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Dorothy POV


No pls am begging you don’t touch me “. I begged screaming so hard and moving backward till my back touched the wall and there is no escape route, has he wanted to touch me water poured on me from God knows where ..


Heeellllppp”. I yelled and looked up , it was my step sister that poured water on me smiling evily..


Why are you yelling like the fool you are ??””. She asked and gave me a dirty slap.


Am sorry “. I said unable to tell her it’s another bad dream..


Save the sorry for your runaway mother and come take my dirty laundry “. She said and went out of my room …


“That’s my life, I am Dorothy, 19yrs old girl , people tell me am beautiful and smart but my wicked step mother and two children would tell me am so ugly like a


before my mom ran away she told me she would surely come back for me and solve the unknown mystery of my father …

Dooorothy!!”. My step mom yelled from downstair.


Yes mother ” I answered and ran downstairs,only to receive a mighty slap .


Am not your mother, you bitch “. She spat and pounced on me beating me like a slave.


Your mother killed your father and ran away , and now you want to kill me”. She said still beating me .


Am sorry ma”. I said while trying to free myself.


Get up and start the laundries”. She said breathing heavily .


Yes ma ” I said and went out to see the hip of clothes am meant to wash.


I broke down into tears and started watching the cloth praying for a better life ..


Hey ” someone called


Hi” . I said and looked up to see a boy of about 20yrs old staring at me .


Is Felicia in?” He asked of my stepsister .


Yes”. I replied simply and bent down to continue the laundry , when I felt a hand on my waist ..


What the f**k !!”. I exclaimed and slapped him at the same time .


You slapped me ?”. He asked carressing his cheek.


Yes and I would do that again if you try rubbish with me”. I said and hissed loudly, suddenly he hugged me and placed my hand around his neck, making it look like am throwing myself on him ..


“What are you doing to my boyfriend?”.Felicia asked and her stupid boyfriend pushed me away from his body..


Imagine this slut jumping on me and wanted to kiss me with a stinky mouth ” her boyfriend said


Ohh my God , Felicia believe me it’s a lie “. I defended my self but ended up receiving a slap on my face.


You slut, I told mother to sell or kill you but she won’t listen “. Felicia said and poured the soapy water on my hair.


Babe believe me she threw herself on me “. Her boyfriend lied again .


I believe you darling, and as for you , I will wait till my mom come before descending on you”. Felicia said leaving me speechless ..


Hey “. We heard a masculine voice and turned towards the voice ,


He is so cute and lovely , awwwn look at his skin ,he must be a billonaire ..


Fool why are you drooling ? He his actually talking to me “. Felicia said , I became sad and continue my cloth ..


Am actually talking to the girl washing”. He said and I raised my head instantly .


Hi”. I said Bowing slightly.


Bitch”. I heard Felicia said before going inside with her stupid boyfriend.


How you doing?”. He asked.


Am fine “. I answered looking at him.


“Okay, I …….”. He was cut off by my stepmom voice.


” Where is that slut ?”. She asked and tears dropped from my eyes.


” Ohhh” she said and clapped her , so you are just a slut like your mother “. She added


Mom I swear … I was cut off by a thunderous slap ..


Mam please take it easy “. The guy said


Who are you to tell me what to do ?”. Mom added


No one but ….”. Step mom raised her hands to slap but stopped as her eyes widened in shock …


Am sorry”. She said and knelt down , I was confused and wandering what happened when my eyes saw it …












Anticipate on the new story , No prologue …..


Life is so unfair to Dorothy.


What do you think they saw that made them tremble ?? Find out in the next episode


Grab you and yougurt…







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