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Episode 9


Alex POV


I stared at myself for the last time in my mirror , I was just putting on a yellow top and blue jean, I styled my hair backwards and used my perfume.. ” You are good to go Alex “. I muttered .


I grabbed my car keys and proceeded towards the door..


I climbed the stairs and started heading towards Dorothy room but my phone distracted me..


It’s an unknown number


Who could it be?”.. I said to myself….


Hello”… I said and walked towards Dorothy room..


Hi”…. I froze immediately as I head that voice …. The voice have been trying to avoid, the voice that brings back hunting past, the voice that made me become a mafia…. I end the call immediately I noticed the door to Dorothy room opened.. She came out of her and hoolly Molly she is so cute and beautiful, the blue dress marched with her pink hills..


Hi”.. she said jerking out of my thought…


…hey”… I said nervously..


How do I look ?”.. she asked turning around in the process… I saw a tattoo that looks familiar on her lap…


Where did you get that?”…. I asked pointing at her tattooed thigh ..



My mom gave it to me saying it will help me find my twin and can we go now?”.. she said


Sure”. I said and my mind went back to what she said earlier it also sounds familiar,but I shrugged it off.. we got downstairs and noticed Felicia chatting happily with Bryan… I ignored them and locked hands with Dorothy and went to the carpark….


I picked a white venza and opened the door for Dorothy..


You don’t need to do that”.. she said smiling shyly as she entered the car , I closed the door and went over to the other side,I opened the door and went in but did not start the car…


Dorothy “.. I called


Yes”… She replied


Am sorry for kissing you without permission, I was just carried away and….”.. she cut me off as she placed her lips on my lips kissing me hungrily ..


Are you okay?”… I asked cus she is behaving like she is on drug


I want you plsss “… She said and tried kissing me but I was quick to dodge it , thank God I did not start driving..


Dorothy are you…’. she cut me off again as she tried slipping her hands into my trousers.


What the hell !!”.. I exclaimed as I removed her hands , no matter what she does I will try to resist her because she is not in her right senses….


Dorothy you leave me no other choice “. I said and hit her making her go unconscious immediately…


Dorothy pov


I opened my eyes and noticed I was in my room but with just a shirt.. I tried standing up but the bang on my head made me lie down back..


“What happened?,I remembered been in the Car with Alex and….”.. I gasped and covered my mouth immediately the memory came rushing in…


What will he think of me now , will he say am a slut or..”. I was cut off by Alex presence in my room..


Hi”… He said resting on the door..


Hey”.. I replied nervously and played with my fingers…


You did not come down for dinner so I came to check on you”.. he said a little bit moody…


Ok and am sorry about the other time did not know what happened to me “.. I said trying to avoid eye contact with him..


I know”. He simply said and went out…



What’s wrong with him, is he really mad at me ?”.. I thought and sighed sadly I stood up and went to the bathroom , I slipped into the bathtub and luckily the headache is now less… I came out of the bathroom with a towel around my chest…

I almost screamed when I saw Bryan in my room ..


What are you doing here?”. I asked and remembered I was still in my towel.


You have a nice body”… He said and smirked coming closer while I walk backward ,this just like the nightmare I use to have.


Am your boss here and you must try to show so. .”.. he cut me off with a slap making my towel fall, I was quick to carry it but he dragged it and dragged me forcefully to the bed


Let me go you animal”. I yelled and wondered where Alex is..


Nobody to save you darling and I think Alex is busy enjoying himself with Felicia “… He said making my heart drop as tears flowed freely on my cheek…


Pls let me …”. I was about to say when I noticed he has the same tattoo as mine on his thigh …


Bryan”… I called and stopped his hands from squeezing my boobs but he just slapped my hands away and placed his lips on mine forcefully…. I bit his lips which earned me 2 thunderous slaps bursting my lips in the process, he continued assaulting as my strength start leaving me gradually … I looked around and noticed a needle beside my bed , I picked it and stab his cheeks several time, he jumped away from me and I immediately took my towel and head towards the door ignoring his cries as blood rushed down his face , I ran all the way to Alex room and bumped into his room without knocking only to meet the greatest shock of my life..


What do you think Dorothy saw ??


Anticipate and do the needful


Am sorry for not posting regularly , Nepa has refused to give us light since Friday and it’s not everyday we use Gen … So pls bear with me if it’s too short or coming late…


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