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Episode 2 . ( I want a perfect life)


Felicia POV


I was inside trying to calm my boyfriend when I heard someone yelling at mom outside ..


Mom what’s going on?”. I asked moving outside but stopped dead on my track when I noticed mom’s husband who was the mayor , I turned to run inside but was caught by the mayor .


And young lady where are you going to ?”. He asked in a very dangerous tone .


Wanted to bring a seat for you “. I replied .


How many times have I told you to stop maltreating this girl ??.., the fact that are mother left when her father died does not warrant all this “… He barked and called the boy with him earlier.


Bryan into the car now “. He said and pointed towards the car..


Bye “. He waved at the bitch and left ..


Back to you “. The mayor said and pointed at me ..


Watch all this cloths now”. He said which my mom gasp loudly ..


Actually dad I will watch it “. Dorothy said


No, my mind is made up already “. He said and faced mom.


Darling am sorry, the girl is just so stubborn and ….” She was cut short by the mayor/dad.


Dorothy into the house now and you begin your work now”. He said and dragged mom into the car,while Dorothy entered the house smiling ..


Am gonna make sure they pay” I muttered and remembered Hayden (my boyfriend) was inside the house … I smiled and made sure dad’s car was out of sight ..


Baby “. I called and entered the house.


Yes”. He replied and dragged me to sit on his lap…


I need your help “. I said while playing with his hair ..


Okay , how can I help my angel ?”. He said making me blush.


You know that stupid sister of mine?”. I asked


What about her ?”. I want you to rape her and frame her that she drugged you”. I said watching his face closely.


Why?”. He asked


Will you do it for me ?”.. I asked ignoring his question.


Yes but on one condition”. He said carressing my thigh slowly.


Hmmmn”. I moaned and took his lips into my mouth.


We kissed each other roughly and passionately, I wrapped my arms around his shoulder, carressing his chest in the process , he took his hands into my top and palmed my br**st and pinched my nipples ..


Hmmn oooo” . I moaned into his mouth, he removed my top and placed his mouth on my nipple sucking and pinching it atsame time …… I removed his top and reached for his belt removing it and drawing down his trousers,, I raised my hips up and removed my skirt, leaving me in panties … I saw his bulge through his boxer and palmed it before dipping my hands into his breifs and took it out rubbing it lightly … He placed two of his fingers into me and started finger f**king me ..


Hhaaayyydeen, am gggooonna come” .. I screamed and blast my juice splashed on the chair and Hayden’s hand, he picked it clean before placing his p***s at my entrance teasing me in the process ..


Hayden I need you in me now “. I moaned and pushed my self into him while still sitting on his lap, I rode him gently but hungrily


Yes babe ,, hhmmn, yeees , f**k me harder “. I said while f**king him


Aaaahhhhhhhhhh”.. someone yelled making us stop and turned around ..





I watched as Felicia and her stupid boyfriend were performing live porn in the sitting room..


Can’t they go to their room or what sought of rubbish is this ??” .. I asked myself ..


I might be crazy and clumsy sometimes but that is the time when step mom is not around..


Aaaaaaahhhhh”. I yelled and watched them turn towards me ..


Have you gone nuts?”.. Felicia’s boyfriend barked at me ..


Am sorry , I was just surprised you guys are actually performing live porns…” . I replied and made to leave since my mission as been accomplished ..


Come back here”. Felicia called


What is it?”. I asked giving her an irritating look..


So you have the gut to talk back at me cus mom is not around right?”. She barked


Are you done ?, Cus I have better things to do ” . I said and tried walking away , when Felicia boyfriend stood up naked and ran after me ..


Let me go , you womanizer”.. I shouted but he was too strong ..


What are you doing ?”. Felicia asked ..


Close all the door and let’s show her some life porn”. He said and winked at Felicia who left immediately to close the doors…


Let me go this instant or else I tell dad when he comes back “. I said and tried running before he ties me ..


Shut up little one and watch the live porn “. He said and tied me up..


Heeelllp!!”. I screamed and cried helplessly ..


If you dare shout again, I break your head with this “. He said and point a gun at my head ..


Who asked me to come downstairs , God pls save me and i will start going to church to praise you .. I prayed silently and bowed my head ….


Porn watcher look up or I force my d**k Into your mouth ” he warned and I immediately face them ..


Babe let’s continue from where we stopped ” .. Felicia said and grabbed his lips kissing him. Roughly ..


I just watched them crying my eyes out and the most disgusting part is when licia took his d**k into her mouth sucking it like her mother’s br**st… I looked down and cried bitterly as their moans filled the house ….








We heard horns outside and immediately I knew the mayor is around, I was so happy when Hayden realeased me but not without warning me with a gun not to tell anyone …










I feel for Dorothy but she is too crazy and clumsy


She is been threatened with a gun and her step sister already planned evil for her …


Who exactly is Bryan ??








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