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Episode 13


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~~~~~~2 months later~~~~~~


Dorothy pov


It’s been 2 f**king month that Alex has been fighting for his life on this bed and no sign of him coming back to life ..


2 months and a lot has happened ..



Selena was shot by Felicia when she tried to escape before the cops arrival that night she shot my Alex..


She died at the spot and was not given a proper burial, Felicia asked for forgiveness and I gladly forgave her ..


My mom has started handling the comany so well and I learnt from her that Alex was once a drug Lord …


Even though it was hard to forgive her I still tried and forgive her because she did all that all in the name of revenge and if I was the one , I would do more than that.. Bryan on the other hand I hate him so much and am not sure if I can forgive him ever..


What if he succeeded in raping me that day, what will have happened ??, Then the headlines would be a twin raped his other half..


All I want his my Alex should just wake up and we can get married , I can’t believe Alex was my betrothed and …


Mam you need some rest”.. the doctor In charge of Alex condition said jerking me off my thought ..


I will be fine”.. I said even though I looked shabby and unkept ..


I have been by Alex bed refusing to go home , I batha t the hospital and mum bring me lunch and sometimes Bryan and Felicia comes to visit..


Mam pls for your health , you won’t want your boyfriend waking up and find you looking unkept beside him”.. he said and sighed


He will be fine mam, you don’t need to worry”… He said and wiped my tears …


Thanks”.. I said as I stood up and decide to go home , I took a last look at Alex and went out of the private ward…


I put a call through to Felicia


.. “licia can you pick me at the hospital ?”.I said immediately the call connected


Yes sure,so you dec…”.. I end the call immediately knowing what she is up


to ..


I stayed under a shade and wait patiently for Licia…


A blue sport car parked beside me and I saw Felicia waving at me , I sighed and went over to the car ..


Hey”.. I said and bolt my seat belt..


Hi”. She replied and start the car ..


You look pale”.. she said concentrating on the drive home ..


Is it that obvious?”. I asked


So you are excepting it not to show when you sulk beside Alex everyday and refuse to eat or even bath?”. She said more like a question .


What do you except?,I should stay at home and not care about Alex …”..


Your breath stink”.. she said trying to change the topic…


Really?”.. I asked giving her a playful glare…


Can you stop talking pls?”. She said covering her nose and driving with one hand. .


You are so crazy”. I said ND laughed , I can’t believe she made me laugh after 2 months..


She turned and entered the compound, she parked the car and we both alight thesame time ….


The house seems different ( Alex house) maybe it’s been long I came over ..


You will be fine let’s go in”.. she said and we proceeded to enter..


I breathed in as she opened the door to reveal mom and Bryan playing a what ever game and laughing …


Hey Mom”.. I said and went over to kiss her cheek ignoring Bryan..


Dorothy how have you been?, You look pale and your eyes are swollen, I told you to come but you refused now you look so …” She was saying but quickly cut her self off


Beautiful”. Bryan said but I did not bother looking at him..


How have you been sis?”.. he asked


Mom am starving”. I said ignoring brayn .


Licia can you get her something to eat”.. mom said as I went upstairs to Alex room..


I opened the door and went in , I looked around the room and noticed the room looks sparkling maybe mom has been cleaning it everyday.


Hmmn”.. I moaned as I breathe in the scent of the room..


I walked to the bed and sat in it remembering the kiss I shared with Alex that day , it was actually my first kiss and it was splendid , the way my body reacted to his touch and the way is toungue dived In my mouth , it was heavenly… Then I remembered when I slapped him an he told me he hates me .


We did not even make up before that witch shot him …


I cleaned the tears that rolled down my cheek and remembered school resumed already , Felicia and brayn will have started going but I think I will just quit …


I walked over to the bathroom and filled the bathtub with warm water and stepped into it enjoying the warmth the water provided … .







I woke up an looked around , I flinched when I noticed I slept off in the bathtub , I scrub my body and came out of the bathtub, I went over to Alex dressing table and applied his lotion,I dried my hair and went over to his closet , I opened it and ran my eyes through it , I settled on a blue hoodie and black sweat pants ..


I wore it and went downstairs , I met mum and Bryan setting the table ….


Hey Mom”. I said and took a seat beside Felicia ..


Darling, Felicia made this “.. she said referring to the meal I tasted a little and I must confess it’s really nice ..


Yummy”. I said closing my eyes and enjoying the food I was chewing..


Really?”.. brayn asked smiling like fool..


I ignored him and continued eating the food , i finished eating and packed my plates into the kitchen ..


