cure to his illness?



They took me out and helped me get to my chamber. I was still crying when I sat down on a sofa in my sitting room. They sat beside me.


Gaad! I only ask for one thing now, and that is for my dad to recover.


“Oh dear gooddess, please protect our dad.” I prayed and they all joined me to chant praises to the goddess.


We were still chanting when the door cracked open and my elder brother walked in.


“Senior, any news?” We all asked simultaneously and he sighed and slumped into a nearby sofa.


“Dears, nothing new.” He replied and we exhaled deeply and sadly.


“Then we have to go to the Dark We tomorrow. We need to hear what the great wizard has to say about this matter.” I said and they all agreed.


I had suggested this before but they were against the idea but now, they had no choice.


Tomorrow, we will go to the Dark Woods, a very scary place, to meet the wizard.


I have heard a lot about him, I will see him tomorrow.








(The spell)




Authoress Divy


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