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Episode 3


(I want a perfect life )


Bryan POV


Immediately dad sent me to the car I started thinking of a plan to have that girl on my bed….


“Oopss am Bryan Shawn , the mayor adopted me when my mom abandoned me talking about a stupid mystery , am just 19yrs old and also handsome, I became a sΒ£x freak when I started leaving with the mayor because he is a womaniser …


Hey son”. Dad called entering the car with his new wife..


Hey dad”. I replied not knowing what to say.


Bryan how are you doing?”. His so called wife asked giving me seductive look.


Am fine as you can see”. I replied rudely.


Bryan manners”. Dad cautioned .


Whatever, can you drop me at the mall?”. I asked


Sure, and make sure to grab a girl”. Dad said


Whatever”. I muttered and stepped out of the car .


I looked around and entered the mall to get some things , I went over to the cream


section and picked a body lotion, as I picked it,it rolled away to another section….



Excuse me can you help me with that?”. I asked pointing at the lotion under her leg..


Sure”. She said and turned around ….


You ”


You”. We both said at the same time burst into laughter ….


Dorothy POV


Step mom called asking me to get something from a nearby mall….


I was so happy as I walked down to the mall, because she does not allow me out except when going to school and we are on vacation…..


I got to the mall and head straight to the food section….


I was still picking when someone tapped me asking me to help him pick a lotion that rolled under my basket….. I picked it and turned around to see the cute boy with the mayor this morning..


” You”


“You”. We said the same time


What are you doing here?”


What are you doing here?”. We asked same time and burst into laughter ….


Am Bryan”. He said as we walked to the receptionist.


Dorothy”.. I said and he immediately stopped..


Do you know me somewhere ?”. He asked .


No”.. I said even though he seems familiar.


Your name kinda seems familiar, well that aside, don’t you think you should tell the mayor about all those maltreatment and maybe you can move in with him


…. ” .. he asked..


Well I don’t know maybe he will accept and how are you related to the mayor..?”. I asked trying to ignore his first question…


Am his son and miss don’t try to change the topic “. He said and payed the receptionist for his stuff and mine..


You don’t need to do that”. I said as we made our way to exist …


It’s nothing ” . He said


I guess it’s a goodbye then “. I said


Yes and don’t forget about the offer “. He said and walked away….


I smiled and took a cab from the money step mom gave to me , I will add the rest to my savings ..


I Told the cab to stop before getting to our house , so they won’t suspect me …. I


walked the rest and entered the house making sure I hid the money well..


” And what took you so long ?”. Selena ( stepmom) voice came out of nowhere..



” It took me so long at mall because of the queue”. I lied praying she buys the lie




” Whatever “.. she said and dismissed me with her hands…


Selena pov


Felicia told me about the plan of raping Dorothy. … I will make her pay for the sin of her mother … Her mother took the love of my life from me and ran away after she died, I will make sure they rape her mercilessly… .











It’s night already and everyone went to sleep….


Licia “. I whispered so as not wake Dorothy up.


Mom”. She said more like a whisper.


Call them she is asleep “. I whispered ..


Done “. She said and smiled evily..




“Lie down all of you “. The fake thief commanded…


Pls what do you want, name you price and I will give to you”… I said trying my best not to laugh at the expression on Dorothy face…..


Yes pls my mom will …..”. Felicia was saying but they cut her off…..


I want you “. They said pointing at…













To all of you that read to this level , bonus at the down part….














I want you “… They said pointing at Felicia….


That’s my daughter “. I said


Who cares and madam that’s what you get for been evil …”. One of the thief’s said and laughed….


What’s going on ?”. Dorothy asked making me annoyed.


You see you step mom and sister here planned with us to rape you but you are too innocent for all this so use this opportunity wisely and make the right decision…. Their boss said and laughed,while Dorothy just ran out of the house…..


Let my daughter go or I will call the cops “. I said trying to break loose from the rope used in tying me down….


Yes call the cops and we suffer together cus I have the audio recording of you telling me about your evil plan..”. He said…


Pls”. Felicia said already in tears as they tore her cloths remaining her underwear




Plsss”… I said as he penetrated deeply into licia …. All I could do is just to cry




You can have the mother “… The boss said as he f**ked the hell outta licia pu**y….


No plsss am begging you.” .. I said but they began to tear my cloth ..


“Stop “… Simeone said from the door…




Mother and child plan don backfire



Who was that at the door ?! Where did Dorothy run to ?? AUTHORESS GOODNESS










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