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Episode 5


( I want a perfect life)


Dorothy pov


Haaaaaaa”. I screamed as soon he opened the door and he closed the door back.


That fool “. I said and ran to the bathroom even though he is not in the room, I saw a towel hanged and a robe .


Thank God”. I said and grabbed the robe , I wore it and checked myself out in the mirror ..


Has too short “. I said and tried dragging it down .. I came out of the bathroom and saw my saviour sitting on my bed…


Ho he is so cute , look at his eyes and lips “.. I thought daydreaming ..


Haehm”.. he cleared his throat..


And what are you doing in my room ??”.. I asked trying to be brave ..


And are you forgetting this is my house ??”. He asked and rolled his eyes.


And mister can you pls get out of my room ?”. I asked enjoying my show.


Are you kidding?”. He asked and flinched when I eyed him..


“You think so , then watch this “. I said and moved towards him… I dragged his ear and head towards the door..


Haaaa heeee pls I will just go haaaa”. He shouted till I pushed him outta the door..


Alex POV


I can’t believe that girl just did that to me , as in me the most dangerous drug Lord and that girl was able to tame me …


Haaaa “. I yelled angrily and smashed my mirror…


You know if you keep doing that I don’t care “. She said opening the door to my room..


And who gave you the right to enter my room?”. I asked ..


And who asked you to smash that mirror?? She asked coming towards me


See I don’t want anytrouble , I saved you yesterday and now you … She cut me off by hitting my head …



Am the boss here and by the way have you prepared breakfast?”. She asked staring at me which made me shiver .. she is beautiful tho and so smart…


No, I am …” She cut me off by dragging my ear downstairs


Ouch pls I will just order for food now “… I said and she released my ear…


Now..” she screamed and sat down cross leg on the couch…


I was about to order when the doorbell rang ..


” I will get it “. I said and went to the door..


Felicia POV


I woke up to a dark room and remembered what happened and how Hayden betrayed me … I even thought that bitch wanted to call for help but she let those people rape and killed mom…


Get out “. One of the idiot said and dragged me out of the car.. I thought it was a room..


Easy and stop pushing me that way”. I said and walked towards the mansion ….


Boss we are here “. One of them said


He pressed the door bell and a young and handsome boy came out ..


Hey am Felicia”. I said even though he did not ask me ..


Get in “. He said rudely.


This is your new house and you are going to be our new maid …”. He said …..


A maid??”. I asked trying to digest what he said


Are you ready or something ??”. He asked , Don’t try my patience “. He added..


Come with me”. He said and walked away…


Hey what’s your name ?”. Someone said and I recognised the voice immediately…


Dorothy”. I called making the both of them turning towards me


And who the hell are you ??”.. she asked shocking me …


Am your stepsister”. I answered eyeing in the process ..


Do want to get fired?”. She asked making me flinch…


Do you guys no each other?”.. the guy asked ..


Yes that’s the idiot I told you about”. She said making me wonder where she got the boldness from…


Bryan POV


What do you mean you can’t find her ?”. I asked my private investigator..


Sir it happened that we don’t even no who killed her mother ..”. He explained..


Get out “. I shouted …


Fuck , they made me loose my chance of f**king her but I won’t give up










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