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My Monster




Everybody kept talking about the boy in the mask, they think he’s too ugly that’s why he wear mask, and I believe it to be true cause of the soldier said


“Don’t worry about his mask or having him disturb, he’s too ashamed of himself to crave attention” that’s the exact words of the soldier.


We are now in our first period which happens to be Biology, am a science student I aspire to be a doctor when I grow up. Some of the delinquents are with us. Richard, who said we should call him Richie, Amanda, Collins, the twins then Eric.


Its annoying we can’t see his face, I wonder how ugly he is. My mind was still trying to make up the monstrous face that will suit Eric when a piece of paper landed on me.


I picked it, then looked around to see who threw it, I saw Kevin smiling at me, I quickly unfolded the paper.


“Stop staring at Eric, else I will jealous”



How cute, no need getting jealous over a monster face, haven’t you hear am a sucker for cute guys and you happen to be very cute. I smiled and looked at him, that’s a nice way to start wooing a girl.


“Miss Omeh, tell me the parts involved in homeostasis” I heard our teacher called and all amusement left me, I slowly stood, didn’t even look at Kevin, all eyes on me.


“Kidney, skin, liver and hormones” I answered, I never said I was a dimwit, she gave me a hard stare and continued teaching, I then looked at Kevin and he mouthed sorry, I smiled and focused on the teacher since I might not be lucky next time.


The lessons continued, Kevin occasionally throw notes my way both non of them landed us in trouble and I loved it, the moment I heard my stomach rumbled I heard the bell for lunch.


“Thank God” I said and stood up, lots of students where already bursting out, my eyes caught on Eric, he was looking out through the window not bothered about going out .


“Come on Amanda let’s go am farmished” Richie said dragging Amanda with him, the twins and Collins followed they didn’t bother with the Eric, I guess he is a loner.


“Stop staring” Kevin whispered as he passed me, I smiled, I never knew am staring, maybe its because of his creepy mask. I followed behind Kevin. Maybe Amina will have something interesting to tell me about the delinquents in her class. School went on normal, Eric changed his mask, now we can see his lips, really pink lips, now am now doubting if really his a monster, but I really have not seen him speak ever since his introduction. Our homeroom teacher did some changes in our sitting position and he is now sitting directly behind me and it gives me the creep.


“So disappointed” Amina said casting her shoulder down


“What’s wrong” I asked after I swallowed my food, we are in the canteen


“I thought with the delinquents coming things would be exciting” she said, she’s right things are still boring


“Allow me gorgeous and I will give you the excitement you so desire” Richie said interfering, he’s been on Amina since he came, it really annoy her cause she hate guys with petite body, Richie just don’t care, he’s determine on getting her. “Can’t you just leave me alone” she said with closed teeth.


“No, can’t do” he said smiling, I smiled at the poor guys courage, it made me look around for Kevin, we have gotten really close since last week, he sometimes come



to our table to eat with us, but today he is with his popular guys. I looked at him, he is just too handsome, I exhaled. I was drawned back to reality when I heard the sound of slap.


“Now some excitement” Amina said, I turned and saw Amanda slapping Kelly, Kelly is like the guy we all avoid in our school, if you ask me he looks more delinquent than the delinquents.


“You just didn’t do that” He blared at her.


“Stop me again and I will” Amanda said and walked away.


“Now thats gut” Amina said. I just nodded


“To sad the excitement is over” Amina said


“Over? Its just getting started pretty” Richie said, we all gasped as Collins stormed in, everybody knew exactly with will happen.


“Kelly should know better than touch Amanda” Richie smiled, Collins went straight to Kelly and gave him a mighty punch that knocked him down, he sat on him and delivered countless punch before Kelly’s crew came and dragged him up. “Teach him a lesson” Kelly said with his bloody face


“Lock the cafeteria so no teacher disturbs” he said as his guys held down Collins, he is about to trash Collins.


“Do something” Amina said to Richie.


“Why me, beside Gabriel will soon enter” he said and truth fully Gabriel came with a powerful punch that made the guy let go of Collins, Michael also entered. I now remembered Gabriel saying his the one that picks fight. In that moment, The once peaceful canteen became a ring for wrestlers, the only delinquents that didn’t join the fight is Henry and Richie.


“Where is Amanda, she caused this and she is no where to be found” I said, I searched the cafeteria with my eyes for her instead I found Kevin’s cheering on the fight, boys will be boys.


“Don’t worry, she is trying to get help” Richie said, “You mean the teachers” I asked, Richie smiled,


“We are delinquent, we break the rules, teachers can’t stop this, we need the monster to stop it” he said and I can only think of one monster, Eric. As it dawn on me we all heard a loud bang on the canteen door, it was so loud it made the fight stop. The bang came again this time louder and I was petrified, what if its a teacher and they punish us all like they normally do in my formal school.. Story from Topster Stories.


The door bursted open on its forth bang, lo and behold the Eric, Amanda was standing behind him, he looked at the ones fighting, and walked towards them.






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