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It was surprising but awesome.


As I laid on the floor, weak and tired, after that strange object had cut me, slowly making me loose consciousness, I saw the same object moving towards Best.


I couldn’t let that happen. No, Best can’t get cut.


I got angry and Immediately, my eyes turned red and my breath became hot as a strange power filled me.


I got up feeling no pain and pushed Best down, just in time to save him from getting cut. was awesome. I feel like a heroine now. And I think I have powers which come to life in me, when ever I get angry.


Strange but cool..


So I quickly rushed into a room at a corner so that Best won’t know of my super powers which I don’t know where it came from.


But that was a bad decision because Immediately I opened the door, a strong force pulled me inside and I started falling.


Falling down a dark tunnel..


It was nice though


I always love strange things but that’s wierd.


The tunnel was dark but I loved it. And I guess the long fall was shortened because of that.


I fell with a loud thud, on my butts and I quickly got up and grabbed my ass with my hands, trying to reduce the pain.




I looked around and smiled. This place looks magical..


Yeah, it might be hard to notice but I sure noticed it because I love wierd and magical stuffs.


The room was painted in the dark green colors with drawings of wizards on the wall.


I kept admiring them, till I turned and saw a young girl of my age, at a corner.




She looks like me. She was sitting on a stool in the room which looked like a library, with a big book.


“Hello.” I said and waved. She smiled. She had the same ivory eyes and charming smile I have.


Wait, am I seeing myself or someone is sitting in front of me? I stared intently at her, making her giggle, just like I do when Best and I are together.



I walked up to her and exhaled deeply before talking.


“My name is Beauty and I found myself here, please where’s this?” I asked, trying to start a conversation with her.


“Hello Beauty, I’m Cutie.” She said and smiled.


“May I?” I asked, pointing at a stool beside her.


“Sure..sit.” She said and her voice sounded exactly like mine.


I stared at the book she was holding.


“Magical control..” I read aloud.


She nodded and stood up.


“Bea, get up. Let’s go and see the wizard.” She said to me and I opened my mouth in shock.


Did she just say wizard? OMG.. I’ve been longing to see a wizard. Are they really existing? Do wizards exist?


I was still trying to get what she said when she dropped the book and dragged me along with her as she ran to a door at one end of the library.









We sat in the chariot and the horseman whipped the horse and the horses started galloping, making the chariot move.


We went down the straight paths of the land, and soon we got to the hilly parts.


It was getting longer and tiring but the joy of meeting the Wizard was greater than it.


Soon, we got to the woods.


And the chariot stopped moving.



“My Prince, we can’t go into the woods with the chariot, please we’ll need to get down…” The horseman said from outside.


Aah! I never thought of this. We need to walk now..


Then, Big bro ordered some guards to go back and get horses for us.


The rest of us got down and walked into the woods. The guards and maids walked behind and before us, helping us when ever we slipped.


It became tiring and I started wishing I never came here.


Oh, goddess, please help me.


We walked deep into the woods, jumping and running at intervals, till the guards with sent to get the horses, came back.


I was to first to hop on a beautiful pony.


The others chose their horses but the maids and guards took the horses remaining.


Two to one horse.


And we rode deep into the woods.






Soon, we got to a cottage and the guard leading us stopped.


“Don’t tell me the great wizard stays here.” Collins said in disgust and I rolled my eyes.


“No. I’m trying to figure out something..”He said, and placed his right hand at the back of ear, trying to hear something clearly.


“Hey, stupid, what’s the matter?” Collins asked, getting annoyed.


“Sshh.. guards, get ready!” He screamed and the guards got down from their horses, and drew out their swords.


Just then, we got surrounded by strange but wild animals.





She opened the door and dragged me in.


It was a bedroom.


“What’re we doing here?” I asked and glanced round the room.


There was a bed, a wardrobe, a door at one end, a shelf filled with books, a shoe rack and so many other things that beautified the room.


“We are going to meet the Wizard.” She replied.


“But I can’t find him around here..” I said.


She let go of me and went to the dressing mirror in the room.


She turned it. Yes, I saw her open it like a door, and push the dressing table aside, revealing a door.




She opened the door and walked into a small place. I followed her.


It was like a lift.


She closed the door and said something and the little lift suddenly got dark.










(The Spell)




Authoress Divy


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