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Chapter 13


Brian’s POV


When the light came up Carl wasn’t there anymore. It seemed like a dream but it was real.


“Jace something is not right here,we have to save who ever they’re gonna kill” I said as Jace shook his head.


“Brian don’t get involved in this shit,you may not like the outcome” Jace replied, getting into the drivers seat.


“Really? What if it’s Nicole he wants dead? What if it’s someone close to us,or well aquinted with us?” I asked as he drove with speed.


“You need to calm down Brian, nothing will happen” Jace replied, before facing the road.



Nicole’s POV


“He’s so cute he looks like Grandpa” I said, teasing Rule.


Am really glad he decided to settle with Bella.


“You wish” Rule said, exiting the bedroom as my laughter followed him out.


“Nicole, where’s Carl, you said he’s around” Bella said as I smiled.



“Yeah, remember he’s here for a business meeting not for sight seeing” I replied as she hit me with the pillow.


“Yeah your right, besides how’s Brian?” She asked as my smile siezed.


“He’s fine” I replied sarcastically, looking away.


“If he’s fine,am sure you’re not,two lovers cannot be in a house and be fine” she stated, looking at me for answers.


“Bella,I know and trust me it’s freaking me out,I….. spent the night with him” I said as Bella squealed.


“So did anything happen?” Bella asked…….. dreamily


“No….. apart from a few kisses and cuddling” I replied… the memory came into




“But it’s not gonna happen again, never” i said, trying to convince myself as Bella laughed.


“It doesn’t work that way” she replied, walking out of the bedroom.



Mary’s POV


I never knew Royal was a sΒ£x freak,he’s putting so much effort in making me pregnant,but am not complaining.


I placed a plate of bacon,salad,rice and sausage in front of Monica but she didn’t move


She’d been running temperature since she woke up….. and I’ve tried everything but


it’s not going down.


“Baby, should I feed you?” I asked……as Royal walked down the stairs only in his




I blushed as he winked at me and wrapped his hands around my waist.



“Sit I’ll serve your breakfast” I said as he kissed me making Monica to smile.


“Mummy can I get a puppy?” She finally spoke and I will happy.


“Of course, just eat up the doctor will be here very soon” this got Royal’s attention as he furrowed his brow.


“Is she sick?” He asked as I nodded.


“Yeah, noticed it this morning” I replied, placing his food in front of him.









Love me again


By: Donna


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