Fri. Jun 7th, 2024

Episode 7


We lived happily ) Miguel’s POV


The door suddenly flung open aggressively , I was force to wake but smart enough to quickly get my gun under my pillow


As a result of the wicked act I commit daily , I had always expect betrayal from any of my guards


The guy in mask entered, shot my two bodyguards at the entrance , I was quick enough to release two bullets into his legs



He fell and cried out painfully , I guess he wasn’t expecting me to be armed even while asleep


I walked to him and removed his mask , it happened to be one of the guards


I arched my brow in surprise and smirked


I ordered my men to keep him till day break


Day break*


I walked out furiously ready to hear whatever he has to say before I kill him


I ordered that he should be brought before me and he was


He had being handcuffed in the hands to the back


“Who sent you?” I asked while he lowered his head


I gave him a resounding slap for refusing to answer me quick


“I ask again, who sent you?” I asked , he rose his head fearfully as his mouth shook in fear


I signaled to my guards and they understood what I meant. They made him lay to the floor and brought out a very hot knife


The removed his left eye while he cried so much in pain


“Before your right eyes get removed , I ask again, who sent you?” I asked and he coughed


“The doctor!” He answered


“Sorry?” I asked and he keep coughing


“My doctor?” I asked clearly


“Yes…yes ” He replied and I immediately ordered that the doctor be brought before me


“You seriously sent him to kill me , why?” I asked the doctor standing before me


I could see fear in him but he was trying to hide it


“Actually… Erm… I did not even know this boy” He retorted


well, I was expecting him to lie


“Cut it off ” I said to my guards


They understood what I meant , they made him lay to the floor and cut off his right hand


He cried bitterly like he would die


“Before the right hands get cut off, you sent him right?” I asked


“Yes …I do” He replied with a cracking voice


“Good. May I know why?” I asked


He groaned in pain tossing on the floor


“I…. I wanted to have Reese for myself cus she’s


beautiful , I want to have your wealth too, so I told her that she’s not pregnant where as , she is . I told her that I will only lie to you so she can prepare her heart to marry me after I take over all you’ve built, please don’t kill me ” He confessed and I immediately ordered for Reese


I narrated what the doctor said to Reese and she was stunned. I can easily see innocence and truth in her face


I invited another doctor over to text Reese , he confirmed that Reese is pregnant


I shot the guard that betrayed me and the doctor dead



Reese’s POV


After nine months, I gave birth to a bouncing baby boy for Miguel


I became his wife


We lived happily and you can’t believe Miguel changed from his evil ways




*The end*

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