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Chapter 16






Brian’s POV


I quickly drove to Rules residence cause am sure he’s not aware that Lucas is back in New York.


“Hey Brian what brings you here?” Bella asked, rocking the baby back and forth.


Now I really wished I and Nicole had a baby……but this is not the time to ponder on irrelevant thought.


“Why are you here?” Rule asked arrogantly, kissing Bella on her cheeks.


“Lucas is back in town,Carl is dangerous and Damien is in town” I said as his pupils dilated.


“What!” He exclaimed and rushed in while Bella looked at me with eyes agape.


“Come on let’s go” Rule said, kissing Bella and storming off with me.






Lucas POV


After Damien came back, I knew we had a job to do.


Damien was working for the Gordon’s until he……. betrayed them and it got him into prison.


Don Gordon is a very influential man…….. and I know he has many things in stock for us but I’ll gladly kill him.


“Boss they’re here” a guard said as Damien smiled.


“Let them in they know what I want and I know what they want” he replied as the guard walked out.






Carl’s POV


“Are the drugs ready?” I asked…… looking around.


“Yes boss” he replied as I smirked. This will be fun, while they’re away, I’ll go back home,spike Nicole’s drink,make her fall asleep then ship her off to Spain.


I’ll feast on her, she’s so foolish, thinking I love her.


Am gonna use her to take money from her dad,too bad she’ll be my sΒ£x tool” my thoughts were disrupted by a heavy gunshot from outside.


“Did you hear that?” I asked, cocking my gun.


“You think, you’re smart?” A voice spoke as I froze.


“You plan on using my daughter as a means of income? My princess,my little girl?” He asked as I trembled in fear cause I knew he had gunmen and gadgets.


“Take him” was the last statement I heard before blacking out.






Mary’s POV


“Monica are you okay,or you want more juice?” I asked, totally ignoring Royal.


He even had the guts to invite her in and the bitch took it as an opportunity to stay the night.


“She’s a kid, give her more” Maria replied as I rolled my eyes.


“Why are you tolerating her,I want her out of my house before i come back from Monica’s school” I said as Monica frowned.


“But mummy,she promised to take me to school” she said as my heart sink.







“No baby, mummy’s gonna take you there and then make sure she never steps foot


in here” I said and walked upstairs.






Authoress POV


“Damien and Lucas, you know this is the end game, just come out from your hiding place, we’ve got your guards and we’ve surrounded the place” Real shouted as Damien laughed and yelled back.


“Did I ever say I accept defeat?” He asked as Lucas laughed.


“No, Brian just a sweet info my dad killed your bastard father,he was a coward so


are you” Lucas said, laughing evily…..


“Come out,son of a bitch” Brian shouted angrily as Bruce walked in, pulling Carl in his hands.


“Drill him” Bruce said to three guards. “I want to know the organization he works for” Don Gordon cut in…….as he smirked.


“Now you know” he said, referring to Brian.








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