I was still watching the TV , when brayn cane and sat beside me


Dorothy”. He called but i ignored…


Am sorry asswear, I did not mean to do all that but I don’t know what came over me , I thought you are just a though girl who wants me…”. I cut him off with a slap


So if I did not defend myself you would have raped me and maybe I would just kill myself “… I said and cleaned the tears that fell of my cheek , I stood up but Bryan head me back now he is on his knee


Am sorry , Dorothy pls, have been miserable since the day I knew you are my sister and I know you are also bothered that Alex is fighting for his life now ,am sorry”. He said and now tears were falling freely from his face …


I dragged him up and embraced him , I cried on his shoulder as he parts my hair .. My phone ringed and I disengaged from the hug , I checked the identity and saw the doctors name …


. Mam can you come over now”. He said and I sense him sigh over the phone


. Is there any problem ?”. I asked but he end the call..


Dorothy is there a problem?”. Bryan asked


The doctor ask me to come over and end the call”. I said feeling scared


It’s alright let’s go, will you change or wear this ?”. Felicia asked but I ignored and rushed into the car thesame time as mom, brayn and Felicia..


I prayed in my heart that nothing bad must happen as brayn sped to the hospital,he got to the hospital and did not bother parking as we all rushed out to the hospital


Doctor what happened to him ?”. I asked but all he was pointing to Alex ward…


Talk to me doc, what is ha..?”.he went away already


I looked back to check the rest but did not find them ..


I walked nervously to Alex room praying in my heart …



I got to the door and looked at it before placing my hands on the door and twist it I entered and everywhere was dark , I reached for my phone trying to on the torch light wondering what’s wrong .. but the light turned on and … “!!!!! What!!!!!”… I exclaimed




























































Standing before me his my f**king Alex and the rest grinning like the idiot they are …


” Am I dreaming?”.. I asked myself pinching my hands ..



You are not my lady”.. that voice I missed so much said, the voice have been wanting to hear ,the voice have been craving for like a pregnant woman …

Alex”.. I said more like a whisper…


I missed you”.. he said and pulled me into his warm embrace.. I unlocked from the hug and pressed my lips onto his own …


I kissed him slowly and passionately, I kissed him and he opened up to me , our toungue dancing to the rythm of the kiss, the butterfly in my stomach started flapping and the knots in my stomach loosed …


We unlocked and placed our forehead on each other smiling and staring at each other …


Awwwwn”.. I heard mom and the rest cooed


So who planned this ?”. I asked as I sat on Alex lap on the hospital bed ..


I did”. Brayn and Alex said at thesame time…


I laughed as they explained everything to me from the doctor saying I should go home …


To Alex slipping out of comma and blahhhhhhh blahhhhhhh


Am just happy you are awake”.. I said and smiled


I love you”. I said and he smiled


I love you too wifey”. He replied and kissed me again


I think that’s enough , out guys should go home ” Felicia said and I unlocked from the kiss


Alex signaled for me to look back and I did


Felicia have always loved and we continually love you, am not so good in saying romantic things, I want to spend the rest of my life with you?”. Bryan said on his knees with a diamond ring ..


Awwwwn “… I said as tears rolled down licia face..


I want to spend my life with you too and bear your kids “.. she replied and Bryan slipped the ring into her finger…


I laughed as they kissed each other , mom was just laughing and clapping same as Alex…


“. So when are you proposing?”. I asked with a fake frown..


You are mine already “. He whispered and licked my earlobe ..


Hhhmmm I love you”. I said and closed my eyes


I will always love you till death do us part “.. he replied and carried me up swirling me around. …


Put me down plsss”.. I said in-between laughter ….


Alright guys this calls for celebration”. Mom said and everyone jumped for joy..










~~~~5 years later~~~~~


Mom, dad said you should come upstairs”.. my little daughter bonnie said ..


Okay princess stay with your grandma alright”. I said and she went to stay with mum..


It’s been 5yrs and I must confess it’s been the best years ,I quit schooling and started a modeling company with a restaurant …


I gave birth to a 3 yrs old Bonnie and presently I have a 5 month baby boy …


A penny for your thought”. Alex said making me flinch , I totally forgot I have been staring into space ….


You scared me d**k head”.. I said and smacked his head..


Well you actually love the d**k head “.. he said and I gave him a deadly glare..


Why do you love mentioning anything related to d**k”.. he said and smirked


Aleexxx”. I called but he ignored me as he dragged me and placed me on the bed hovering on top of him ..


Let make another baby”.. he said and licked his lips ..


Alex no am not interested “.. I said and bite him hard that he fell on me but I was quick to push him and run downstairs laughing as he chased after me …


That’s it I have a perfect and happy family , what more can I ask for , I have always wanted a perfect life and I finally saw one …


I love my life and everything around me …


That’s just my story and all its MYSTERY…


Bryan POV


I have a happy and successful family …


Felicia is a good mother and wife , I have 2 little twin and a boy .. What more can I ask for than this ..


I love my wife and my family …


That’s just my story and the MYSTERY ….








Thanks to everyone who stood by me when I started this story so far ..


I never knew I would finish this story but you guys made me see the hidden part in me …


This is the first story I will ever finish …


Thanks so much guys


I love you so muchh


And to all the ghost readers try to be useful and like this also but I also


love you …




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