Sat. May 11th, 2024

Episode 6


( I want a perfect life)


Alex POV


I just watched as the two ladies exchanged words and I must say Dorothy is talking like she is gonna take revenge ..


Hey, you are just a maid here and you can’t just walk in now and start saying trash”. I said to the other girl.


Did you hear him ?”. Dorothy asked in a bossy tone..


Ehmm ye..e. .ssss”…. The other shuttered …


What’s your name ?”. I asked


Felicia “. She answered staring at me like she wants to flirt…


And one more thing felicia, don’t flirt with my boyfriend”. Dorothy said ..


Your what ?”. I asked the same time as Felicia ….


Are you not my boyfriend or are you trying to reject me cus of this piece of trash “. She said staring at felicia ..


Why would I deny you ?”. I said trying to play along …


And you Felicia prepare something for me and my boyfriend”. She said and dragged me upstairs….


What the hell was that ?”. I asked immediately I got to my room…


So you wanted to fall my hand ?”. She asked and dragged my ear..


Ouuch pls pls “. I begged and she realeased me…


Now I want you to play along as my boyfriend in the presence of that witch and try to be romantic”. She said and I just nod stupidly ..


“Now let’s go eat breakfast and Carry me in a bridal style”… She said


Why would I do all that ?”. I asked


Because am going to smack your head like this “. She said and hit my head several times….


Ok “. I said and Carried her, I moved my hand to her ass and pressed it softly ..


What the f**k!!”. She whispered..


Do you want to ruin the plan ?”. I asked and smirked evily…


Dorothy pov


I don’t really no where all those courage came from.. I just gathered it up and confronted Felicia …


We are here baby”. Alex said and dropped me on a chair ..


Thanks hun”. I said and pecked him and watched Felicia expression….


Before we eat, Felicia I want you to taste all this food”. I said and watched her expression changed.


What are you insulating?”. She asked


Babe there is nothing wrong let’s eat”. Alex said….I like him he actually knows how to play along…


Just watch “. I said and passed a spoon to Felicia… She tasted all the food and drank from all the water and drinks ….


Done”. She said and wiped her mouth….


Bae we can eat now “. I said to Alex and noticed he was looking at Felicia…. I felt anger build up in me ..


Haaaehhmm”.. I cleared my throat .. and he quickly fixed his eyes on his food…


Eat”.. I said and scooped some food into my spoon and point it towards his mouth… I dont even know the reason I did that but am not jealous.


Haaaa”. I demonstrated as I opened my mouth…


Hmmn tasty “. He said and licked his lips ….


Here “. He said and fed me also and I must say I actually forgot we are faking all this ..


Licia POV


I watched as the two were doing lovey dovey … It hurts and I imagined how long that witch has been seeing that boy , like where does she gather all those courage from but one thing for sure “FELICIA NEVER GIVE UP”. I miss mom so much




Haaaa “. I screamed as I broke a plate…


Have you suddenly gone mad ?”. Dorothy said from the door …


So because I work for your boyfy those not mean you can order me around”. I said annoyed already..


Ooo have you forgotten the way your mother treats me and even you , The both of you planned to rape me and hopefully your plan backfired because I know that person will surely f**k your expanded pu**y mercilessly”. She yelled making me feel a pang of guilt..



The fact that my mother ran away and my father died does not warrant all that , Felicia I always loved you like a sister I do not have and your mother like my mom but see the way you guys payed me back”. She continued as tears streamed down her face….


Babe that’s enough “. Alex said from the door and layed her head on his chest …


So you did all this and still had the nerve to face her “. He yelled making me flinch…


It was not intentional “. I said but he is gone already… I hate Dorothy so much and I must make sure I kill her with my hands …, Why am I so unfortunate , firstly Hayden betrayed me and now Dorothy is making life a living hell for me … I must revenge….



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