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Episode 4


( I want a perfect life )


Dorothy POV


I ran out of the house clueless of where an running to, I ran as fast as my leg could carry me along the dark and lonely street untill I became weary…


“Why is my life so complicated and so disastrous, I know my step mom and her daughter hate me so much but I did not think they can stoop so low to do that

….”…. I thought and burst into tears….



won’t you call someone to save your stepmom and daughter’.. my sub conscious asked ..


” No,I will leave them to suffer for their sins”.. I said and tried standing up when I noticed a ray of car light coming towards me …


” Helpppp”.. I yelled limping towards the car..


” Pls am begging you , help me “.. I shouted again untill the car parked and a …


” Oh my God, he is so handsome and white , take a look at his lips and hi…..” ” Miss what are you doing here all alone ?”… He asked in a very sweet voice..


” Ehhm.. I..was actually running from my stepmom “.. I said trying my best not to drool again…


” Sorry about that bolut you need to get home “.. he said and helped me up..


” Pls I don’t want to go back home, she will surely “.. I said tearfully…


” I can’t take you home and the best option is that I will lodge you for tonight and you will find your way tommorrow”.. he said and helped me to the car, as he was about to open the car door, I pretended to slump on the floor…


” What the f**k!!”.. he exclaimed as I try my best not to laught at the expression on his face…


He carried me in a bridal style to the back seat before closing the door and went over to the other side and start the car ….










I woke up to a strange house and a very beautiful room ..


” Wow!!” …. I exclaimed standing from the bed to survey the room, when I realized that am naked ..


I walked back to the bed to pick the bed spread when the door opened and the guy who saved me enter…..


Felicia and Selena pov


Stop”. The voice commanded and we all turned to the door ..


Hayden, thank God you are here”.. Felicia said and tried standing up but she was held down by the thief..


Boss”. One of them called while our eyes widen in shock…


Hay tell this riffraff to realese us now”. Selena said …


Do you really think am after Dora or what’s her name ?, Noo I am after you cus I saw the girl has no sin and you just derive pleasure in hurting her so am after you and you and not her… “.He said leaving us gobmasked



Hayden this is not the time for joke pp…. Selena was saying when one of the thief shoot her straight on her head ..


Mmmmooooom”. Felicia screamed and was immediately injected by Hayden ….


Thanks guy”.. I will give her to her buyer now… Thanks once again… Hayd n said and dismissed the guy…


Unknown POV


Hello”. I said to the caller.


We have her sir and we payed the boy… One of my boys said ..


Okay head to my house now .. I said and end the call..


I need some girls for exchange business , but am gonna keep the one in my room and the one I bought”. I said to one of my boys standing before me …

Yes boss”. He replied as I dismissed him..


Am Alexander by name , the greatest mafia of my own time, am just 21 and you all must be wandering what led me into this work but that’s a story for the dead



She is awake “…. One of the guards I put in charge of the girl I brought home said …


Kk”.. I said and moved towards the room, something kept bothering and that is why do I seems attracted to this girl and I even helped her unlike me not planning to sell her and has for that other girl am gonna sell or give her to my best friend ..


I opened the door and met the shock of my life, this girl was naked and oh my God look at her precious curve and ….


Haaaaaaa”. She screamed making me close the door immediately….









Maybe Dorothy trick have turned to another thing ooo


And who else is smelling something here …


Alex don buy one girl


Who is the girl he bought ?


Is Hayden right or wrong for killing Selena?


Nobody want to hurt Dorothy …








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