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Episode 11










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Episode 11


Dorothy pov cont


“!! Mom!!”.. I called to be sure again and surprisingly she is the one..


Dorothy”. She called and dropped her gun


Mom, what are you doing with a gun?”. I asked as tears roll down my face.


Dorothy can you pls ..”. I cut her off.


Mom do you know who lives in this house ?”. I asked as tears poured down my face.


ALEX”. She replied and I gasped..


Mom you know alex lives here and you still had the gut to bring a f**king gun into this house”. I shouted and noticed she flinched but who cares.


I know baby..”. I cut her off


Am not your baby, so everything Selena said about you was true, you killed father and left me alone to..”. I was cut off by a resounding slap from mother and immediately Felicia entered with Bryan, but her expression changed immediately she saw her and even Bryan’s expression was unexplainable..


Melissa”. Felicia called with mouth opened wide.


Mom you slapped me “. I said ignoring the presence of Bryan and Felicia .


You were saying trash and I need to shut you up and …”. She was still saying when her eyes landed in Bryan ..


Bryan”. Mom called making me wonder where they knew each other ( Bryan was having a huge bandage wrapped on his cheek).


Mom”. He called and my heart skipped..


Okay can someone tell me what’s going on here?”. I asked as I was so confused when he called her mom.


So you came finally”. He said with tears in his eyes.


Bryan how do you know my mom?”. I asked


Your mom or mine?”. He asked and went over to hug mom who was weeping seriously by now.


Mom can you tell me what’s happening ?”. I yelled as tears rolled down my cheeks , Felicia was just staring like she saw a ghost and Bryan was having a ”



Bryan is the twin I told you about “.. she said and I heard a loud bang on my head as everything became more confusing.


Can you shed more light mom, Bryan is whose twin?”. I asked trying hard not to believe ..


Okay baby “.. she said and I became pissed


Am no longer your baby just say whatever you have to say”. I said with anger forgetting the fact that Alex is still nowhere by this time 2:00am


Melissa POV


I watched as my daughter cried and can’t help but felt worthless, I left my children alone all this while all in the name of seeking revenge ..


~~~~ flash back ~~~~


I paced around my room when I heard Felix ( Dorothy and Bryan dad). Was having an extra marital affair.


“I loved him so much and all he would do is to have an extra affair after having 2babies from me”.. I thought as tears streamed down my face .


Mom why are you crying ?”.. Bryan asked


Ooh kids am just wondering why your dad is not back yet “.. I lied


Is that the reason why you re wasting your precious tears”. Dorothy said as she climbed the kitchen cabinet and wiped my tears


I watched as my 5 yrs old babies wiped my tears and tried to cheer me up..


Mom is it true dad is getting me a husband ?”. Dorothy asked sadly.


No darling , dad won’t do such a thing “. I lied again even though I knew Dorothy was betrothed to one of the closest and biggest share holder son.


I heard dad telling his friend that i will be getting married to his son”.. she said by now her eyes becoming teary..


No that won’t happen “.. I said and pulled her closely to myself as she cried silently..


Hey Dorothy stop crying and listen to mom you won’t get married to anyone as long as I am with you “.. Bryan said and hugged his twinnie.


Thanks mum and Bryan “.. she said as she whimpered


We heard the gate opening and we all rushed out to check the person and saw Felix, we went out to greet him but got the shock of my life as a young and beautiful lady alighted from his car and hold his hands and walked towards us ..

Welcome dad” .. the children screamed happily and ran to hug him


How is my champion doing ?”. He asked reffering to Bryan and totally ignoring Dorothy .


We are fine dad”.. Bryan answered and looked at the lady who was smiling like bitch..


Welcome honey”.. I said but he totally ignored me .


This is Selena my new wife”. He said as my head started rotating like it will fall off soon


No this can’t be ” i said as my tears was threatening to fall but who cares ..


Hi, Felix told me that you are his wife am Selena “. She said and smirked evily. I grabbed my two kids and ran inside the house , I got to the kids room and burst into fresh tears and cried my eyes out


Did I do anything to deserve this ?, After everything I did for Felix , I helped him when his company was going bankrupt , my mom and dad hates me all because



they asked me not to marry Felix but I married him , why is life so unfair?”.. I said and immediately Dorothy hugged me as tears rolled down Bryan face..


My kids are too young to suffer like this , I need to do something, I don’t want them seeing their father as a bad person..


I cried till I slept of with my babies by my side…..


I woke up the next morning and saw my babies sleeping peacefully .


I gently placed them on the bed and left the room making no noise.


I went into the kitchen to get something for my babies remembering we slept without food , I was about to go out when I heard Selena or whatever saying something about killing someone quietly on phone and replacement


Who is she talking about and what replacement?”. I thought and went back to my babies room to see them awake


I gave them the food and bath them , I took a tattoo maker and gave them sleeping pills .


I drawed a tattoo on each of their lap making sure it’s perfect and same..


I brought the injection for wiping out memory and inject the both of them cus I don’t know what Selena is up to ..


The both of them woke up and where puzzled about who they are , I told them their name and told them am going to come back for them …


I took Bryan and dropped him at the doorstep of the mayor




I went faraway when I heard Felix died committing suicide even when I know Selena was behind it all and 2 weeks later Felix friend whose son was betrothed to Dorothy also died …


~~~~back to present ~~~~


I concluded the story as everyone was crying profuesely including Felicia


So you mean my own brother tried to rape me ?”.. Dorothy asked


Then why didn’t I forget you ?”.. they asked same time


Because you saw me after I injected you “.. I answered


Fuck , mom so … Am speechless , I tried to force myself on my sister “.. Bryan said bitterly


So why did you come here with a f**king gun ?”. Someone said from the door and we all turned to see and received the greatest shock of our lives ..










Alright guys let me make this clear


Selena is Felicia mom and also Dorothy step mom , while Melissa is Dorothy and Bryan mom ..


Bryan has been f**king his step sister all this while ..


So Dorothy’s father was murdered maybe by Selena, we don’t know the truth yet . Who is Dorothy betrothed ??


Why did Melissa come to Alex house with a gun ??


And do you guys remember Alex received a call from an unknown who made him a mafia??


Who is the unknown ??


Who is at the door??


Are there still some secret unwrapped??


Anticipate and do the needful..


I just managed to type this , my stomach is still hurting me , so please bear with me








(Secrets unwrapped )

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