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The beautiful killer



Zeemah writes








________ Mia ________


I pulled my car to a halt in front of a white mansion.


I stared at the map on my iPod and glanced at the white mansion.




I wore a red wig over my brown golden hair, picked my mask and wore it over my face before stepping out of the car holding a pistol.


My eyes swiftly scanned the entire building and i walked towards the locked gate.


That doesn’t stop me from going in though.



I smiled and began climbing the wall with expertise, I’ve climbed bigger mansions than this!


I jumped into the balcony without making a sound.


I turned and carefully scanned the area.


No one.


I tried the door knob with my gloved hand and found it locked.


I twitched my nose and produced a skeleton key from the pocket of my ninja outfit.


I slid the key into the lock and turned it, it opened immediately and i quickly entered the house.


I met the well furnished living room empty .



Mia what’s up?” Boss asked through the ear connection.


“Modus operandi (mode of operation)” I whispered back before disconnecting.


I walked into the middle of the living room and saw a narrow passage,i moved towards it.


There are three doors on the left,two on the right,and one at the end of the passage facing me.




I walked towards the one at the end of the passage and kicked it open with my boots.


I barged into the room and saw the couple disengage from their love making, staring at me in fear.


I chuckled “That’ll be the last sΒ£x you’ll both have,you can continue in heaven” I said and opened fire on my pistol.


I shot them twice each on their heads and smirked as their brains splattered across the bed’s headboard with blood covering their bedside lamp.


I hurried back to the balcony,and brought out a thick rope which is always connected beneath my boot.


I attached it down to the gate and also clipped it to the balcony edge.


I slide down using the rope as support.


My feet landed on the ground and i quickly disconnected the rope.


I wrapped it firmly in my hands and barged back to my car.


I unlocked it and looked around again.


I entered and shut the door.


I removed my wig and mask,dumped the pistol at the backseat and then glanced at my reflection in the rear view mirror,i adjusted my hair.


I picked my face cap and pulled it over my hair before turning on the ignition.


“Another mission accomplished” I muttered with a smile before speeding away into the night.








The beautiful killer



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