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Chapter 14



Don Gordon’s POV


“Is the jet ready?” I asked Bruce, walking out of my bedroom.


“Yes sir” he replied,speaking to the pilot on the phone.


Right now, we’re on our way to New York,it’s time to fight dirty with Don Tony,Lucas dad…… Brian has a lot on his plate,I just hope he’ll be able to cope.


“Nicole must be kept safe, including my daughter in-laws,and grand kids,the guys can fend for themselves” I instructed Bruce and got into my car.


“Hello sir,miss Nicole’s boyfriend is in the country,and I smell trouble” a guard called as my driver sped up.



“Do a background check on him,I need every detail on him,if possible hold him hostage and he won’t see the living day tomorrow” I said and hung the call.


Nicole’s POV


Real had something to do so……he couldn’t drive me home. I drove into the


compound and walked into the house.


“Ma’am do you want your lunch now?” A maid asked as I rolled my eyes.


“No thanks, I’ll just be in my bedroom, besides are the guys in?” I asked referring to Brian and Carl.


“Yes ma’am,Mr hyper is in but Mr Carl is not in” she replied as I furrowed my brows.


“Okay thanks” I replied before walking upstairs.


I opened the door and was welcomed with Brian sitting on my bed.


“What the hell, why are you here?” I asked, placing my bag on the couch.


“Where’s Carl?” He asked ignoring my question.


“I don’t know,he said he had an important meeting here in New York,so maybe he’s already there” I replied taking off my shoes.


“Can you leave,I wanna have a little privacy” I stated before walking into the bathroom and closing the door.


I walked out wrapped in a pink towel as I saw Brian on his spot.


He hadn’t moved. “Leave!” I yelled as he sat, unmoving.


“Brian, Brian” i called, walking closer to him,and touching his cheeks. Boom! He had me pinned underneath him.


“You, you fooled me” I grunted, hitting his chest repeatedly.


“I didn’t, you chose to be fooled” he replied with a smirk.


“Alright get off me” I said, trying to push him,but he didn’t bulge.


“No,I won’t” he replied, trailing kisses down my neck to my cleavage as I tried not


to moan.






Mary’s POV


“I can’t believe I didn’t notice it” Royal said as I kissed his jawline.


“She’ll be okay, don’t worry, it’s just fever” i replied as his phone rang.


“Excuse me I need to get this” he replied, walking out as I scoffed.


He’s always receiving calls secretly and it’s annoying, well am gonna know what he’s doing…..


Very soon…..









Love me again


By:Author Donna



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