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Episode 10


Alex POV


I was in my room planning on how to tell Dorothy about my love for her when Felicia walked in smiling like the fool she is and walking towards me with a mop and broom..


Sir I came to clean your room “.. she said


Am I holding you or are you too blind to see am so busy and would want you to make it snappy??, And by the way you are a f**king maid in this house why are you dressed that way?”.. I asked pointing to the stupid dress she is putting on .


I just wanted fresh air that’s the reason am wearing that”.. she replied still smiling.


Now get to work”.. I said and made to leave when she jumped on me and wrapped her legs round my waist..


What the f**k”.. I exclaimed and flingee her away


Have you grown nuts ?”.. I asked boiling seriously and if she tries anything stupid I will f**king blow her head..


Can’t you see I love you?, I dressed this way to please you but you used that lowlife over m….”.. I cut her off with a resounding slap.


Say anything worthless about her and I will end your miserable life”.. I said and head towards the door but her voice stopped me..


What do you think your girlfriend will be doing at the moment?, She is enjoying her life with ….” .. that’s it I can’t take it anymore, I pounced on her and started beating her , giving her several punch on her face ignoring the f**king fact that she is a girl, I continued beating her ignoring her pleas then I started remembering all what Dorothy said about her , she f**king maltreated the girl I love and she has the f**king mind to call her a lowlife…


Alex stop”.. someone said from the door but I ignored and continued punching her untill someone touched me, immediately the anger dissolved and I know who it is instantly, I turned around and noticed she was only in a towel and some marks on her cheek,


What happened …” She cut me off..


Do you want to kill her?.. she asked with tears on her face..


She deservered It an……”.. she cut me off with a slap..


I gasped and saw she was also suprised , she slapped me all because of the girl who..


” Alex am…”.. I cut her off



Dorothy you slapped me all because of her?, did you even sit and think that this girl does not deserve to live?, You did not even bother to ask what she did and you came from no where and slapped me!!, Dorothy no one has ever slapped me but you did all in the name that this slut came from nowhere and seduced me saying bad things about you” I said and by now she was in tears but anger was taking the best part of me and Felicia was just smirking evily…


Dorothy I loved you and always thought of a way to confess my love, but I think “I FUCKING HATE YOU NOW”… I said and took my car key from the bedstand and head towards the door ..


I love you too Alex, but I swear I don’t know what came upon me , I know she did many bad things to me but I can’t just watch you hurt her but …” I cut her off as I opened the door and went towards the carpark and zoomed off..


If someone told me that Dorothy is gonna slap me I would have blown the person head with a f**king gun, but the girl I will firstly love did this to me, I am a guy of integrity and won’t let anyone do trash with me..


I stopped my car by a club where I do screw my bitches but for now I came to clear my head.


I entered the club even though it’s just evening and found my way to the bar( I have no friend)


Vodka”. I told the bar man..


I opened and poured some into the cup , gulping it down not minding the way it burned my throat( I don’t really drink).


Felicia POV


I smiled as I recalled Alex word to Dorothy..




I stood up and watched as Dorothy cried helplessly on the floor,


Bitch, finally I will have Alex to myself”.. I said and stepped on her hands .


You devil I was trying to help you but I think Alex is right”… She yelled as tears roll down her face..


I don’t have your time bitch”.. I said and went out of the room heading towards Dorothy room to check on Bryan..


I opened the door and noticed Bryan on the floor in his own pool of blood…


Haaaaaaa”.. I screamed and almost immediately Dorothy rushed in…


What happened to him you bitch ?”.. I asked her as tears stream down my face… I love Bryan but am attracted to Alex money..


I tried to protect my…” I cut her off with a punch and pounced on her beating her and kicking her ignoring her cry….



You bitch,so after slapping Alex you are not enough and you went ahead to kill him “.. I yelled in tears and by now her towel was off her already and she was naked..


My eye caught the tattoo on her thigh and I remembered seeing it somewhere else…


Pls let’s just get him to the hospital “. She plead with a bursted lips …


We carried him outside the gate and Dorothy quickly went to change her cloth but before she came out I saw a cab and took Bryan to the nearest hospital..


Dorothy pov


I went into the house to change my clothes with different thoughts on my mind but I just decide to ignore and follow Felicia to the hospital…


I got to the gatevbut did not see Felicia and Bryan maybe she went without me.. I went into the house and sat on the couch..


Alex is so mad at me , what gave me the mind to slap him , And now Bryan is unconscious , I don’t want to be a murderer…


Where could Alex go to?, I pray he comes back home , I love him so much and the bitch I did it for did not even bother to help me , am such a f**king mess right now


“ALEX PLS COME BACK TO ME, I LOVE YOU AND WOULD DO ANYTHING TO BE WITH YOU”. I cried out and started hitting the chairs when I noticed a phone on the floor of the living room, it’s Alex second phone, I moved towards it in tears as my vision was becoming blurry due to the tears …


I took it and tried to unlock it but it was wrong, when I was about to lose hope my finger touched it and surprisingly it opened..


I gasped when did he use my finger print and I did not know


I scrolled through and went to the gallery and almost dropped the phone when I saw a pics of me sleeping naked


” Alex is such a badguy”. I said and laughed forgetting about my worries..


I scrolled and saw pictures of me eating, cooking and many things , making me


laugh a little louder..








I woke up and noticed I slept off while scrolling through the phone, I yawned loudly and looked at the time and noticed it’s 10:00pm


Oh my God !!, Alex is not back and Felicia too”. I said and hoped nothing bad would happen when I heard a car drive in and I knew it’s Alex immediately..


But my guess was wrong when the person I missed most in my life came in with a


f**king gun..


” MOM!!!”



Hmmn now that Dorothy mom came in with a gun


What will happen and don’t you think there are some secret that are going to be unfolded??


Alright anticipate and do the needful and I will also do my own part by posting early …










( i want a perfect life)




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